6 Times You Were The REAL Villain In Video Games

6 Times You Were The REAL Villain In Video Games

Robotnik: Well, I’ve done it! I’ve given all the defenseless animal critters their own awesome robot suits. Crabmeat: Will these protect us from the four-foot tall super fast hedgehog who goes Super Saiyan when he collects gems? Robotnik: We can only hope… Minions: (all together but not in sync) ALL HAIL KING KOOPA! Bowser: No, no, please. I’m just Bowser. I’m no king. I’m here to END the archaic rule of the monarchy, and instill democracy, at last, in the Mushroom Kingdom. Koopa: Uh… Sir, if you’re not gonna be evil, what’s with the lava pits? Bowser: I just took over– How would I have time to install lava pits? Hmm? Princess must have just had those put in. Klump: There’s no way he’s hoarding every single banana in a dank cave! They’d go rotten so fast! You’ll see! K. Rool: Oh, dear God! Gr– grab them all! We’re going to make… SO MANY SMOOTHIES! Klump: I have a potassium deficiency! (i have diabetes) Indian Chief: They just… …left them. They shot eighteen buffalo, and only carried back two-hundred pounds! Child: Such wastefulness will be the ruin of this land. Indian Chief: Go, my child. Convince that wagon to ford the next river. (ghost eaten) (dramatic music) (Pinky panting) Pinky: He– he ate everything but my eyes! Blinky: WHAT?! What do you– Pinky: He wanted me to see. He wanted me to watch him CONSUME ME! Blinky: OH GOD! THAT MONSTER! THAT PAC-MONSTER! (both scream) (carnival music) Customer: Um… I don’t think this roller coaster is completed yet… Sir… um… I really– I DON’T THINK THIS ROLLER COASTER IS COMPLETED YEEEEET! (crash; explosion) (people screaming; chaos ensues; the demon enjoys) (coin ding)

100 thoughts on “6 Times You Were The REAL Villain In Video Games

  1. Don't forget Luigi's Mansion. The whole mess started because E Gadd was trapping ghosts in paintings, and King Boo set them free.


  2. The Oregon Trail one is funny because the natives used to run entire herds of buffalo off cliffs, use all of a few of them, and leave the rest to rot. Natives weren't one with nature, they were just as violent and wasteful as everyone else.

  3. Eggman helped the disabled animals walk and live painlessly.
    Bowser took these poor koopas and goombas under his shell and started a peaceful world with Democracy.
    King k rool gave food to the starved animals and followed a cooking passion.
    The ghosts protected their children and fought the wars to stop pac-mans reign.
    The human learned from his mistakes and made better rollercoasters….
    nah he’s a brutal murderer

  4. 😂😂😂😂 that last one is the funniest on the video.
    Is it wrong I laugh at the way that costumer was screaming after coming off the roller coaster? 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Dr. Eggman trying to take over the animals Bowser try to make Princess Peach marry him and she said no

  6. Putting Super Castlevania IV boss music on a darker version of Pac-Man makes way too much sense

    Dysentry avenged the Indians

  7. after the government have seen this video they have decided to banned rollercoaster and trying to find this guy in 1:41 for the murder of 30 peoples

  8. well in the angry birds epic in final boss battle the enemy joins the battle(just one battle and thats the final boss battle)

  9. In RCT it was entirely possible to win scenarios that required your park to have high approval ratings easily by killing guests, as long as you only killed the unhappy guests. If you have 75 happy guests and 25 unhappy guests, and you drown the 25 unhappy guests, poof, your park approval rating increases from 75% to 100%! Isn't math fun?

  10. "There's no way he's hording every banana in a DANG cave" Was That Supposed To Be Family Friendly? Bc This Behavior Is Very Obscure for you, Dorkly.

  11. lets just admit it we all did the same as that kid at the end with Roller Coaster Tycoon and smiled as we did it xD

  12. Dude why is every video of you giving me the automatic subtitles? I am perfectly able to understand english… This is getting annoying.

  13. Me in HOI4: Doesn't have a proper plan, troops are out of supplies, has a incompetent commander, and forces attack after attack.

  14. For me the Roller Coaster Tycoon kid was funniest of them all, due to reading the subtitles as he's smiling (people screaming; chaos ensures; the demon enjoys)😂😂!

  15. 0:59 that reminded me of a side mission in red dead redemption two where you go hunting with Charles and you'll learn about the Indians and the Buffalo and then go kill Buffalo poachers

  16. wait, doing that makes you the villain in rollercoaster tycoon? huh, it always seemed to me like that was how you were supposed to play the game

  17. Wooow, subtitling “I have a potassium-deficiency” with “I have diabetes” is just too much truth for a vegan to handle.

  18. Me playing as only the evil Android 21 in DragonBall FighterZ and setting the CPU Level to 1 (acting as her energy suppression waves) and also using a second controller (acting as her artificial souls) to keep her opponents frozen so she can beat them up and eat them all.

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