24 Hours in an ABANDONED ROOM above my HOUSE! (Game Master Has Fans Control My Life for a Day)

24 Hours in an ABANDONED ROOM above my HOUSE! (Game Master Has Fans Control My Life for a Day)

in our cabinet
the ended and seeks the ones living in there and I just got a DM from the
game after that I had to spend 24 hours of there for the bathroom I could video
would be eating it and I have 5 minutes to get my things so I gotta hurt alright
Sam Sam so since I don’t have a lot of time I’m gonna start in the bedroom I
get the things that I need so what my boy
oh crap some makeup I don’t know if I’ll need it but you never know oh good I
have water they’re gonna grab my backpack because it has spy gadgets
in it gonna bring this back if I can put stuff inside it might get cold out there
so I’m gonna burn this would use am/pm comment below what else you think I
should write try to think some so no it’s a jacket Casey gets cold damp iam I
have any work so I’m gonna show it to you guys while I’m up there toothbrush
water have like two minutes left okay good in our car you guys remember 180 24 hours in a tiny
space in my living room it was like 20 feet up high views this life I found myself thinking master doesn’t
let me keep anything you guys so I guess I’m separate 24 hours now I’m just come
up and check out this place this is so creepy
this is like an abandoned attic inner garage we have not been up here and now
look at it someone and I think I know who has been
living here somebody’s definitely been living up here but if you look at these
puzzles we found these and pumpkin patches prison cell zamfam look at
this this is what pumpkin patch was you seem to give us clues you remember Matt
yeah he even put one on our dog peanut oh my gosh and these were the balls it
spelled out something it was like a four-letter word if you guys remember
what it is comment below see like some extreme well I brought up a sleeping bag
but clearly there’s already a sleeping bag here no I’m not using this if this
is what pumpkin patch is been sleeping in I’m definitely not I can’t believe
the game master wants me to spend 24 hours in here and there’s so many weird
things look there’s like this duck I need to figure out what the game master
wants me to do for this 24 hour challenge wait a second
that is definitely not pumpkin patch this is the game master this is the
exact same paper the game master uses the next 24 hours will be an interesting
ride what you’ll be doing yours am fam will decide so is the game master seen
that the Sam fam that you guys are gonna decide what I do on this 24 hour
challenge is that what it means Matt it looks like
says interesting right and then there’s a boat with water I have no idea what
that means because we are in it definitely not in water so zip him give
me a thumbs up if you think I’m gonna make it through the 24 hours and if
you’re excited because you guys are going to get to decide what I do so the
last if I did something where you guys decided I post it pulls on Instagram but
I don’t know what to pull because the gamemaster hasn’t told me anything I
think we need to look around more there’s a lot that we haven’t like
discovered in here this has to lead to something so if you guys see anything
with a boat or water or something up here I have no idea what it’ll be let me
know I’ll start over on that side and work my way back to where we think
pumpkin patch might be sleeping so that I don’t miss anything I can’t even stand
up okay oh there’s like numbers written in chalk what is there 19 cx5p you
guys know what that means let me know so I want to start over here okay so now
I’m in the back part this looks like it has the least amount of stuff I see this
duck $3 what is that and then I see a shit do you think that’s what it is
Sam if you think that this is the clue for this boat let me know maybe I need
like a blacklight or something like maybe there’s something on here so it
looks old it’s enough you guys so it says karina Garcia slime versus
paint maybe this is the first pool that I have to do where I let you guys in the
Sam fantasize so you guys get to decide if I do karina Garcia slime I have a
slime cap from her or I paint and I think I paint downstairs to Matt you’re
gonna have to get them cuz I don’t think I can leave if you guys are not
following me on instagram my instagram is at Rebecca’s mole oh I’m playing out
a pole right okay so the poll is up and depending on
what you guys decide I will be making Karina Garcia sly or I will be painting
it’s up to you guys and while I’m waiting for the poll result I’m gonna go
and explore around here more because I think there’s a lot more clues that we
need to figure out so the kind of cool thing about this is I think we’re gonna
find out a lot more about pumpkin patch and he or she is I really think that you
and the Sam Sam and me can figure this out and figure out who this person is
I mean it looks like he has I don’t know though maybe he’s just here when he
needs to be it’s like a hideout okay so this says me to hurry November 22nd
November 22nd is Thanksgiving so something’s gonna happen on Thanksgiving
I don’t know why he needs to hurry up it could be something with like pumpkins
for Thanksgiving you know it’s just a flip maybe someone that does gymnastics
like flips like like Lucas and Marcus it could be what if one of them is pumpkin
patch Lucas and Marcus were on the game masters list yeah when we explored that
it being in arcade on the back of that puzzle set dobre next so maybe it’s one
of them you guys let me know what you think about that Harry Potter
so whoever pumpkin patch is loves Harry Potter right doesn’t let me know if you
guys love Harry Potter I actually have not read the books at all and then
there’s some scarecrows oh it’s because there’s like no keyboard no move box and
then it says eat with GM mat you remember when he wasn’t explored the
hideout and you went in the mystery box pumpkin patch met with the gamemaster
they both were there and then move bucks maybe pumpkin patch is the one that
moved you to the prison you guys thumbs up if you think that this is all
connected this one has like treats oh I think it’s
dog treats what okay so those look like pumpkins
then these like for definitely dog treat I guess I didn’t really eat it I just
put in my mouth why does pumpkin batch have dog treats
here so I feel like we found out a bunch more about pumpkin patch but now I want
to check the poll results to see what you guys in the zamfam decided on the
Instagram poll you guys want me to make slime with the karina Garcias line kit
Matt can you go down and grab it is they up here I don’t have it I didn’t know
the packet I can’t believe that the game masters what do you guys decide what I
do up here it’s kind of cool not gonna lie but your slime days were over
it’s been a while back I know wait how do you think he must know I had it may
be creamy Garcia’s the game master how many do you have to make that I have no
idea here’s the glue and then this is water gel okay so if you follow
directions with Karina’s kit it’s supposed to be really good oh no okay
maybe I should do traction 20 minutes lay down see if it works look it’s
coming along comment below if you guys want me to do more slime videos you guys
know that I used to do slime videos all the time I have not in a while oh so Sam
can we say 5 million subscribers which is so crazy
and I want to plan out a cool video for you guys so you guys have any ideas for
what you want me to do for 5 million subscribers comment below I’m used to
write as many times as you know they’re like I just have to mix more because I
put so much glue at the beginning alright so the cloud slime is made but I
don’t really know how the game esters gonna know that I made it maybe I have
to see a man or something did you guys hear that what was that it
sounded like a like something open exactly that the book
box that would not open before how did that work space-time Stephen chair
versus CWC that’s Chad’s logo Chad okay Sam Pham so I am going to go on to my
insta stories again I’m asking you guys who do you think I should Beast I’m okay
so while we’re waiting for the poll results I am going to show you guys some
of my merch I’m so excited for you guys to have it I’m wearing it right now
Matty can you have my back over there I wish I could show you guys in a
beautiful setting and set up in a band and this is the new merch it’s on
Rebekah small calm this is the heart one look I love this teal and it’s so soft
I’m gonna be wearing this all the time I love this this is like cupcake here is
another cupcake in the teal so if you are part of this anthem and you want the
official merch the link is in the description if you guys post pictures of
yourself with the merch I will be shouting you guys out in videos because
I’m excited okay you guys so let me check the poll you guys decided you want
me to FaceTime Steven share hey so I haven’t really seen you since we’re in
the abandoned prison yeah except I’m now spending 24 hours in an attic that’s
above our cabin in our garage I have to or the game master said he’s gonna
delete the video that Matt and I posted why do you think the gamemaster wants me
to do this challenge up here oh that’s a good point so maybe if I complete this
I’ll get another clue pumpkin patch has been staying up here and there’s a bunch
of weird clues that we’re trying to figure out right now what do you think
do you think the gamemaster is good or bad okay well I’ll let you know how it goes
stay safe okay tell grace I say hi thanks bye
completed that I FaceTime Stephen and now I’m kind of like a little bit worried
like what if this is a trap so xanthium keep an eye out if you see anything
strange please let me know I guess while we wait damn from the game master
it says Patronus I heard that before Petronas okay Zam fam so let me know if
you know what Petronas is it sounded like it was kind of coming from outside
maybe I can look outside this bed that’s even better so I’m gonna look at what
Patronus is Petronas is a form of advanced magic which even the most
qualified Wizards can struggle with Harry Potter Harry Potter the book we
haven’t looked inside yet oh okay so it’s another role that the game master
wants me to do and it says scary versus funny tick-tock the poll
that I have to put out to you guys Sam Pham on my Instagram stories is if you
want me to do a scary tick-tock or a funny one back while
you’re doing that I’m going to go back downstairs and see if I can see anything
out I hear some noises we I don’t want to be here by myself nothing nothing’s
here okay so I guess it’s kind of starting to get dark right now which is
ironic because on the poll you guys voted for me to do a scary
tick-tock not funny but scary that was less than I did one of these in forever
and I never hold it like this I never do music these myself I always like have a
camera or have to have all these like weird Halloween face filters oh my gosh I’m so scary okay zamfam so there was my scary
tik tok it’s been a while so hopefully you enjoyed the crazy screams okay so I
did it hopefully the gamemaster will give me
another clue so we can keep going on this 24-hour challenge I feel like we
should eat right now while we’re waiting because I’m getting hungry okay aren’t you gonna eat me hmm did you
eat while you were down there is that what you took so long okay maybe it’s
weird though right the gamemaster hasn’t sent us anything
no no clue you have you got anything well it’s gone no I haven’t got anything
I think yourself to stay for 24 hours wait it’s like your mom or something
it’s from the game how does he know when we’re saying stuff about him lol did you
think I was pulling your stream that has to be a clue of some sort have you seen
any string up here yes straight string was right here but how is this a clue
but music looking for string I wasn’t looking for stream look this is the same
stream it’s not the same example yeah it’s the exact string that was in there
pulling your string does it attach to that box look I thought this was just an
empty box from the old person that lived here no bottle there’s something it’s
like a message in a bottle we’re not done zan fam I think I might be having
to do another hole 3 a.m. yes or no so that means Samphan you guys are going
to decide if I have to wake up at okay guys so I guess I’m gonna get ready
for bed and then before I go to sleep I’m gonna look at the polls and see what
you guys decided comment below if you think that everyone voted for me to wake
up or if you guys just want me to sleep through the night in this attic I’m
nervous all right you guys so I am in my ones made so tried to put everything
back so pumpkin patch would not know that I was here just in case I lay out
clues that we’ve gotten so far here and now it’s getting late so the results say
3 a.m. and I have to do it or the game master will delete a video you’re gonna
come back at 3 though right yeah I’ll be back promise oh we even use the
blacklight up here you can’t see with the light on right now but this is
glowing in the dark alright let’s do this okay let me know
if you guys see anything remember the keymaster aspect put like
certain things in the book I don’t see anything yet Sam famine if you see
something let me know okay you guys so these are all of the Instagram polls
I’ve had to do so far Matt can you turn off the light real quick oh and check
the backlight nothing look there’s something we missed something
there’s something on that one hold on these all fit together this is one paper
that’s my drift this goes here and this goes here so there was something on the
back we miss this how did we miss this there’s something look at that it’s a
lock see that it’s mean after those pieces of paper yeah we haven’t seen a
look yet where did we not look we got the whole backside look you think that
something this is the same type of box that Stephen and grace had I don’t but
that looks just like the black line so it looks like it’s a four-letter lock
I’m trying to think there’s gotta be something that we haven’t used yet zamfam there’s dog food up here back maybe it’s dogs okay dogs let me see there’s
no cheese okay so Sam Gamgee remember we got three letters when we went on the
treasure hunt in Santa Monica and then we found another ball with another
letter in pumpkin patches hideout in Los Angeles and you guys said that one of
the words could be dug do you think that duck could work for this there’s ducks
up here oh my gosh okay okay see hey it was it worked
see of him if you commented duck in the comments section below give your comment
a thumbs up duck duck break like duck duck goose
maybe take a break supposed to like go to sleep as him
figure it out you guys let me know if you know what that means I’m gonna go to
sleep I’m gonna think about this don’t touch break when I wake up in the
morning but hopefully we can figure out what this means morning hey who do you know
beginning I was thinking about the crew last night I must have walked over here
so we should get the Ducks in here I only saw this one this stuff is you saw
this there’s gotta be one more or something you can’t really bring me this
you could but you can see inside okay that’s insulation this is where we found
the no there’s definitely something in there okay so look you guys what if it’s
duck duck and then break and I’m supposed to break this one cuz clearly
there’s something inside get up here we might be able to congrats to you and
yours zamfam Duck break so I’m done yeah I just have to break it right yeah
thanks it okay let’s go downstairs so I’m hoping this is the final thing and
this 24 hour challenge will be complete and Matt we did not have our video to
leave it three she said shattered all over side like this where you

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