5 Game Development Tips for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo switch has taken the gaming world by storm and not just mainstream gaming Indies are finding a switch a
place to call home as well. The switch is only eight months old and games like
Death Squared, Wonder Boy, and Oceanhorn have all done better in Switch sales
than all of their other console sales combined. So how do you get your title on
Switch? We are Ask Gamedev and here are five tips on how
to develop Indie games for the Nintendo Switch Tip number one: register for an account
on a nintendo’s developer portal it all starts with registering as a Nintendo
developer. Nintendo is going to want to know who you are and what you plan to
make for their platform you can register at developer.nintendo.com Tip number two: have a game that is suited for the Switch Nintendo was stated that
they’re being very selective about who they’re letting into the development
environment and through their portal for Switch games It’s hard to speak to what
they’re looking for but they have said that Switch titles are console
experiences that you take on the go and that Switch titles really emphasize the
fun of multiplayer experiences, the fun of playing games with other people. You
can also check out and play games that have been a part of the Nindie showcase
to get a better feel for what type of games make an Nindie Tip number three:
plan your budget registration to the developer portal is free and so the software tools needed to develop. You’ll need to budget for development
hardware though, according to recent reports development kit hardware for
the Switch can start at roughly $500 Tip number four: pick a switch friendly
engine. You can develop a custom engine but the switch also supports
off-the-shelf engines like Unity and Unreal. learning an off-the-shelf engine
may help you save development time. Tip number five: make time for certification, because Nintendo consoles are so unique certification or cert may take longer
when compared to developing on mobile or PC with the Joy-Con alone one can
imagine a number of scenarios to be accounted for like what happens when a
Joy-Con is removed the mid-game? In summary one: register for developer
account. Two: have a game perfect for Switch . Three: plan your budget. Four: Use a Switch friendly engine. Five: Make time for certification. there’s so many amazing Indie titles on Switch and hopefully you’re working on
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