24 MUST KNOW Tips for Pokemon Quest Nintendo Switch | Austin John Plays

24 MUST KNOW Tips for Pokemon Quest Nintendo Switch | Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
where all the Austin John plays here and today I want to go over some crucial
information you should know for Pokemon Quest real quick before we begin I want
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Quest has been out for think about 48 hours now I have two profiles I’m doing
pretty well in them and I want to go over some information that I learned so
hopefully your time will be just as good or better I want you to have a better
experience than I did first thing first right here is your
shop this is pretty much where you’re gonna be spending all of your p.m.
tickets you get new p.m. tickets every 22 hours when that clock goes off
there’s also random Pokemon that shows up chance to be shiny it’s gonna appear
at your camp it becomes your buddy automatically
additional content when you come down here you get a chance to go to the store
for the expedition great expedition and ultra expedition packs or the all-in-one
bundle if you get this you get a whole bunch of tickets a whole bunch of bonus
Pokemon and then you could also buy the individual stones there are six of them
in total each of these come with a bonus 100 if you do decide to buy the
expedition packs just know that all of your profiles will have access to it
this is not an in-game purchase instead this is considered DLC and because of
that every time that you load up a new profile the DLC is already included so
you basically start with all of your resources so now that you know how to
play the game you can go back and you know use all that great stuff oh I got
44 minutes remaining nice while we’re on this green decorations the Flareon
cushioned Jolteon cushion Vaporeon cushion and dodrio tent are very cheap
they’re only 50 tickets each I highly recommend having all of them they
increase the drops of all of the items that you’re gonna be finding the blue
the red yellow and the grey the getting the Charizard torch and everything else
like that that’s a little excessive it’s dope but at the very least get the
cushions and the tent as far as your expansions go you can totally not expand
your Pokemon box any more you’re gonna have 20 Pokemon and if you’re constantly
training and merging moves you don’t need more than that however stone box
expansion once you get to the later game you’re gonna need to upgrade it 1 or 2
more times over here is the expedition bonus after doing 10 missions you then
activate expedition bonus when you go into the expeditions and you do a battle
there’s a better chance of an item dropping of a rarer type that goes for
the resources but more importantly it’s going to be going for the stones the
power charms you tell the difference between the
power charm in their color a basic one is just gray like this and then level
one is bronze it has one special feature level two has this cool blue tint right
there that’s one of them it’s assigned right now but that’s what it looks like
and level three is gold it’s very very different to notice some of you’re gonna
notice is that you’re gonna get a lot of these at lower levels than these guys
that’s gonna be what’s ended up happening that means that when you’re
going for these guys you’re doing earlier quests you need to do your
current recent quests it needs to be a risk for you to earn it and then you’re
gonna get a chance to get you know this 286 right here you might get a 286 gold
that’s fantastic as far as your decorations go
decorations go in various places and it’s supported to have all of them out
there however as you make your way through the expeditions you’re gonna be
getting the prolific statue this spring shower statue the flourishing the
tranquility the gentle breeze and more you only have to have the most recent
one equipped and then it goes right there I don’t know if it’s tax I kind of
want to find that out now okay I’m gonna get back to you on that
underneath the quest page you’re gonna have the main quests easier for doing
really big things and then over here a challenge these are generally smaller
things I would recommend if you have any oh no nope I don’t have any so after
completing some of the main quests and some of the challenges you have a chance
to refill your battery I recommend holding on to those do not
collect them right away wait until you have an extended play session that way
you go through your 5 6 7 8 or 9 battery pieces before you need to recharge the
rest of the things in here grab a bed you’re free well get all your p.m.
tickets all your supplies if you’re gonna get a badge and it’s a badge that
you don’t need no matter what like I currently have an extra one of these
like don’t collect it it’s just gonna take up room you could collect it any
time going forward under edit team this is the only place that you can access
the training panel which is located right here so here at the training panel
there are two sides there’s leveling up and move learning leveling up if you
take a Pokemon and you drop it right there and then you take a different
Pokemon you put it there you see the increase of the experience that there
get that tiny tiny little bit however if it’s a Pokemon of the same element you
then get an increase and if it’s the exact same species you get a fantastic
increase that’s a heck of a lot nicer than that also the pokemons level helped
to increase it even more as far as move learning when you see a Pokemon here you
can highlight its move if you long hold it or long hold down the a button you
get to see a preview on what the attack is some Pokemon have one attack some
Pokemon have two attacks and their badges right here that can be equipped
to it is random so you see right here I’ve rage powder this has two that could
be attached and this right here poison powder has zero that can be attached if
I want to change out rage powder for something else I click it and then you
notice a very faint white glow around it this mean does this means that it’s
activated and that is going to be the move that it’s changed this follows the
same rules as training death so if I put a random Pokemon very low chance of it
happening if I stack it up slightly more he’s a higher level so that affected it
more but if I just put one of the same Pokemon it’s a 100% guarantee they give
this as V’s the effort values of a Pokemon so as it levels up it gets a
chance to have another slot open up and then you can aside badness to it this
button right here unequipped all of the badges an auto set will automatically
set the highest power of your badges which is not a good idea you do not want
to do that because if you do that you’re gonna miss out on all of the special
abilities and the lower badges like this this critical hit damage percent HP upon
recovery and critical hit hit rate up so I could do this guy for that slightly 22
more or have all these advantages it’s a very pros and cons you gotta weigh it at
yourself this is the page that you’re going to be able to equip your badges
so right here work up I have the sharing stone this is one of the few times the
sharing stone badge works so work up will affect all of my partners in my
party and give them attack and defense up Iron Tail this one is a broad burst
stone this means that when it does the move it then has a wider range of attack
that’s usually found on physical and special attacking moves right here is
the whack-whack stone so this does one move and then immediately another move
this is almost always for physical attacks the scattershot stone lower zero
attack power by 15 percent of then splits it into two or you can stack it
up and have it split into three it’s 30% lower but at the same time we’re still
getting three attacks it’s great for clearing out a larger area the stay
strong stone effects either a status condition you put on to another opponent
or your own opponent or your own pokemon that put the status condition on itself
this also includes changes in stats like a attack up and defense up this will
increase the duration of how long that buff is active or how long that status
condition on the opposing Pokemon is active that includes freezing burn
paralyze everything some pokemon requires special means to evolve like
here Nidorino normally it evolves with a moonstone Poliwhirl requires water stone
Majok on to require trading you know all these all of them evolve at 36 no
problem no problem now you may be wondering how to get yourself
Eevee’s different forms this information is currently unconformity if its first
its flareon if its sukkot its Jolteon if its third its Vaporeon pretty sure
that’s how that works in this game you can get yourself shiny pokemon they just
kind of appear randomly like this slowpoke right here which is slightly
different colored from other slowpokes when you’re in edit team you’ll see a
very small star icon by the pokemons name right here
oh guy right there that means it’s shiny however you could
still completely train against it or for training or for move learning so be
careful there’s nothing preventing it from ever being deleted you can rename
your Pokemon so if you click a Pokemon down here while it’s in your party uriah
Pidgeotto is page up if you click its name over here you can
then alter it I don’t want to change it on the Edit team page if you want a
quick rundown of everything you hover over this icon right here you long hold
it or tap it I’m not too sure and then you get a quick rundown of everything
next to a pokemons name you’re gonna see this icon right here or this icon right
here Legatum is a close-combat battler Pidgeotto is a far distance and because
of that that’s how it forms this form here if you have three Pokemon that are
all close range they’ll be next to each other like this when they go out in
battle you can also do two long-distance Pokemon then it looks like that or if
you do three long-range then it looks the same as before except slightly
difference if you go into battle with a long-range team and a short-range team
there’s a special special reward for that so at least do it once it son
confirmed right now but if you go into battle with three Pokemon of the same
type then you get a special bonus on the expeditions page if you’re having
trouble taking down a Pokemon you don’t need to battle it you can actually click
over here and go back and redo any of these battles or you can go to a
completely different area that you’ve already redone and do any of these
battles as well great for leveling up lower level Pokemon so guys I hope this
neat little collection of very useful tips for Pokemon Quest helped you out
I’m also gonna be making one for a combat as well
this game is brand new I want to know if you’re playing it or not leave a comment
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  1. No it's by Stone if you have more attack parotid help you get Flareon if you got more help than power you get a water type Eevee and if it's the same one below lower then it it's Jolteon

  2. To evolve Eevee it depends on what Stones you put on it, for Flareon you need more fighting stones, for Vaporeon you need more defense stones, for Jolteon you need equal fighting and defense stones

  3. I found that when you collect the battery refills it actually expands the battery to fit the refills until you use them

  4. The evee evolution depends on the name like if you want jolteon it must be: Rainer (I think but maybe it’s for vaporeon

  5. The only things I would want is add more Pokemon and have mini games for us to play while we wait for the battery to recharge.

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