25 Worst Xbox 360 Games of All Time

25 Worst Xbox 360 Games of All Time

Whatoplay presents the 25 Worst Xbox 360 Games
of All Time This ranking is based on a 1 to 10 scoring
system that aggregates critic and gamer reviews into a unique score called a PlayScore. As
much as new reviews show up, and are added, the PlayScore changes. – Opening at number 25 is X-Men: Destiny A button masher that only makes you feel good
after a few missions – and that’s all there is to it really. The graphics is uninspired,
simplistic A.I., combat is very shallow and — on top of that — the choices you make
don’t really matter. A playscore of 5.57 – 24th place is Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion If you take it by face value, it’s alright.
Let’s talk about how a game about farting fails to capitalize on all the fart jokes!
They’re everywhere on the web. Very shallow, repetitive combat. Frame rate
drops on multiplayer, and awful, god-awful fixed camera angles. A playscore of 5.50 – At Number 23 is Sacred 3 A frantic arcade hack-and-slash. It strays
away from its Diablo roots into new territories of failure. Attractive but the level design is linear
and dull. Painfully simplistic skills and weapons system; Unbalanced difficulty
and a far-off breakaway from what the franchise used to be. Sacred 3 gets a playscore of 5.50 – 22nd is Shellshock 2: Blood Trails A poor attempt at a Vietnam War zombie thriller.
Even with the few decent scares, the overall experience just wasn’t able to cut it. Pretty dumb human A.I. and ape-shit zombies.
The gory sequences are actually good – but the visuals is pretty bad for a 360 game. A playscore of 5.45 – Rank 21 is Turning Point: Fall of Liberty It’s a shame that the gameplay did not live
up to the game’s good ideas. Few great set pieces… but it fails on the
overall story progression. Good music… Bad voice acting. Framerate drops are noticeable
on major shootouts and a handful of annoying bugs. It has a Playscore of 5.41 – 20th place is Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor A kinect game set in alternate World War II
with giant robots! It was supposed to be awesome… Too bad the idea of Kinect and Controller
working together did not go well. I mean, look at that, it’s awful. Poorly designed
levels and very few battlefield intel available. A playscore of 5.35 – At number 19 is Fireburst This combat racing game isn’t really that
bad. In fact, it can be exciting when played with friends. The problems are unremarkable
graphics, weird physics. It’s lacking in single-player content,
annoying in-game characters, and a barren, unreliable online play that wasn’t fixed even
after a few patches. A playscore of 5.34 – Rank 18 is Scourge: Outbreak A shooter that you’ll never want to play again
after the first mission. period. If you’ve bought this game then maybe you were enticed
by the premise of a story-driven 4-player co-op… That’s it. Painfully generic-looking characters, bad
aiming, a cliche story and, the usual, bugs. A playscore of 5.27 – 17th place is DARK A stealth action game with a vampire as its
main protagonist. Sounds cool? YES! Unfortunately it is downright awful. The story is dull. Dialogues are laughably
awkward. Boring, repetitive gameplay, and one of the dumbest enemy A.I. in the stealth
gaming world. DARK receives a playscore of 5.26 – Number 16 is MindJack Great concept, bad execution. A third-person
shooter with “Mind Hack” to control weakened enemies and civilians. It delivered on the
premise. Unfortunately, It shipped with tons of bugs. A boss fight
where you battle minions and NOT the boss… what the hell? Poor voice acting and a useless
multiplayer. A playscore of 5.25. – 15 is Damnation A Steampunk-Western game that showed a lot
of promise. It has fun ledge-grabbing acrobatics… but the rest of it is bad. Unstable aiming system, super easy enemy A.I.,
almost nonexistent dialogues and voice acting. Ugly, jagged graphic textures, and a stupid
left-stick click reload feature. Damnation gets a playscore of 5.08 – Rank 14 is The History Channel: Battle for
the Pacific This is a classic lesson in making games:
with Facts alone don’t make good games, you also need solid game mechanics. It doesn’t look that bad… okay, but… A.I.
bugs choppy frame-rates and a game that only lasts
TWO HOURS?! It has a playscore of 5.05. – 13th place is Star Trek: The Video Game Who would have guessed? A video game adaptation
of a movie that’s garbage? You don’t have to… this one is! The voice acting by the original cast is terrific…the
rest of it is not. A weak story, game-breaking bugs, dull shooting mechanics
and those terrible facial expressions! A playscore of 5.01. – At 12th place is Quantum Theory A Gears of War rip-off. The idea, the costumes
and the characters actually got me intrigued… but because it was too similar to the gears
of war series, it lost its appeal. Plus the facts that it’s ugly, has repetitive
level design, boring weapons, and annoying instant-kill portions. A playscore of 5 – Ranked 11 is Rogue Warrior A rambo-style video game. Voiced by Mickey
Rourke. The profanity is so hilarious that it makes the game remotely playable. But then
again useless stealth mechanic as enemies meant for stealth kills are already facing
their backs against you. Plus the game can be finished in 2 hours..
or even less! A playscore of 4.94 – 10th, Fast and Furious: Showdown And here we are again! Another movie tie-in
that’s not just a disgusting racing game, but is also wasted potential of the source
material. Borderline mediocre graphics. terrible car
handling – in a racing game! Random object collision, bad physics engine
and glitches – glitches everywhere! A playscore of 4.85 – At number 9 is Raven Squad: Operation Hidden
Dagger A unique mix between First Person Shooting
and Real-time Strategy. Unique in a sense that it butchered that genre. The first and last of its kind. It’s just soooo easy; super easy. You shoot
unresponsive enemies — stupid A.I. Cringy voice acting and a very linear gameplay A playscore of 4.83 – 8th is Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust The most horrid Larry game. By combining 3D design and cartoon style,
the result are awful character models that look disproportionate. Lots of talking and
lots of bad humor. A far-fetched way of doing things, Larry fans will be disappointed; and
a recurring frame rate issue. It has a playscore of 4.79 – 7th place is Amy A survival horror game based of a good idea.
As we all know by now, good ideas are never enough. It must be paired with excellent gameplay
and plot. Aspects where Amy spectacularly failed. Awkward controls, frustrating combat — one
of the worst in video gaming and pathetic constant frame and animation stutters. A playscore of 4.65 – Ranked 6th is Rock Revolution A failed attempt to competing with great titles
like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. To be fair, If it came out like 3 years earlier, it would’ve
had a chance. There’s nothing revolutionary about Rock Revolution.
Shallow career mode, a slightly amusing song creation and badly recorded cover songs. A playscore of 4.47 – At number 5 is Rekoil: Liberator A generic first person shooter with no story
and no campaign. You just shoot each other without any clue why? Lots of guns to choose from. But all options
— except for the RPG and shotgun — has shitty accuracy. Characters that look like those
from later PS2 games and a depressing landscape made from shades of brown and gray A playscore of 4.43 – 4th place is Way of the Dogg An example of a good game turned bad. The
very first minutes of it are actually fun! But as you go deeper and further into the
game, you start to notice flaws. Then doubts start to creep in and everything comes crashing
down. Difficult controls, weak plot and a bizarre
time traveling mechanic. A playscore of 4.23 – 3rd worst is Rambo: The Video Game You were expecting this. The game that ruined
one of the best action movie heroes of all time! It also destroyed our hopes of a decent
Rambo video game. So sad… Disgusting character models, especially John
Rambo’s. An outdated, badly-designed rail-shooter gameplay, enemy A.I. that’s even worse…
Repeating voice overs and annoying quick-time events A playscore of 3.62. – 2nd is Ride to Hell: Retribution One of the most bug-ridden games on the Xbox
360 console. This sorry excuse of an action, open-world game is laughable at best. It even
went viral for being dreadful. Bad writing, controls, and graphics. A confused
attempt at making the game wholesome and explicit at the same time. And tons of game-breaking
bugs. A playscore of 3.55 – Stay tuned for the Runners-Up right after
we reveal the Number One. – And the worst is Double Dragon II: Wander
of the Dragons Even the title sounds stupid — it’s a mistranslation.
Who in their right mind even think of buying it? The answer? Those who just want get frustrated
for fun. Graphics and combat are horrible, it’s riddled
with glitches, awkward control mapping and enemies can attack and do damage during cut
scenes It’s an unfinished piece of Solid Human Intestinal
Termination. The worst with a playscore of 3.49 – And here are the Runners-Up… – Any bad game you think should be on the list? Leave a comment below & we’ll tell you its
playscore. Want to know the PlayScore of newly released
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100 thoughts on “25 Worst Xbox 360 Games of All Time

  1. Ok so you're telling us these are thw worst games on the xbox 360, yet you're advising them to us in the description… Right

  2. here is my list of the worst xbox 360 games
    1. Pimp My Ride
    2. Duke Nukem Forever
    3. Battle For The Pacific
    4. Sonic 06
    5. Jumper Griffens Story

  3. i completed battle for the pacific in like 2 hours… it was OK… but i would rather watch a documentary that play a game about that…

  4. I'm completely done with this dumb channel BLACK OPS 3 WAS IN THE LIST I'm starting to think that their just making stuff up now

  5. Beaucoup de jeux de cette liste étaient à l'époque gracieusement "offert" dans les offres 2 égal 3 chez Micromania..
    Faudrait pas non plus faillir à sa réputation!

  6. Noooo, not Fireburst & Terminator Salvation..nooooo. Luv them both & TS is one of the few games I have finished. Who is the chick voicing this vid?

  7. I think a group of four year olds made number 24. Black ops 3 for the 360 and ps3 sucked. Watchdogs sucked too especially when the game had you frozen in a 240p world while annoying static blared through your speakers. The leisure suit Larry box office bust disappointed me because I was a huge leisure suit Larry fan since I was a kid. I have a copy of ride to hell retribution for the ps3 and I don't like how I kept falling through the road while I was in the middle of a mission.

  8. many of those games that are considered bad, and that receive low grades, are actually the most entertaining. I do not play a game for the grades it receives, I prefer to watch a gameplay and see if it is at least reasonable to play. Within this list there are in fact games that I consider terrible, but there are also several cool, funny and interesting games. Some that I have played and enjoyed and others that I still want to play some day. I love meeting and playing this type of game, despised by the media and forgotten. And another one reminds us that taste is personal, so that these things, which although useful, do not influence us so much and do not prevent us from having fun moments.

  9. Terrible review. Blood trails & Sacred 3 are classic. Blood Trails was bad, but somehow a classic horror game nonetheless. Sacred 3 was priceless combat with little depth. Still, these 2 do not belong on this list. Period . . .

  10. Quantum Theory is also a classic. A lonely sci-fi vibe when you get inside an organic tower that manifests enemies like a body forms white blood cells to attack a virus. Reminded me of a Did a-51 game. This video should be titled "Games that don't have a massive budget." In a world filled with C.O.D. clones and "battle-royal" in every other shooter, some of these games will forever be underrated I guess. I grew up in an era of games with 2 colors and 1 button on the controller. Trust me, a few of these games were imperfect, but NOT bad at all.

  11. Dead rising should be on here that game was ok for a zombie game but its frustrating as hell when it doesn't have checkpoints or have option to save your game so you can continue from that point

  12. Crackdown 1, sucked dirty assholes!!! The best part of that game was causing enough trouble to have the police come after you then, picking up and throwing their car at them!!! Otherwise it, was unplayable!!!

  13. Sacred 3 it's not even close to the worst games. Ok it's different from the second game but that doesn't mean that's a bad game.

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