5 Advanced Controller Fortnite Building/Editing Tips! (Fortnite Tips PS4 + Xbox)

5 Advanced Controller Fortnite Building/Editing Tips! (Fortnite Tips PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over 5 building/editing tips for controller Fortnite. And when I say that, it’s not like the tips
ONLY work for controller players they’ll work just fine if you use mouse and keyboard, but
since I’m a controller player if I ever need to talk about specific buttons, it’s gonna
be in terms of controller buttons. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright so the first tip in this video is
going to deal with a fairly common issue that players run into while editing in a kind of
box fight. And this issue can occur in a few different
situations, but the most common is when you’ve built a regular old 1×1 with a staircase inside
of it so you can peak over the top, which may literally be the single most built structure
in all of Fortnite. Now what will happen in this situation sometimes
is that a player will start approaching you on a side that’s away from the direction where
your stairs are facing. Now maybe the smarter play in this situation
is to just flip your stairs, but what a lot of people will do here is just edit out the
top corner of their wall so they have a clear line of sight on the enemy. So you’ll get a few AR or SMG shots off, but
then you’re gonna wanna close that wall with an edit so they can’t shoot back at you. And that is when the problem arises. Since none of your wall is visible from the
angle you’re at inside of the 1×1, if you look at where your wall was and press the
edit button, it’ll just keep saying “Unable to edit building” over and over again. And that right there gets so many people killed
in box fights and various other situations. But what a lot of people don’t know is that
there’s a simple solution to prevent this from happening. All you have to do is pull out your building
menu, and the game will actually let you edit the wall this time from the exact same position,
so you can just reset it, confirm it, and then you’re good to go. Definitely a situation tip, but it’s also
one that will probably end up saving your life a few times in your Fortnite career. The next tip in this video is one that I actually
saw from nick eh 30 a few days ago. It’s a fairly simple and really effective
way to use structures and some creative editing,,, to shoot at an enemy when you’re in a 1×1
while being almost totally protected from all angles while doing so. But since there is a little bit of setup here
with the placement and editing, I would only recommend using this tip in a situation where
you’re in a really nice power position, or just a place where you don’t think you’re
gonna be re-positioning in the immediate future. So what you’re gonna do is open up the wall
towards the direction you want to shoot in, and place 1 pyramid on the top of your box
and 1 on the bottom. You can also place an optional pyramid at
your feed to make this a little bit better but it isn’t totally necessary. So lets say the angle you want to shoot at
is the left side of the wall. You’re first gonna edit the top left corner
of the wall, and then edit the bottom pyramid so that the only square that isn’t raised
is the closest left one. And then if you placed the 3rd pyramid you’d
edit only the top left square. And as you can see, you now have an absolutely
perfect angle to shoot from, where you’re totally protected on every other side. You’ll basically be able to fire off AR shots
non-stop from this angle and even if the enemies are looking right at you, they’re barely going
to see any of your actual body. And of course if you wanted to instead fire
at right left side you’d just flip all the instructions that I just gave. Edit the top right corner of the wall, all
3 squares of the bottom pyramid except for the one closest to you, and then finally raise
the top right square of the pyramid inside your 1×1. The setup may seem a little long at first,
but trust me once you get it down it’ll honestly take you less than 5 seconds total. Tip #3 is an interesting way to go about breaking
and replacing an enemies roof. And this is one of those break and replace
tips that is way less dependent on having good ping than the typical methods that players
use. So let’s say you run into a fairly typical
situation where you force an enemy to turtle inside a 1×1, and you can’t take his walls
so you decide to try and take his roof. Now since 90% of placers will build their
1×1 with a cone on top of their roof, the first thing you need to do is break and replace
that. But luckily, it always seems like cones on
top of roofs are way easier to replace than normal structures for some reason. So once you do that here’s where this clever
little trick comes into play. I’ll actually just quickly play a clip of
me showcasing the trick fairly slowly, and then I’ll just briefly explain what happened
and how it works. So here’s how that worked. Once you have the cone on top of the roof
you just wanna open a corner of it just like you’d normally do. Then you wanna hit the closest part of the
roof to you 1 time so the blue circle shows up, and then you want to close the pyramid. This will make the enemy think you’re no longer
going after their roof, and to really sell it you can even jump down and look away kinda
like I did in that clip. But then after waiting a second, you’re gonna
turn back around and hit the blue circle, which glitches the game into destroying the
roof even though the closed pyramid is on top of it. You’ll also be able to replace the roof you
just destroyed through the pyramid as well which is an added bonus. The 4th tip in this video is a super simple
low material box up strategy. The typical 1×1 with a roof and cone is gonna
cost you 60 total materials, but there are situations where you either don’t wanna use
that many or simple don’t have that many. So what you can do instead is this right here. So pretty self explanatory there, place a
cone, edit away a corner of it, and then surround that side with 2 walls. You’ll be protected from every angle just
like a 1×1 but it’ll cost you half the mats since you use 30 instead of 60. And you can even edit the 2 walls to get shots
on an enemy almost exactly like you would in a normal 1×1. The final tip in this video is probably the
most creative break and replace method I’ve ever seen, and it’s actually fairly simple
to execute. So this is gonna be used is the exact same
situation as tip #3, you run into an enemy turtled up in a 1×1 and you wanna break and
replace one of his structures so you can kill him. But you’ve tried the regular break and replace
methods and they haven’t worked. So now I’ll show you a quick clip of another
interesting alternative that you can try that involves destroying 2 walls at the exact same
time. So that’s a trick that you can do with any
shotgun in the game except for the purple and gold tacs. All you have to do is pickaxe both walls once
if they’re wood, then shoot each walls once with your shotgun. After that, if you back up a little bit and
then shoot where the 2 walls are connected, the pellet spread of the shotgun should do
enough damage to both walls to destroy them at the exact same time. And then it’s really as simple as replacing
the wall that your opponent wasn’t staring at. Plus much like tip #3, this should catch them
off guard the majority of the time, which means even if you’re someone who plays on
really high ping, you should be able to get an uncontested replace which is basically
your only hope in these situations. And you can even get super advanced with this
tip and destroy 3 structures at the same time, but based on my testing that’s a lot more
difficult to execute, but I’ll just show you a quick clip of someone doing it so you can
see. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Out of the 5 tips in this video which one
did you find the most helpful, interesting, or you just didn’t already know. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

100 thoughts on “5 Advanced Controller Fortnite Building/Editing Tips! (Fortnite Tips PS4 + Xbox)

  1. I really enjoyed the video, great tips Gronky!! Keep it up
    Personally, I only use the first tip and didn't knew the other 4, definitely will try to implement them

  2. Tip:
    1) doesnt work for cuz im not retarded. Never will be in that situation and rotate ur stairs instead
    2)pussy play in pubs. Arena its too slow for for practicality
    3)no problems has been a method for a long time. Plus having the roof isnt something ulls always have
    4) if it gets shots from the other side its be ez get shots
    5) only tip thats is acc useful so far. But if turbo building all they need to is turn get wall

  3. I like the peaking out the box with the pyramid mods that makes it hard to see your body as you shoot one way or the other. I’ll be trying that out.

  4. For tip #2:

    You can can also place a stair instead of the triangle that's on the bottom outside your box
    It will give you the same angle but save you some time 👍

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  8. Gronky bro… disappointed in you. Straight up copied the cone trick peek shooting off of nick eh 30. He just made a video about this. I used to sub and noti. But all you do is talk too much about the same stuff over and over again. Come up with your own content though that’s some whack shit! Unsub and UnNoti gang

  9. I don't want to seem like I'm begging, you don't have to if you don't want to, but I play 55-80ping and I just posted a building montage, I would really appreciate if anyone could give some feedback because I practice so hard to keep up with low ping players. Once again thank you for reading this, and I hope I didn't come off as a beggar. Have a good day!

  10. Fun fact u can hit the floor below the pyramid without even taking the pyramid. Since most people hold the pyramid u get the floor free

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