*From game* “Return the slaaaab, or suffer my cuuurssse” Ah! Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome back to a few horror games. Now, we’re starting off with one called Courage’s Curse, which if you remember Courage The Cowardly Dog you might remember that there was a being that didn’t like Eustace having that slab, and Eustace didn’t want to return said slab But I don’t remember Muriel being all demonic and evil over there in the corner *sniff* So we’re gonna get through a few horror games today and we’re starting off with this one because I couldn’t resist *Chuckles* I love Courage The Cowardly Dog I’ve never- I- I’ve – I think maybe once I’ve played a game about Courage The Cowardly Dog but that was about it. “Once Eustace obtained the slab, he decided to bury it in his basement “to prevent anyone from stealing it but King Ramses was not happy about this, he’s now out for blood “and will do whatever it takes to get back his slab “even if it means possessing Muriel to find the slab and kill anyone who gets in Muriel’s or his way..” Is that what happened? I don’t remember. Poor Muriel. Muriel no! Please! I’m just a- *Spooked Markimoo* Ooh I’m just an innocent little dog I thiiiink. yes I am retrieve King Ramse- Oh *A spooked Mark has appeared!* What the- *chuckles* wha- wh- wa wai- wait a minute. Wait a minute! Wait a minute hehehe….Umm.. I’m unsure about that face. Is that you Eustace? Eustace is that- is that you? Stupid dog! Okay, I’m assuming that’s you. It was just weird waking up next to Eustace but I guess it’s okay that uh.. You know, a dog can sleep on the bed it was just ME waking up next to Eustace that was a bit shocking. Oh this looks good *more chuckling* *confused boi* Hi? hello? who’s there? Oh gosh, oh. Oh no *small laugh* “Return the slaaab…” I’m sorry! I’m getting to it! “Return the slaaab” shut up I’m working on it Oh my gosh, I think the only time that I’ve ever played anything Courage The Cowardly Dog related was when I played like a Gmod map- *Computer Beeps* “Do you have the code for the padlock attached to the basemont door?” No I don’t UH? Well, that’s a problem- *Spoopy Noises* HEEY! WHAT THE HELL?! HEY! HEY! HEY! stop that! I can make weird noises too! *Weird Noises from Markimoo* Okay, all right. Theenk you. Oh, something printed out I dunno what it is… It’s somethin’…. I got the code. OH! HI! MURIEL! WELL THAT’S A PROBLEM WOAH! HEY WOAH! AAAAH ALRIGHT! Sorry! I’m sorry! This is so stupid. AAAAAH! I got the code! Oh, where are we goi- Oh shit! Oh. Oh. Muriel? What the fuck? *Doors closing* *Ghost Piano* Kayy?! WOAH! Okay. Alright. Sorry! *Chuckles* I didn’t know what I was doin’ I got, the code! How do I get outside? uuhhh I mean how do I get downstairs? I just got- “Return the slaaab” I don’t wanna. Is this it? *DUN NUH NUH* It’s locked. I need to find a key to remove it. Okay, so I got the code but I need a key well, shitty dicks. Alrighty then Muriel? Food? Water? Nothing. Ah! WOAH! Open! AIE! sorry! Hi Muriel you- *laughs* Ah, shit! sorry, *Nervous chuckling* Oh, that’s not right either! UMM Okay well we’ve got a lot of problems and I don’t know what to do about it, I think I need to maybe I can use the ca- WHAT?!?! Maybe I can use the car to bust down the door? EEEH I guess that’s a logical conclusion? okay Oh god. I gotta find the car keys first, okaaay. aaaalright Here we go, where the frick are the car keys? Ah, shit that’s not good all right umm okay all right ah… *fart* here AHH WEEWEEWEEWOO WOAH WAOH! MURIEL! MURIEL! MURIEL! W-uh oh….AAH Hi Hello, how are you doing? You are just delightful Please stop, I’m already suffering your curse, stOp Alright, here we go nope that’s not a goo- AAAHH! Oh fu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa *Laughs* ah so stupid. What’s in here? Uh oh, well that’s not good *does this boy ever stop laughing?* This game is a goddamn- I found nothing You’re goddamn right I found nothing I am a useless piece of garbage *No you’re not Mark* Oh boy I found car keys! Didn’t expect to find that on the first go! Okay let me get the code printing and then I can come back for it maybe Probably not but- *Computer Beeps* Okay do you have the code all right so I got that, working on that I just need to go downstairs slam the car- AH! I’m sorry, excuse you Muriel Alri-hi-hi-hight? What’s over here? Nothing. Whole lotta- Oh s’what’s uhh Well I already got the keys why do I need to look anymore? Uh oh Yeah, why am I still looking? I don’t need to look, I got lucky okay. can I jump? okay.. Muriel? Please don’t Got a code Alright, got a code. Where’s Muriel? Muriel? if you club me in the back of the head with your rolling pin again, I’m gonna be veeery upset AH WHY? OH UH THAT’S Not good. Okay, alright. WEeLL Okay, EUH. alright *muttering* A BRICK TO LAY?! BUT I HAVE THE- OEUGH *Poor Mark* I don’t have a brick to lay I could shit a brick, that’d probably help right? Probably not Okay, well Okay I don’t know what you want from me I Know you want that slab from me, but i’m just looking for- Oh, hi *Giggles* I’m sorry Pardonez moi. Okay, is there anything in this goddamn cornfield. No wait, maybe there is, maybe there’s a brick in the cornfield OOOOH, I need to find a sho- okay It’s all adding up it’s all adding up I’m really getting it up in my brain Oh HU HU HU HU HU Someone’s an eager beaver. Do I really gotta go search the cabinets for a brick? Oh.. that’s not good Oh that’s- That’s probably not good I found nothing, okay I don’t think I’m gonna find a brick in here. Guys? *DUN NUH NUH* I found a- *laughs* I found a brick! Hey, I was wrong, I totally found a brick He didn’t notice me. The idiot *Sly laughter* Well aren’t you dumb as a brick? And I just happened to also, have a brick Uh oh Uh… Okay Okay. WOOSH KABOOMIE BANGIE I got it okay well that’s- that’s problematic. Okay alright. Is it up here? No, can’t even go up there. There it is! There’s a good boy! Alright lemme wait for him to go by otherwise I’m FUUUUUUUUCKED *Nice singing* ‘Kay, is he gonna go by? Yeah, okay So I just gotta go dig up this bullshit, and then I got the code and then I got the key- HEY! WHY?! MURIEL! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m not risking this! shit, fuck you Muriel! What are you doing outside? You’re not supposed to be out here! Oh, come on! Oh, well I’m double boned aren’t I? Oh titty sprinkles. No, not when I have everything! WOAAH hey! How’s it goin’there friend-o? OOHKAY I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna suffer your- AAH! I don’t wanna suffer your curse okay, and now I just go out here HEY! MURIEL! fUCkinG COME ON! AAAAAAAAAAH! oh, my god! That scared the puh-p-bu-pupeezies out of me oh OH! COME ONNNN! Oh! I had everything! I know I probably could have just gone for the cornfield, but I didn’t know if it was gonna be like… Sit me there for a- UUUAGH Muriel? “Return the slab…” *Hi there* AH! OH FUCKING! MURIEL! GOD DAMN IT! *Muttering and yelling as Mark tries to run from Muriel* Fucking Muriel. Jeezums. Close it (x1) Close it (x2) Close it (x3) There we go, that’s how you do it (x1) That’s how you do it (x2) Okay, you stay up here for a bit, I gotta go, you know look around I’ve got nothing, I don’t have a key or a brick I found nothing good, I was hoping for nothing and I found nothing Great, now I don’t have any expectations about myself Uh oh, well that’s- Okay, I found a brick! AAAAH! I found a brick! YAAAY! Good?? I don’t know where else to look Okay there’s Muriel, Muriel is coming back this way. I don’t know where slabby man is, but I’m open- Muriel just go upstairs. Go upstairs Muriel. no that’s not how.. No, Muriel please. Muriel! Oh my god Muriel you are Goddamn terrifying Oh, I don’t like you. Where’s slabby man? Okay that’s problem okay gonna risk this *Laughter as Mark sneaks past Muriel *Laughter from Mark because he has bested Muriel* It’s gotta be in here right? It’s gotta be in here. If it’s not in here… I’m boned If i’m boned then i’m dead Uh oh *You’re Boned* I found nothing!? Found nothing but that’s impossible it can’t be nothing it’s gotta be something oh that’s okay well? why is that interactable oh here yes, why was that I don’t know what happened I found nothing- oh, hi, well. Oh wait, I vaguely remember you! *chuckle* Okay, last place, I guess. Mm-hmm! Always in the last- uh oh. Murial, don’t come in here! Muriel, no! Muriel, don’t do- *dun dun DUNN duunn* Okay I think we’re okay. I can shove my head in the toilet if I’m if I’m not okay. Oh… okay! Okay, oh, Muriel! Howdy doody. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s not good. Okay. There’s
slab man! Okay that’s poifect. Nooo! Close the door and let’s get to
rammin’! My favorite part of the dayy! Rammin’- and then I’m just gonna take the shovel and I’m gonna go for the cornfield, cuz if if it stops me then I mean, I guess there’s just nothing to do anyway. Oh shit, here he comes. Oh no, no, no, nooo! (unenthusiatically) Oh, shit. Yeah, that’s right, you better break off your chase. Man, those clouds are a-whipping! Those are some ah-whipee-whoopee clouds! Alright he gone. Alright, he gone, I got my shovel. Now, I’m gonna go dig in the cornfield. *mutters incoherently* Corn, key, corn cob key, here we go! Gimme coorn! Give- uh oh, I gotta actually find it? I thought- ooh, what is this? Oh, THIS bullshit?? I got- see, this is why didn’t just go for it! ‘Cause- ohh, well i am… Oh! It was there! Where are you? Okay, please tell me that- oh, oh, what am I- stop, oh! Okay, where are you? I can’t see shit. Ohh that’s not good. AAGH! OH NO, NO NOO! (watch out!) I just got it!! I’m FIIINE! GO AWAY! OH COME OON! NOOO! OHNO OHNO OHNO Okay, I’ma lose him around the corner of the baaarn. NOOOOOO!! I WILL NOOOT!! NNNO! NOO! NO! DON’T GO INSIDE! MURIEL, DON’T BE THERE! WAAAAGH! WAAAGH! NOOO! NOOOO I WAS RIGHT THERRRRE HOW DID I LOSE THAAAT It was right THEEERE Fucking- come oooon maaaan! God dammit, ugh. God dammit, I should have just gone for it, I should have just gone for it. Why didn’t I go for it? I’m a fucking idiot. Oh, uh, oh. Found the car keys! Yes. Aagh! What in the fuck- ohh, what the- Godddd, (Mark groaning a lot) What the fuck, what the fuuck, what the fuuck. (giggly) Muriel, don’t do that to me! Miriam girl girl come on i don’t trust like that muriel i don’t trust like that i know you’re coming? Why don’t you come along then? i Knew i knew i fuckin knew no On that side of the door why is this so hard oh fuck there she is there she okay i See the tip okay alright then that’s all okay all right see ya okay easy is that huh? easy as that you think but maybe not please i’m begging you murray murray murray more miller more oh God i hope the brick isn’t up there god damn it oh i’m, fox found a bag okay we’re good we’re good we’re good let’s go slam this bitch let’s go slam this bitch slam that like button slam those comments plan that bell What have i become Well that’s not good okay that’s a problem? Yes, okay here we go here we go zips up loop no No, no, no, no no don’t. See me no no no don’t See me no don’t do it don’t they know i’m forging don’t do it okay So now i just have to get back in when muriel ain’t there Make, sense ooh Make a sense up yeah i make a sense up okay anybody see muriel get the slab where’s the slob get the slob get the swab that’s a good slab Now i got a return you can i please just go out this way oh no i can’t okay please muriel don’t be right there muriel if you’re oh there’s your fucking slab king ram fuck The end oh? The harrowing adventure Harrowing on so many levels that’s good It looks so shit but luckily it worked for him some weird respect and also the nostalgia trip was very good there and also fucking like these two like these two and eustace i thought you was eustace that got all buckled ducked over all right whatever All right so that was fun but moving on to the next one okay so this one this one’s gonna be a big shift in mood this one’s called safety blanket imagine you’re good and you were snuggled up under your blanket but you realize your blankets just not long enough to cover your feet and you know that if you go to sleep and your feet are uncovered that’s an opportunity for the monster under your bed to grab you by your ankle and drag you down the abyss underneath my baby Right make sense everyone knows this is true it’s bedtime the monsters are out To get you and your blanket it’s just too small to cover your body exactly what i just said cover your exposed limbs to fend off the approaching tentacles the tentacles will only go for your feet hands and head obviously they don’t give a fuck about the body if the tentacles reach you it’s game over survive until 7000 mike what it oh my god what us what, why are you sleeping whoa what are you what kind of shadow puppet i mean the scariest thing i’ve never seen I’m sorry it’s not that money Hurts this is just not at all what i expected i mean the image that i saw it was like this isn’t enticing in a way i guess but this cover the cover your shame cover your shame hey hey i Wish you was naked under here not that i’m not that i wish he was naked under here don’t give me don’t get me wrong one is bad i don’t, see off the tutsis often pay off the good seas off the chrome dome hang-hang Whoa whoa hey whoa get your oh my god? Don’t cry baby boy don’t cry please oh? gosh shit well the night creeps really Try that again yeah now that i know the proper stratagem which might just be to let him like it’s Flailing around so much oh i would okay let’s see cover that cover that no? No, no, no you don’t want none of this you know what that nice yeah yeah the trick is multi-surface bullshit not let it get off swamp gup-e Back, off you back off you don’t want none of this no, no, no No, no, cover cover oh yeah you know ain’t no nightmares here ain’t no nightmares here ain’t no nightmares. No, no No, no, no i don’t think so No, i don’t i don’t i said i don’t think so no you don’t want those tutsis those cities are not, for you no No, no, no, no not for you not for you not, for you Maybe it’s just it is a good strategy to just keep them flailing nope that’s definitely not a good strategy no, no, no No, no these touches are off limit the handy wendy is not for you randy okay that head muncher he’s gonna be coming pretty soon Of a funny feeling oh yeah there is no, no, no no just go i just got To cover the face the top of the head and oh no worried about that now worried about that all right who are you No, no, no, no no you guys go away you guys go away no, no, no no no no come on now you’re being ridiculous your favorite goddamn dick ulis with you’re being ridiculous let’s not wall away okay all right there all right all right okay no i Know i know oh that’s problem no? it’s let’s not do that let’s let pussy patrol oh I had the toy sorry It’s terrifying is tara i’m gonna do one more time i i don’t think i’m gonna be able to get this out am take some goddamn effort that’s where they would stop being a goddamn weirdo Every fucking time i think it pays, to make him go away like all the way away i Think there’s there’s some kind of better payoff For that yeah the trick is to try to go for three you’re never gonna cover all of it so? when you can i guess go for three Just, like basketball i think oh no, no no, no, no that that that head covering is here way early whoa what the good sailor Well this just isn’t fair that’s is not fair that’s obviously, uh, no? not, the kiss ii wish ii don’t give it kiss oh well all right that didn’t work out at all Okay all right that’s enough of that one ha ha i am now i’m gonna be able to beat that one okay but if you Wanna try that i highly recommended it is a challenge all right welcome to planet of bloodthirsty sins if you remember power drill massacre This made by the same people oh boy something’s about to happen Yeah, i don’t know what then again i don’t know what to expect in the game that’s called planet of bloodthirsty Santa or why anyone would want to go to planet a bloodthirsty santa it’s like Futurama when santo is a horrible murderous robot but even worse somehow whoa Five active crew miss should collect the mineral or in unclaimed sectors of quadrant two scans from surface of? Fnc 133 to for have returned with the high yield concentration of iron lithium and two presumably undiscovered minerals oh we will be leaving comfortably for the rest of our lives i’ve still got a bad feeling about this planet oh nonsense it’s completely uninhabited planet we’d fry david the scan didn’t pick up any life-forms Still it wouldn’t hurt to bring some protection god damn it don’t be silly bathe which is gonna do some quick reconnaissance yes, would like the four minerals each and returned to the ship david you head west and all go north but beth i’m gonna tell you this just once but i wanna fucking hear from you to click four of those minerals all so help me god beth i’m gonna bust you down from sink and officer so fast and i’m gonna know what she knew capiche come on guys it’s freezing out here let’s get on with it okay what a great wholesome team oh boy oh i’m playing now yep okay yeah this is very babysitter Bloodbath and very much power drill massacre which way was i supposed to go i wasn’t listening To you being an asshole so i don’t really wool Also why were they, so much taller than me that didn’t make a lot of sense I can jump hey that’s a that’s a market improvement from what i was doing before whoo yeah whoo Okay all right then where am i going oh this way oh, okay i found it i found the way everybody follow me to death or richness or aura busting down from second officer i can definitely smell the bloodthirsty santa and i don’t know why santa is bloodthirsty or why he lives on this planet all by himself but oh well oh That’s weird a tree mmm, oh another tree that’s oh the forest? Okay that’s a little odd why are there these things and what’s that glowing up on the hill over there that’s not good Yeah, oh more true oh, oh candy cane that’s bizarre i don’t think that’s right whoa reminds me of a long time ago and i played this slenderman christmas special that was a goddamn delight a house wait totally uninhabited planet but there’s a goddamn house here oh No, can’t do that what is the e button do oh checks over that shoulder i guess what’s the point of that oh? Ah that’s normal okay just got, to follow the candy cane We’re gonna jump for it i think probably not but here oh? jump, oh shit missed my jump well okay.i sorry i’ll get back – i’m sorry – pardon me Pardon me sir okay made it alright that was easy enough Don’t know what that’s all about oh okay? my favorite jams thank you for playing me some coldplay whoa shit almost mess that up hello ding dong oh did not expect that to open not, gonna lie also hello christmas tree o christmas Tree who look i shiny thingy i don’t know how to pick you up oh found an out read it dil has been gone for three days he thinks he can just work us at that tired and we won’t notice that we notices though i’m not gonna let him get away with this he thinks that Thousand-yard stare and cold laugh is intimidating i’m going to his castle tonight sneak in if i have to this elf isn’t gonna let him roll over us that dill dill dill pickle from the rugrats Who are we talking about here we’re talking about santa saint dill saint nicholas Now we’re dying oh look a sack that’s fun oh, no it’s a ball sorry i always get my sax confused with my balls It’s i’m going up to santa’s castle over there which is a new thing but a welcome thing to be sure? Oh, is that us oh that’s a snowman in it alright oh that’s multiple snowman, ah? Sorry where am i going llama gone oh that’s not oh that’s a sweeping oh that’s not good? okay i gotta make this jump apparently oh i guess we go Made it oh i guess i could have gone behind that okay so i’m guessing i shouldn’t be seen by that thing Oh, that’s not good oh that’s very scary okay all right well that’s that’s not good? I’m wondering the same thing okay i’m guessing i don’t wanna be detected by Wool boy boy boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy hmm okay go go go Bud huh okay there’s another sort of building up here i don’t know what it is but let me see if i can get inside Oh, good it’s already pre broken down i was hoping for this like like die or something this is a fever dreamers is for realsies oh look a note read it Santa’s constantly appearing in the village in the dead of night he stays somewhat quiet just wandering around the alleys i’ve seen him looking around Peeking through windows following else home he’s freaking us all the hell out i mean santa is the nicest guy he’s never done any boozing not that we’ve heard he may be acting strange but i know he’d never hurt us if you say so whatever you say oh Okay you’re fine that’s fine that’s nothing it’s just a cheapo jump-scare nothing i need to worry about at all okay what is this okay never mind okay hang on gonna get up here angela this is really squeaks cuong carly okay what’s this found it’s a fire pick it up i got a mineral boy my friends are gonna who are you talking to yourself with let me squeaks wang kang on scootaloo doodly-doo just got a crab walk over here okay stop that what is that oh All right whatever i got what i needed i think let me see if there’s anything else here Oh, where’s that light oh? there’s that light okay well um buff, i’ll go this way then you don’t get me don’t get me get me All right next house all right i love this, game oh? Never mind can’t go in that one Can’t go in that one? it’s gonna not go in the i’m i should know about this one up here is he special can this be gone in what can it go oh that blood okay all right this ain’t a good thing is the opposite of a good thing Hey look it’s another mineral found in turquoise right yep, almost there almost there baby almost there all right oh well that’s a sound know, why that happened but i’m gonna ignore it and carry on with my life but up Ok sneaks nonk found a note all that’s been missing ever since she went to santa’s castle i don’t know what we’re supposed to assume Kringle had has has had this distance to everything he’s said lately like he’s not really talking to us of that makes sense I’m worried that there’s no real end of this but a debt wanted to go talk To him figure something out i have no idea what i can do well sounds like kris kringle went a little crazy Oh, why why would you do that to me why would you do that why don’t do that I’ll do that lights over there i don’t think there’s anything else over here so i’m assuming it’s time to try to make my way to the castle i guess i couldn’t go in this building there’s another one over there i don’t know i Don’t know i’m just trying to stay away from the light whoa Looks good enough to me whoa whoa wait whoa easy oh? Boy oh boy oh
yi yi yi okay, i’m in life okay i’m fine can i go in this building please tell me okay well if i could just stop power jumping Okay if i could get it off okay i’ll take the ramp bye david yeah, something is trying to kill us we fuck yo what the fuck why were you talking about nicole ferran is adding something everything he does is so shifty, he knows something about this this shift in santa a few of us are planning a bit Dialogue a bit of dialogue with him when he leaves the workshop tonight a few of us are going to get some answers And that little smiley bastard is gonna give us the answers so long as we avoid santa’s searchlights we should be fine we can’t forget that dill still hasn’t come back since he was brought to santa Farren probably knows something about that too i’m tired of waiting for answers from santa yeah me too baby me too i want answers i guess where’s this sir sir oh that’s not good yeah, well that’s a problem That’s definitively a problem oh boy let’s search like to stay in there okay okay okay oh? No, it’s just some red light oh just the town is bathed in blood oh these poor elves okay i Can’t go in there i’m going To santa i’m coming for you baby i’m coming for you i thought you could get away with all your murder oh? Boys it’s camping right this is backtracking how do we get to your goddamn whoa how do we get oh that’s sweet oh? The toy factory oh of course How could i be so stupid Guards i go to the toy bag oh this looks important whatever that jolly red red fuck is crazy if he thinks we’re gonna take this we’ve done nothing to loyal productive he just rolls right ours every year bigger numbers shorter dates i’m starting to lose it this rate will be dead oh okay can i okay no all right well a problem problem problem problem problem let me get let me fuck let me in oh shit oh fuck oh, oh okay, i’m fine i’m fine i’m fine i think i’m fine oh don’t go that way okay well that didn’t help anybody at all How do we get into the toy factory i don’t know Huh, here we go whoa okay i found one that was finally open well it’s a good thing we split up to cover more ground and sure i’m happy that I’m taking this on alone ooh that’s an ominous red glow hey no great let’s do it let’s do this or not There we go let’s do this without this fair and think he is the cheery little flock he just keeps giving those fucking ridiculous orders same smile on his stupid face is he pretending that nothing is different Hell he’s the only one that even looks at us anymore I think i’ve seen santa once this last month and i was in the dead of night he was just standing in the square of the village just looking around i don’t know what he’s planning finally going senile Have that’s all this? Hate that hate that hate that unruh be alright? okay alright hurry okay thank you susan whoever that is no susan So there’s got, to be one more house that i haven’t found yet maybe i don’t know Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh! What is happening i don’t know what happening don’t like that Huh! okay i’m out of who jesus ja i’m out of there okay that’s no good that’s no good for anybody especially not me not Me in my sensitive supple body oh that’s not good i don’t know Maybe i missed the very first house that came up maybe i could have gone in there and i didn’t i don’t know i don’t know man i’m really trying here really trying was this was this way – oh that’s right this doesn’t god can you oh my god can you stop Please oh why why oh? Come on oh fuck me okay okay here’s the first house i was fucking locked all the time it was shit oh Wow oh why oh hi hello hi santa what are you doing here what the? fucking fuck Okay hi oh i don’t think i want to give you any of my blood where did you come from oh my god he’s still there okay still there well i think actually i’m kind of going into a got into a bit of a bit of a tight situation here i don’t think there’s any way out of this one Kevin is locked up he’s locked up and i’m locked up too okay here we go bleep fake bob Okay made it alright he’s probably very close by me but i didn’t find my last Thing, no, no, no maybe that’s what happened when i got spotted by the spotlight he’s been waiting for me ever since Know which is a bit of a problem but oh well what can you do i don’t know where can i go i don’t understand oh look maybe there’s something like round the back edges of the toy factory Who oh, no he’s stuck right there okay i see him i see you i see you friend okay oh hi whoa oh? Whoa hi um okay it’s gotta be something, to do with that toy factory right it’s gotta be It’s gotta be something to do with the toy factory it’s gotta be that’s the only other place i haven’t been? and it seems so big and important that you think that it would be something that’s important i don’t know why else would you be here Why else would you be so big and important oh jesus oh this is not a good idea okay there i go well fuck Dude i don’t even know oh where am i now huh i don’t know oh well fucking well i think i goofed that there may be a way that i could like swing jump around i don’t know if i could um price still bone oh Oh, oh oh oh oh what the fuck Whoo i was just double-checking this place you don’t need to come in here santa? Huh, fuck off you don’t need to do anything well that’s not good all right i know i don’t actually know where to go santa so you killing me and that i Don’t even know oh my god come on? what happened oh, i don’t know okay well there’s that then okay i don’t know what to do i’m i’m at a complete loss up and running around in circles i’ve checked back on every home i thought i did i even jumped up on the roofs hoping that they would be like some some kind of subtle entrance up here but it seems like that is a big ol noboru knee i can’t make that jump no i don’t know man i Don’t know and i don’t know where okay all right whoa what what what why? what What is what is that supposed to mean i don’t even know what that is i don’t even understand what you’re trying to tell me Are you just doing that to spook Me why oh i don’t know does that mean kris kringle is are coming cuz if he is that’s that’s no good But at this point i don’t know what else to do besides let him try to kill me oh there we go i guess sure whoa whoa Okay well i ran out of lives i have no idea What i was supposed to do there But i died to santa and i think that’s a sign so anyway i’ll end that there if you guys want To see if there’s any more to that yeah i’ll provide a link in the description below again it’s i think it’s just A demo it’s not, the full release of the game but these games are always very fascinating to me because they’re forcibly made in an old vhs like 80s style like bloody horror it’s a lot of fun so thank you everybody someone for watching let me know what you thought down in the comments below and as always, see you, in the next video. BUH-BYE!!

100 thoughts on “3 SCARY GAMES #2

  1. The face you make at 5:29 is the one you make when you're in shit with mom, and she's telling you off for eating all the chocolate chip cookies lol

  2. Courage needs a shovel to dig through soil and dirt

    Iโ€™ve seen him dig quicker without the shovel in the cartoons when I bing watched it for 3 hours straight a day, damn cartoon logic

  3. right off the bat the very first game not only based off one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, but just had to be based off the ONE episode that actually freaked me the fuck out. I honestly couldn't even watch that episode for a while as a kid because ramses movement were so creepy and that damn voice of his hahaha, lil kid me had a nightmare because of that, great game, well done.

  4. Love how the santa game the girl reports back that she got the minerals but not the crazy Christmas shit everywhere

  5. I know you ment to put 3 scary games but that was only 2? Can someone explain this to me please!?

  6. i love the fact that murial's played prop hunt.
    she closes the door when she chased mark at 14:37 to keep him in a bit longer

  7. I always fall asleep when I watch these videos, not because they're boring, but because I choose to. I just woke up from the first nightmare I've ever gotten from watching these vids. Thanks mark

  8. 2,008: You think that in 10 years we will have hover boards like in Back to the future?

    2,018: I got a Minecraft x Courage the Cawordly Dog colab game.

  9. In the first game, I don't understand why King Ramses just didn't let Courage go dig up the slab to give it to him. Guess he's just impatient?

  10. OMG XD I don't know why i do this to myself! Watch you and others for horror games and end up making me laugh when it's almost 2am here and everyone is asleep! LOL the second one had me on the floor it was so funny!! (If nobody was asleep)๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Here we are in the middle of no where found a big cabin we found a crashed truck we are goong to investagate after in vestigating.. we found a lot a creepy stuff its to graphic so we will tell you we found a dead dog and crow that follows us alot counstantly saying gO iNsIdE but we dont trust it but we did anyway and found a old lady with a bloody rolling pin she was saying ha ha WaNnA dIe? We said no but said if it was ok to investa gate she said no and chased after us we called 911 but the big cabin was in the middle of no wherewe were stranded and almost killed so we killed the old lady we found alot of murderer and we investagated we found a very snowy plqce and found a whole lot of creepy stuff we found a boy and a girl and q sqnta with a bloody mouth and chaesd us we found a cave and we ran away to the city some how we eventually found a whole lot of dead bodies we also found bloody santa running over survivors with his sleigh snow was blood (8 years later) we found nothing no suviers we about to die.. were dea dead….

  12. YES!? Someone remember courage the couwlery dog YES thank you Mark and love your videos ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. I'm still scared of king ramses' voice even though it has been 10 years
    Now I'm 18, but man it's a nightmare๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  14. Y'know, Courage the Cowardly Dog was a very inaccurate name for the show. Courage was scared a lot, but he always faced his fears. He wasn't a coward at all.

  15. Cover your limbs ro keep the tentacle away'
    Me-"well what if i want the tentacles to get me"
    My friend-"you….shut up..c

  16. Cartoon wise, Courage the Cowardly Dog was what got me into my love of all things scary, creepy and everything in between among that category! Movie wise, it was the horror film The Grudge! XD

  17. I wonder if you're supposed to lure Santa to the locked doors and jump out of the way as he swings his axe, and then you can get inside…

  18. That Santa game really needs more work. Some of the textures look too good for that dev's PS1 aesthetic and they should really fix it so that your character (who jumps like twice her body height) can actually leap over the foot-tall fences around the patios of the elf houses.

  19. I'm only on the first game and it's super intense๐Ÿ˜ฐ

    Edit 1: ok the second ones not that bad until mark starts to freak out ๐Ÿคช

  20. That Courage the Cowardly Dog game is missing the best part of that episode: the wonderful song that was apparently part of Ramses's curse. I can't think about that episode without immediately thinking of how one of the curses is just loud annoying music

  21. Character : "If we split up we can cover more ground"
    Mark then : yeah that's a terrible idea.
    Mark now in A Heist with Markiplier : * offers to split up 3 times in a row *

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