$3,000 PS4 Upgrade – Custom Water Cooling and More!

$3,000 PS4 Upgrade – Custom Water Cooling and More!

The PS4 Pro cost $400, And all it’s got is better graphics. (Crunching Noise) It doesn’t even have the damn 4k Blu-Ray player Bi**ch if I wanted to spend $400 every three years for better graphics and non-cinematic frame rate (Crunching Noise) I would got PC. F**K This s**t Well, you know what I say Amen brother we heard all the outraged console gamers out there and Got on the phone with Dbrand to devise a plan so if you don’t want to buy a PS4 pro Why not just watercool your PS4 end make it look dope af while you’re at it. So let’s get down to it then welcome to Playstation 4 water cooling So this journey began over six months ago when my son and I sat down and tore down the PS4 Looking for the best way to tackle this problem then I got busy with other projects and handed it off to jake who promptly did what any sane person would do and taped a thermal probe using a non conductive thermal paste to the back of the mainboard and reassembled it he chose this position because placing the thermal probe on the [apu] directly would have affected the contacts between the heatsink and the apu itself and the purpose of this Disassembly reassembly rig [murrell] in total it was completely torn out and put back together twice and will need to do it one more time To get our thermal probe out at some point Sorry, Jake was to get baseline temperatures So we could determine how well our diy water cooling solution worked So I don’t expect too many people to replicate this project and if they do I’d imagine [they’d] have some idea how to go to Ifixit.com and find a PS4 teardown to follow along with but since we’ve got all the footage of taking it apart [I’ll] leave it to my editors to give you guys the highlights until we reach the good stuff [ah] Here we [go] with the motherboard removed we get our first good look at the thermal compound on the Amd apu that functions as both the cPU and gPU core for the Playstation [4] so we replaced this with a Pea-sized amount of [IC] diamond for both our before and our after tests let’s fast-forward again for a little bit here Really? That tiny Heatsink does all of the cooling for the Playstation [4] So that then is what we’ll be replacing with an ek Supremacy gPU block by the way shout out to ek for providing our liquid cooling gear By drilling through the rivets here with a couple of different [sized] bits Next we needed to cut away the motherboard Tray with some aviation shears We actually ended up needing straight right and left angle for this But I guess you could just use a dremel then we routed zip ties through the block through the motherboard and through the tray Proceeding to cut a hole into the I to the Playstation 4 for our tubing to read through Please note that We don’t generally recommend attaching fittings to tubing then screwing the whole thing into a block it is very easy to Accidentally cause it to come loose and leak when the tubing moves, but we didn’t have many options here And it was the best way forward With the tubes installed it was time to reassemble the PS4, but we needed to make [sure] our block was securely mounted first [hmmm] that single [zab] strap didn’t really seem to cut it but with four or five pieces of squishy [double-sided] tape we were able to compress the stacks Slide them in and let [them] expand giving us a surprisingly good mounting solution that not only held the block in place But also supplies adequate pressure between the block and the apu so far so good Fast forward again – are they really going to do that? yes, my friends during reassembly we swapped out the stock 500 gig hard drive for a 3.8 4 Terabyte [Samsung] PM 863 ssd making this the highest internal capacity and possibly the most expensive Playstation 4 ever at about $3,000 all told now by this point some of you have probably realized that we didn’t manage to mount a radiator pump or reservoir inside the Ps4 s Chassis it’s Possible that this could be done, but given how cramped the PS4 already is with its smaller size similar Power to the Xbox One and Internal power supply it wouldn’t be easy. No problem though proto case to the rescue So the first step was [to] do up an initial design in sketchup which we sent to proto case to mechanically design and to Manufacture those guys are great at what [they] do the footage you’re looking at now [is] from their Amazing metal shop that they use for rapid prototyping and even some larger scale manufacturing There was a small design oversight on our part that forced us [to] run the radiator in pull rather than push But that it worked great we load it up in ekx Res 140 with a pre-attached D5 pump using a custom mount from our 3D printer a Cool stream Sc. 120 millimeter slim radiator a bunch of ek fittings some primo chill black tubing and a sky Slim 120 millimeter fan then at this point We sent the mostly finished system to D Brand for one of their sexy vinyl skin jobs Those guys mostly do phones game consoles and accessories and computers, but [they’re] always up for a [challenge] And I think they did an amazing job [of] the external water cooling box let them know over on Twitter if you agree We’ll have that linked below and be sure [to] check out their configurator which we’ll have linked in the video description [next] time you need to personalize and protect a device whether it’s an [iPhone] or a monstrosity such as this one anyway surprisingly with it all put together no leaks which leads us to moment of truth time [will] the Playstation 4 boot and Success it still turns on but did [we] improve our temperatures? The answer again is yes [unfortunately] [for] those of you who legitimately thought water cooling might help you avoid a PS4 [pro] upgrade this won’t do Anything for performance at all but a 16 degree improvement in temps while staying near silent is Still a pretty fantastic achievement At least we think so So thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video I guess you could do that thing But if you liked it hit that like button get subscribed maybe even consider checking out [our] links in the video description Where you can learn more about dBRand you could buy a Playstation on Amazon We’ll have that down there as well, [or] whatever the case may be also linked in the description is our merch store Which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join Now that you’re done doing all that stuff You’re probably wondering what to watch next so click that little button in the top right corner To check out our latest video over on Channel Super fun

100 thoughts on “$3,000 PS4 Upgrade – Custom Water Cooling and More!

  1. Builds $3000 PS4 “This does NOTHING for performance only improves noise reduction and 60 degree cooler cpu”

  2. wow first time that a linus video is just like worthless for me I knew it before to watch but hey and 3000$ is an f.. waste of money if it ain't do anything better plus black was way nicer than linus media groupe color but it's still only my opinion

  3. I would have liked to see rgb lighting and clear water box, possibly with pastel coolant or something.. Why, oh, why would you hide such a thing of beauty in a beige jobbie??

    By the way, my woman thought it was a sick looking photocopier.. lol

  4. That moment when you realise it’s all a waste time because all the frame rates and graphics settings are locked

  5. Me and my friends bought a ps4 and 3d printed a thick glass case for it then we took it apart and inserted a nvidia CPU with a 2080 ti installed on the chip, and it has a 8 gb ssd

  6. Couldnt you have bought 6 PS4 Pro's for the cost of this? Which has no performance increase? Its cool dont get me wrong, but the PS4 is not exactly loud. I hear my clock over my PS4

  7. Your the one to make impossible into possible bro but I went PS5/ PS 4 Pro + GPU Upgraded in to RTX 2080TI and up to you it's water cooling or air if you have or you made already a video then in reply share the link please Sr!!!!

  8. soooo i kinda bought a ps4 pro and a pc for 2000$ xD pc got a workshop and more games well used too but now ps4 finaly opend up for all games xD

  9. Good thing about it
    -No dust sucking peace of shit
    -better cooling
    -and more

    Bad thing
    -risk of breaking your ps4

  10. Where is the $3,000 coming from, I'm assuming a couple hundred for the SSD, a couple hundred for water cooling, are you including labor into this?

  11. If you had professional people to cut you a box out, im sure you could of designed it similar to ps4.. that square box you cut out will go with the xbox.

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