4 SIMPLE Ways To DECREASE Controller Input Lag! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

4 SIMPLE Ways To DECREASE Controller Input Lag! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be taking a look at some fairly simple ways to reduce input lag if you play
Fortnite with a controller. In case you’re unfamiliar with that term,
when it comes to gaming input lag refers to any kind of delay between when you press a
button on your controller, and when the action is actually carried out in-game on your screen. And even though input lag is something that’s
kinda hard to recognize with the naked eye, it really is an impactful thing. If you guys watched the video I made on my
channel a few weeks ago about my experience playing Fortntie on console for the first
time in over a year, the thing that jumped out at me most was how much more input delay
it felt like console had compared to PC. It was something that was instantly recognizable,,,
and it was probably the biggest factor that led to me being so much worse on console. So what I hope to do in this video is share
some of the SIMPLE things, emphasis on simple, that you can do with your setup to reduce
the amount of input lag when you play. This topic can get super confusing super fast
but I’m gonna try to prevent that from happening, and without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright so even though there are a bunch of
different factors that effect input lag, the 3 main ones are the platform you play on,
your controller, and your monitor, but not just the type of monitor you have, there’s
more to it than that, and we’ll talk about it in more detail shortly. So obviously as I alluded to in the intro,
really good quality gaming PCs with high refresh rates/FPS are gonna have less input lag than
consoles. But we’re really just gonna keep it at that,
because me telling you to go out and buy a $1000 PC isn’t very practical advice obviously,
so that’s that. So now. let’s get into some of the more practical
stuff starting with the monitor/TV you play on. So as I’ve discussed before on this channel,
gaming monitors are almost always going to have less input delay than regular TVs. But again, I wanna keep the tips in this video
practical, so much like telling you to go out and buy a gaming PC, telling you to go
buy a super responsive monitor probably isn’t all that helpful for 99% of people. However, no matter what monitor/TV you use,
there are some things you can check for that could decrease your input delay. The first is a setting than apparently many
monitors/TVs have called game mode/gaming mode/instant mode, it goes by a few different
names depending on the type of TV/monitor. What this gaming/instant mode does for most
systems is turns off certain types of motion-smoothing which is a good thing, increases settings
like brightness and contrast which is whatever you can always adjust that later, and most
importantly, it slightly decreases input delay. I was a bit skeptical about that when I first
heard about but I found a good video that tested if it really did, and the final conclusion
was that yes it does slightly decrease input delay. I’d show you guys that test footage but it’s
from another Youtuber’s video and I don’t wanna mess with copyright, so I’ll just link
it in the description below in case you wanna see proof. Now sadly since every TV/monitor out there
is different, I can’t really give YOU a step by step tutorial of how to turn this setting
on. The best thing I can do is tell you how I
did it on my BENQ monitor, and hopefully it will be fairly similar for you. So first, I went into the picture mode menu,
and then switched my default picture mode from “standard” to “gamer”. Now this should turn instant mode on by default,
but just to be sure, I then went into the picture menu which is different than the picture
mode menu, super confusing I know, and then I scrolled all the way down to the instant
mode setting and made sure it was on. So if I were just using this monitor with
the default standard mode like the majority of people probably are, instant mode would
be turned off. Not just that, instant mode isn’t even an
option on the standard picture mode. For me to be able to enable it I had to actually
first switch to the gamer picture mode. And if you think that’s unnecessarily confusing,
I would definitely agree with you. The next thing you can do with your TV to
reduce input delay is to turn off something called “Reduction features.” I’ll read off a paragraph from an article
I found online about these input-delay reducing methods that explains what reduction features
are, and how you can turn them off. “New TVs come with at least a few reduction
settings. They usually sit in their own sub-menu within
a sub-menu, so it’s tricky to find them—and once you do, it’s a toss-up whether the TV
will even explain the setting. There are tons of names for these settings:
Noise Reduction, Mosquito Reduction, NR Reduction, and MPEG Reduction are all likely candidates. Whatever they’re called, they always increase
input lag. Anything that alters the signal between your
console’s video output and your TV screen can cause input lag, so turn it all off, at
least for starters. If you decide that you really need a certain
feature, you can always play the game without it at first, and then turn it on—you might
notice that it affects response.” No I personally couldn’t find any of these
reduction features on my monitor, so I’m thinking it’s probably more of a TV thing, but either
way I would recommend checking for them, and seeing if your TV/monitor has them defaultly
enabled so you can turn them off. Another thing you wanna try to find and turn
off is something called “motion modes”. I’ll read another quick excerpt from that
same article, and it says “LG, Sony, and Samsung make it even more confusing,
as all have different names and brand titles for their motion mode settings.They all do
basically the same thing, though, and they all introduce some kind of input lag. Nearly every TV that we’ve tested for input
lag goes from excellent to horrible if motion modes/motion smoothing is turned on. It may make the picture look a little better,
but you’ll be less able to control the game and essentially be eliminating any benefit
you get from owning a gaming-ready TV.” Again much like the reduction features we
just talked about, it seems like this is more of a regular TV thing than a gaming monitor
thing, but it never hurts to check no matter what you have. So that covers the simplest changes you can
make to your TV/monitor to hopefully reduce input lag. And if you have any trouble finding these
settings that you want to enable/disable, here’s basically what I did. Since I have a BENQ monitor, I just googled
“BenQ instant mode” or BenQ “reduction features”, and then I found videos on how to turn those
features on/off. Now let’s move on to how something as simple
as the controller you play on also has an impact. So I’ve seen a bunch of different theories
out there regarding controllers and input lag. I’ve seen some people say “it’s better to
play on a wired controller because they have less input lag” and then I’ve seen the opposite
“No no no that’s wrong, it’s actually better tot play with a wireless controller.” Well the truth is, neither of those statements
are totally true, it actually depends based on whether you’re using a PS4 or Xbox controller. Here’s a graph that displays the results of
a test a youtuber named “Rocket Science” did regarding input lag of various different types
of controllers. And I’ll link the video down in the description
below in case you wanna see the full thing, but don’t get too caught up here about the
specific millisecond numbers, focus moreso on which of the PS4 and Xbox controllers have
higher and lower values. So starting with PS4, this test confirmed
the theory that I’ve heard a few other Youtubers talk about, which is basically that the wireless
dualshock PS4 controller which is the default model, actually has less input lag than when
it’s wired. And I don’t play PS4 so don’t kill me if I’m
wrong here, but based on what I’ve heard the way a PS4 controller becomes wired is if you
play while plugging in the charging cable, which is apparently something people do. So it’s as simple as this, if you wanna avoid
the extra input lag anytime you’re using a PS4 controller, make sure it’s wireless and
not wired. For xbox on the other hand, this graph indicates
that wired and wireless actually have the same amount of input delay, so luckily us
Xbox players really don’t have to worry about that. I’d personally be interested in seeing if
an advanced controller like a scuf or xbox elite effects those input lag numbers in anyway,
but based on the research I did, even though I couldn’t find anything conclusive, people
online seem to pretty confident that those types of controllers wouldn’t effect input
delay at all, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Let me know if you guys are able to successfully
make any of the changes to either your monitor or controller that I discussed in this video. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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