25 Upcoming Games of August 2017 | PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

25 Upcoming Games of August 2017 | PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

25 Games are set to release this August 2017
on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Switch. Let’s check them out right now! Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack The Nintendo Switch isn’t a stranger to
2D action-adventures. Yacht Club Games, the publisher from the famed
Shovel Knight game, takes you to a side-scrolling journey inspired by classic games like Megaman. Set in a futuristic world, this pack contains
two Azure Striker games namely the first one and its successor: Gunvolt 2. Enjoy the new features all in Switch’s little
cartridge such as new enemies, new characters and a whole new story to take. The series has always been known for its slick
art style and fluid gameplay, with Switch’s portable and big-screen capabilities, it’s
a solid experience. It’s set to release this August 31st. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle There’s nothing more ludicrous than a Nintendo
game sharing XCOM’s brutality. Their partnership with Ubisoft grants them
access to the adorable Rabbids. This tactical turn-based role playing game
shares the same gameplay elements of XCOM. Choose from the lovable cast of characters
including Mario, Luigi, and a Rabbid Princess Peach and mobilize them in full force. Its Local Co-Op mode is promising considering
it shares the amount of strategic depth from Firaxis’ games. Switch users will be glad that the game only
has 2.3GB of space needed. Its coming this August 29. Sonic Mania It’s the most Sonic game SEGA releases before
their most anticipated Sonic Forces. Follow Sonic as he zips back to his old form
in a throwback feature to his classic SEGA genesis ways. With Dr. Robotnik up to his old tricks, it’s
time for Sonic and his friends to dash around their remastered pixel stages, and a handful
of new ones to keep the game especially fresh for the new generations. With the same sidescrolling platform fun,
it’s something old and new fans will love. Coming this August 15 on the PC, Xbox One,
PS4 and Switch. Tacoma Set in the year 2088, this sci-fi adventure
focuses on the deep narrative of story exposition. Using data from collected surveillance tapes,
uncover the mysteries of the crew members that reside in its high-tech space station. From the makers of Gone Home, expect simple
puzzle scenarios and walking simulators. Experience an emotional gripping story of
fear, love, and resolve in the face of disaster. It’s set to release this August 2, 2017
on the PC and Xbox One. LawBreakers Most gamers are calling this game the next
big thing to FPS games. We’ll find out soon enough. This futuristic fast-paced shooter lets you
deal insane gravity-defying combat to vaporize your opponent. Choose from a wide variety of characters and
watch them fight in the glory of abiding the law, or breaking it. Its intense vertical-arenas make it accessible
for high-quality skirmishes that might rival Overwatch’s grace. It’s coming this August 8 on the PC and
PS4. Hellbade: Senua’s Sacrifice From the team that brought us the rebooted
DmC, set your sights in a desolate mental nightmare filled with darkness, terror and
fear. Follow Senua as she traverses around demented
landscapes populated with Celtic and Norse Lore. This action-adventure game shares similar
traits to Sony’s God of War. It focuses in an over the shoulder hacking
action, all happening in twisted scenarios. It’s set to release this August 8 on the
PC and PlayStation 4. ARK Survival Evolved This game was one of the successful pioneers
of open-world survival experience. It gained a viral following after it was known
that the protagonists are naked. Set in a primeval world, fight your way to
survival and do whatever it takes to live the next day. Craft, build, fight, and explore. It’s pretty much like Minecraft, but with
a bit of R-Rated goodness. Oh, and there are Dinosaurs. This game has been in early access for a long,
long time and it’s finally hitting LIVE this August 8 on the PC, PlayStation 4 and
Xbox One. Megaman Legacy Collection 2 The Megaman series has been going around since
time immemorial. It developed a new form of videogame style
that evolved from generations to generations. The first Legacy Collection features the games
from the classic Megaman 1 to 6 way back 2015. This time, the series’ 7 – 10 entries are
getting a port to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, there’s no news about a port
for the 3DS and Switch. It’s coming this August 10. Sudden Strike 4 A beloved real-time strategy game. There will be bigger better battlefields,
armies, graphics, and more. Set during the time of World War II, lead
your troops to victory with tactical depth. It has over 20 single-player campaign missions
and are filled with immense firepower and historic epicness. Plan your moves ahead and dominate the enemies
with intense skirmishes and exploit their weakness. Ambush. Outmaneuver. It’s all up to you. The game is coming this August 11 on the PC
and PlayStation 4. Agents of Mayhem From the creators of Saints Row, enter the
game’s futuristic Seoul South Korea. Unlike Saint’s Row, you’ll be able to control
multiple characters at the same time, controlling three MAYHEM agents. Use their unique abilities to stop LEGION’s
evil plans of taking over the world. Of course, expect more ridiculous firefights
and over-the-top action because it’s just a badass version of Saint’s Row. Pre-ordering the game will grant you an appearance
of the popular Johnny Gat from Saint’s Row. It’s scheduled to release this 15th of August
on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Matterfall. Matterfall brings the sidescrolling shooter
action to the PS4. This is a follow up to Resogun and it’s a
match made in heaven, combining the platform jumping with the franticness of bullet-hell. Survive its vertical cities with an arsenal
of augmented weapons, environment-manipulating matter, and the challenges of zero gravity. While it’s not as stunning as they previously
suggested, it still has the same visual flair that we’ve come to love. It’s set to release this 15th of August as
a PlayStation 4 Exclusive. Uncharted: Lost Legacy Say goodbye to Nathan Drake as he retires
from the life of spelunking. This time, the badass girls from the Uncharted
series makes a comeback in a quest to retrieve a mysterious Indian Relic. The high-stakes action return and the girls
will do anything to keep it from the wrong hands. Experience Uncharted without its poster-boy
and watch how Naughty Dog enhances their action-adventure scenarios. It’s girl power and it’s coming this August
22 as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive. Madden NFL 18 Of course, the annual american football game
releases one new entry this year. It continues to build upon the foundation
laid out by previous Madden releases, particularly 15. On top of the usual, 18 comes with a story
mode. The Longshot that follows a quarterback from
Texas trying for the NFL. America’s favorite pastime is about to get
better. Hopefully. It’s set to release this August 25 on the
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. F1 2017 This year’s iteration of the F1 racing game
comes with a host of improvements, like a deeper career mode, enhancements in multiplayer,
a new Championship mode and the return of classic F1 cars, last showcased in F1 2013. Codemasters has unveiled some of these classics,
including the 1988 McLaren MP4/4 as a Day One bonus, the 2002 Ferrari F2002 and ten
more. It’s a racing enthusiasts dream, and it’s
coming this August 25 on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Don’t Knock Twice Okay. This is a movie tie-in to an excuse me, a
shitty horror movie. The story revolves around a psychologically
terrifying urban legend that’s obsessed with knocking. Amidst its movie backlash, the game looks
promising and the VR support can make it a worthwhile experience. One knock twice to wake her from her bed,
twice to wake her from the dead, and thrice to shit your pants. Are you up for it? But don’t worry, the game is still accessible
without the VR. It’s coming this August 28 on the PC. Absolver Devolver Digital is known for its stylish
games. During their press conference during this
year’s E3, we’ve come to learn more about their upcoming action game of elite fighters. Veering away from their breakthrough pixel
hits, this combat melee game showcases a gorgeous artistic style and balances realism and cartoon
visuals. Customize your hero in a desolate world filled
with fighters and meet your match in its online multiplayer mode. It’s complex, and it looks promising. It’s set to release this August 29 on the
PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Dead Alliance Who’s up for more zombie shenanigans? This first person shooter offers a unique
twist to the usual multiplayer action: it’s a battle royale of undead proportions. Fight the enemy team and the horde of bloodthirsty
undead. It doesn’t matter what kill you get, as
long as you survive the day. Use your weapons to turn the undead against
the enemy and manipulate battlefield in every way you can. It’s a different kind of multiplayer based
shooter, and it looks very cool. Every zombie is your weapon and use it well. The game releases this August 29 on the PC,
Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Hello Neighbor It’s rare when a videogame uses its advanced
AI capabilities to create a good game. This first person game tests your smarts and
fast thinking to step inside your neighbor’s home and find his secret. This isn’t actually a horror game. Instead, it uses thrills and jumpscares to
create a sense of tension every passing moment. He’s always one step ahead of you. The demo was highly praised due to its responsive
enemy AI. Every move you take, step you make, he’s
always watching you. The game releases this August 29 on the PC
and Xbox One. Everybody’s Golf If you’re following North American releases,
you might have known it by the name of Hot Shots Golf. This is one of PlayStation’s mainstay titles. It was first announced in 2014’s TGS, marking
the end of the Hot Shots re-brand. It comes with character customization, free
roam, online play and you can drive golf carts?! After years of delays, it’s finally launching
this August 29 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Yakuza Kiwami A total ground up remake of the popular PlayStation
2 game that came out during 2005. With the success of SEGA’s Yakuza Series,
they decided to rebuild the foundations of its iconic franchise with re-recorded audio,
enhanced visuals, new mission and an additional 30 minutes of extra cutscenes. All built for the PlayStation 4’s power. For the Yakuza fans, SEGA will release a limited
edition Steelbook for pre-orders and first-run copies. The game is set to release this August 29
as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Culdcept Revolt Looks like the 3DS is still getting games
after Switch’s succesful release. Celebrating its 20 years, Culdcept’s mix
of board-game and card game returns and it’s better than ever. Build your deck, create countless strategies
and dominate the board. Play solo and jump into an addicting experience
filled with magic and monsters. If you’re up for the challenge, go online
and show your skills to the world. With over 400 unique cards, Culdcept’s 20th
Anniversary is just getting started. It comes out this August 29. XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen Firaxis amps up the strategic and tactical
depth of their acclaimed XCOM game. This Downloadable Content adds three new alien
champions and soldier classes to the fray. Unleash their devastating skillsets to dominate
the enemy team such as an assassin with brutal close-quarter capabilities and a Reaper Class
with stealth. Aside from its new champions and new classes,
threats will creep around the battle called the Lost and they will ravage anything in
its path. Feel the brutality once more because this
DLC is coming out this August 29 on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Pillars Of Eternity: Complete Edition Obsidian Entertainment’s answer to the growing
need for classic role-playing mechanics, Pillars of Eternity scored record-breaking highs last
2012 with a whopping $4 Million dollar backing–the highest for its time. And, thankfully, it delivered. With its lush environments, deep RPG system,
and captivating story, the game has worked itself up as a modern classic. Now, five years after, Obsidian and Paradox
Interactive have reunited once more to bring you back to the world of Eora. Now, complete with all you’ll ever need to
experience it in full, including the expanded world, the new characters from The White March
chapters, as well as the two expansions. It’s coming on the PS4 and Xbox One this August
29th. Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Everyone wants more of this beautiful feels
train and Square Enix decides to give this prequel the story it deserves. This focuses on the early life of Chloe Price
before she met Max. There’s no time-bending powers, and no rapey-rapey
teachers, it’s just about her growth as a human being and her friendship with Rachel
Amber. It’s a three part episodic game as per usual
and the first episode releases this August 31 on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Horns
Of The Reach Of course, the massively online multiplayer
game that spawned after the success of Bethesda’s franchise gets a fresh and first major expansion. Its 10 million followers will surely be delighted
to know that they will tread back to Morrowind. A place filled with unique and fungal look. Knowing Bethesda, things are about to be better
in ESO. And this is just the beginning. It’s set to release sometime this August
2017 on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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  1. Uncharted the lost legacy… well am I the only one who thinks that there are better character to choose than Chloe and Nadine?
    You can call me male chauvinist but the problem of picking womens as protagonist is the fact that instead of develop a good story with charismatic characters they create a feminist/ girl powered character in which look like more a man instead of a women (because want to show how powerful a women can be) and this Uncharted dlc proves everything i said, look at them, this girls are stronger than me.
    Of course it does not happen to all games, in which the witchesr 3 is a good example of that, by showing ciri ( a good charismatic/ strong character)

  2. they should stop doing madden games, every year its the same boring shit except for small improvements in graphics and a new roster. but they could do so much more improvements in the game, like have college and canadien football players and teams in the game, have sidelines that better reacts to what is happening in the game , have a good story with a caracter you create, but most important HAVE NO FUCKING MICROTRANSACTIONS!!!!!!! (and lots of other stuff)but of course this will never happen because ea likes to make a shit ton of monney with the lowest efforts possible, and they have all these idiots that buy the games

  3. I think there was a typo on the "Hello Neighbor" section, where it says on screen that it's only for XB1 and pc, but the voice over says it's also on PS4. who's right?

  4. u should do something about the voice. at the end of every sentence the voice goes up and down in the same way.
    it really just hurts in the ears.

  5. Uncharted the lost legacy, i like Chloe she's my favorite female in uncharted series.
    and Yakuza kiwami, i played Yakuza zero before few months and i liked it, so i want to continue the series.

  6. Hellblade, Uncharted, Mario, Yakuza, Life is Strange and maybe Agents of Mayhem. Looks like a fat month is coming.

  7. Hey guys, I'm going to buy a ps4 soon and was wondering, does the ps4 come with a free 14 day trial or a 1 month trail of online to play with your friends, because I don't have that much money to buy the 1 year pass 😴

  8. Pillats of eternity. Omfg! That game is so bloody good. Sadly im dyslextic so its a nightmare becorse of all the reading. And its ALOT. And very detailed. A most for some one whit the urge for old school RPJ.

  9. I think Chloe from Life is Strange still knew Max because I'm pretty sure they were friends when they were kids (don't quote me). I believe it is more about Chloe before Max came back.

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