2020 Will Be The NEW BEST Year For Nintendo Switch Games

2020 Will Be The NEW BEST Year For Nintendo Switch Games

Product Provided by Nintendo Every year on this channel we like to take
a moment to sit and reflect on the current status of Nintendo Switch and the games that
are available on the platform to discuss the direction we think it’s headed in as we
enter a new year. Specifically, around this time of the current
year because it’s right before holiday season really gets kicking and that’s the time
period that sets the tempo and I think it’s fun to get in ahead of that so we can try
to predict it’s impact. With all that being said, let’s talk about
it. Ok, so I get it, these videos have a real
risk of becoming a meme if they haven’t already, but, it’s true. I think it’s pretty easy to argue that Nintendo
Switch has gotten better and better every year in regards to its releases. Year 1 was a year of quality. Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild were
unmatched across all video game platforms in 2017 and it’d be hard to argue against
that claim when you look to their critical and commercial success. & even beyond those games, Splatoon 2, Mario
+ Rabbids, & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe all contributed to that amongst other games. 2018 was a more controversial year, but, I
honestly believe it bested 2017 because of the increased variety we got with more 3rd
parties joining the fray, & the fact that we got the 1st entries of several major Nintendo
franchises for Switch including Donkey Kong (some may say the best game in the series,)
Kirby (some – meaning me – may say is the worst in the series,) & obviously, Super Smash
Bros Ultimate, which speaks for itself and is currently still my favorite game on Switch
by a MILE! Pokemon Let’s Go was also great. THEN we have this year which started pretty
slow but around the mid point the game releases really picked up in quality and quantity with
highlights being Fire Emblem Three Houses, Super Mario Maker 2, Astral Chain, amongst
others with games like Luigi’s Mansion 3 & Pokemon Sword and Shield still to come and
that speaks nothing to the third party releases (many of which people swore up and down were
impossible like Overwatch and The Witcher 3.) EVEN STILL I think we have plenty of room
for improvement and that’s because what every year has had in common is that they’ve
all had a pretty well defined lull in major releases. For the last 2 years the lull was in the beginning
of the year. 2017 was a more rounded year but I’d say
the middle of the year was pretty light. In contrast with this, though – 2020 is coming
out swinging with Animal Crossing New Horizons, which, may not be the 1st game some think
of as a major release, but, it is easily a top 5 current Nintendo franchise as far as
sales go. This game will sell INCREDIBLY well likely
beating out Pokemon Let’s Go by the end of the year – possibly even Breath of the
Wild – in lifetime sales if the past mainline titles are any indication as well as the current
trend of Switch game releases setting franchise records left and right. & rightfully so because this game will be
something that lasts the life of the Switch as it’s an evergreen title that doesn’t
end. Fans of this franchise will play this game
for years to come in the same way that Smash Bros Ultimate is my most played game on a
monthly basis despite enjoying a lot of newer 2019 Switch games as well. I’m sure New Horizons will dominate other’s
playtime in the same way. If you’re one of those people, maybe leave
in the comments what you love about Animal Crossing, you could win someone over, you
never know – I digress. New Horizons specifically is making use of
the more capable hardware in the Switch as well as its improved online infrastructure
to improve on the already well known and beloved formula of Animal Crossing with the twist
of deserted island life. That’ll be March and there’s still more
to say about March in particular, but 1st, I’d be doing Nintendo Switch’s 2020 release
schedule an injustice if I didn’t mention the fact that the major releases ACTUALLY
start in January with the port of Tokyo Mirage Sessions Sharp FE Encore, which if you were
unaware and the title didn’t spell it out is a VERY Japanese game & since Atlus is dumb
is the closest thing you’ll get to a Persona game on Switch until Shin Megami Tensei 5
comes out, which, I’ll get to toward the end of the video. Despite its distinction of being a Wii U port,
Sharp FE is a game that is a great get for JRPG fans because no one who didn’t run
a Nintendo YouTube channel owned Wii U and the people that did said this game was pretty
solid judging by the 80 it scored on Metacritic. I’m sure it’ll benefit from the increased
hype for the Fire Emblem series garnered by Three Houses as well as the hype surrounding
the Persona series as that’s also receiving a new release in 2020, albeit, not on Switch…
really…. Yet…. Circling back to March (or likely a bit after
that since the Switch version apparently got pushed back,) though, we also now know we
can expect to be playing DOOM Eternal, which, is a promising game considering the reception
of its predecessor DOOM 2016. I could talk about why DOOM Eternal is exciting
apart from that, but, my friend Dan Cybert already did a way better job than I could
in his video about it so if you want to hear more about it, check that video out next. That said, moving on to the next major releases
that we know of so far is when we move into unknown territory as far as release dates
go starting with Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition. This may be the 3rd time this game was released
(4th if you count the Wii U eShop) but it’s notable for a few reasons. 1. It sports models that are significantly improved
upon from the original Wii version, 2. It seems as if we’ll be seeing some cut
content being brought over to this version of the game so that’s a fun time & 3. It’s on a modern platform that everyone’s
playing during its prime. Wii was dying when it initially came to the
West in addition to the fact that the Wii wasn’t exactly the console people bought
to play sprawling JRPGs on in the 1st place, the 3DS port was only playable on New 3DS
& New 2DS models, which, are less prevalent by virtue of the fact that they came halfway
through that platform’s life, & like I mentioned before, no one owned Wii U… so yeah, basically
new game as far as most people are concerned. Xenoblade Chronicles is a high tier cult classic
so it’s sure to perform well and it could be elevated even more by the success of Switch. That brings me to No More Heroes 3, another
2020 Switch title – one that people have been waiting for – for nearly a decade. We don’t know too much about this one as
we only got a brief announcement trailer, but, we do know that it follows up Travis
Strikes Again. Finally we have a game that I KNOW people
are excited for because I’ve been told to play it’s predecessor for a long time now…. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time BUT
PARKER – fellow Fanatix Four host – has so I forced him to come here and tell you why
Hollow Knight Silksong is an exciting addition to the 2020 lineup. & that’s just the games we know for sure
already, most years in gaming come into their own as we move through them. Many game of the year level games weren’t
revealed until we were already pretty far into the year they released in. So I wanna get into a bit of tinfoil hat territory. WHAT IF, The Pokemon Company continues with
the trend of releasing annual Pokemon titles and the NEXT ONE ends up being the Sinnoh
remakes that people want so bad in the Pokemon Sword & Shield engine. & to take things even FURTHER in tinfoil hat
territory, WHAT IF for these remakes they add another region to tie into the Pokemon
anime’s direction of traveling the Pokemon world. Geographically, the 1st 4 regions are relatively
close to one another so any of those could be fair game but we also know that planes
exist so they could even just opt to go with the All region since it’s likely they have
work done on HD models of that region. As many of you know, I could make a whole
video about JUST this, but, I’ll spare you the nitty gritty until that day comes – onto
the rest of 2020. There are quite a few pre announced games
that COULDD VERY WELL come out in 2020 – Shin Megami Tensei V is one of the last games announced
during the Switch reveal event that STILL has yet to come and I’m thinking more than
enough time has passed for a full dev cycle even if we assume they got ZERO work done
on the game before they announced it. Bayonetta 3 seems like a shoe in to me, I
feel like Platinum Games mostly avoided talking about it up until now to give Astral Chain
room to breathe. It’s had plenty of time by now so I’d
expect to see more about Bayo 3 in 2020 and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it released
then too. As for games we know about that I think will
be talked about in the 2021 video we’ll undoubtedly do, I could see the Breath of
the Wild sequel releasing in late 2020 if I’m being honest but it would be a major
surprise so I’ll go out on a limb and say that won’t end up happening and we’ll
get that game in 2021 or even 2021 because although it’s possible that having the original
Breath of the Wild as a foundation could mean the sequel will take less time to release
– we’re still talking about a Zelda game here. It would most likely get announced and later
delayed. If it weren’t for Mario Maker 2 I’d be
confident that we’d see a Mario Odyssey followup, but, I think next year would be
too soon considering that game’s release. MAYBE we’ll get a 3D World port, though. There’s NO way that Metroid Prime 4 will
see the light of day in 2020 – hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t even see it in
2021 and that’s ok. Retro should take their time. Speaking of Retro, at this point I’m not
too sure we’ll see whatever they were working on in 2020 either UNLESS they were working
on a Prime Trilogy… that could potentially happen. Pikmin 4 is the white whale title that I don’t
know WHAT to think about. Miyamoto has said on several occasions that
it’s done or close to done but we have seen nothing from it and the timing of these statements
would suggest that he’s NOT talking about Hey Pikmin either. That said, I’m 50/50 on this showing up
in 2020 or not. Pikmin 4 will come like a thief in the night
for SURE. & now, on a related note, I wanna talk a bit about what I HOPE we see in 2020. I want this to be a year where Nintendo digs
even deeper into their pool of IP. Give me a new Ice Climber game. Give me a Kid Icarus Uprising sequel, give
me a Star Fox game that people don’t hate. I think Switch is in the perfect position
to elevate titles that underperformed in the past and I think 2020 would be a cool time
to find that out for sure with a lot of the tried and true franchises already being present
and accounted for. Regardless, 2020 already looks promising and
we’re going in relatively blind in comparison to these past few years of Switch’s existence. After all, it sort of has to be if they want
to keep their momentum going in the face of 2 new consoles being released. What games are you MOST exciting to play on
your Switch in 2020? & do you think it’ll become the best year for Switch releases? If not, which one is to you and why? As thanks for watching this full video I want
to announce that we’ll be holding a giveaway for a copy of the winner’s choice between
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79 thoughts on “2020 Will Be The NEW BEST Year For Nintendo Switch Games

  1. Oh, I literally have an essay about why I love Animal Crossing, but I'm trying to sell it to games journalism sites lol

  2. I just picked up my Switch just before they released the V2 (damn impulse buy, didn't research proper), and good golly if September and October aren't hitting my wallet so hard. It seems like not only do I have a huge back log of great titles already available, but these next few months are a gauntlet of great titles. From indies to triple-A, this system is stacked! Great post.

  3. I honestly think we’ll see Diamond & Pearl remakes in 2020, if not deluxe Sun & Moon games. Possibly a NSW port of Samus Returns as well, Metroid fans would gladly double dip for that.

  4. Dang! I love the switch! It's a mobile console, yet it can run the Witcher 3 and it looks great! It is a Nintendo console so the 1st party games are eye catching with bueatyfull art styles! It has a vast library of all kinds of great games. And it can be played on the go or at home! But Feel free to disagree, these are just my thoughts on the console.

  5. I’m still waiting for a Kirby’s dreamland 2 game boy on switch remake…
    And yes…just make it NIntendo…

  6. 2017 was Nintendo showing everyone that they can still do great things.
    2018, barring smash ultimate, was a bit of a step down for me, possibly because I am one of those people who owned a Wii U. Fire Emblem being delayed didn't help either.
    2019 doesn't seem to be defined by 1 or 2 high profile games, like BotW and Mario Odyssey in 2017 or Smash Ultimate in 2018, rather a series of contentious quality titles such as Mario Maker 2, Fire Emblem, Link's Awakening re-remake, Luigi's Mansion 3 (hopefully).
    The quality of 2020 will depend on what gets delayed. Animal Crossing is a strong start for the year, at least compared to Yoshi's Crafted World. I think 2020 is a reasonable time for a BotW sequel, but as is tradition, it will likely be delayed. I think you are 100% correct about Platinum wanting to hush Bayonatta 3 until Astral Chain is out, but might come out in 2020. Doom Eternal is a game I am looking forward to but I am going to get it for PC. That being said, the delayed switch release might encourage me to pick it up for switch as well.
    2017 is my favorite year for the switch and I don't think it can be topped by 2020 unless we get a big surprise, in addition to a new Zelda game and Bayonatta 3.

  7. I'm still hoping we get Persona 5 Royal Switch!(Theres always hope and maybe the Dynasty Persona 5 Spin off may sell better on Switch a lot of people want to see a portable Persona!)

  8. I absolutely agree with this holiday season, along w Pokemon , will begin a huge year of 2020. I hope more Gamecube games come to switch, w/ one being one of my favorites, Mario Strikers. Would also be cool if Microsoft could help Nintendo bring over Killer Instinct from 64 days. Not sure what to expect but next year will be fun for wild releases. After Witcher 3, who knows what's possible …

  9. 2017 was amazing, 2018 was bland,
    2019 was great,
    2020 is gonna suck
    2 games confirmed so far, and the pattern predicts it

  10. It is going to be hard to beat 2019 it's been a great year to be a switch owner. Most hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles HD A fantastic story . Also Animal Crossing bc it means me and the wife will have more quality time together. Lol

  11. I would love to see Gen 4 remakes in 2020 and I plan to look into getting Animal Crossing have never played one but we will see. Also plan on having a couple hundred hours in Pokémon sword/shield by the end of 2020 unless Nintendo release a game I’m interested in next year which surely they will

  12. What are you talking about the only thirst party games that we know about right know are big brain age xenoblade, tokyo mirage and animal crossing how the hell its going to be better than 2019 on that time of 2018 knew about new super mario bros u deluxe,luigis mansion 3,fire emblem, animal crossing (we thoght nobody knows if xenoblade is going to be in 2020) and yoshi crafted world

  13. My favourite game from 2019 so far is a tie between Mario Maker 2 and Link's Awakening for first party games and Dragon Quest XI for third party. Of course, I'll probably amend the latter once Pokémon comes out.

    As for 2020, I'm really excited to play Animal Crossing New Horizons as it will be my first Animal Crossing and I've heard nothing but great things about the series. I think my mom – who only just got a Switch this week – would like that one too. Also looking forward to Doom Eternal since I enjoyed the previous game a lot and just love Doom in general.

    I've long ago learned not to make any predictions about what Nintendo will do next, but I do hope that Atlus can find it in their hearts to put Persona 5 Royal on Switch. I've almost Platinumed Persona 5 on PS4 and am crazy enough to buy the enhanced version and do everything again, and having the excuse of "now I can play it portably" would be a great bonus. It'd also be great marketing for SMT5. Speaking of "now it's portable", where the hell is GTA 5 on Switch?! Anyway, I also hope to see a new F-Zero since I really loved that series as a kid and I feel like it's become the forgotten middle child of Nintendo IPs. Finally, Splatoon 3 would be very welcome, but I see that as more of a 2021/2022 release with Breath of the Wild 2.

    As always, great video AJ (and Parker a bit). Hope you guys have a good week!

  14. Xenoblade Chronicles hollow knight silk song gods and monsters possibly Breath of the wild 2!!!!!!! Next year is gonna be lit.

  15. 2020 prediction

    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Final Fantasy XIII 1,2,3
    Batman Arkham
    Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Naruto storm 4 n 5
    More Assassin's Creed
    More from Capcom mybe Dead Rising 1,2,3,4

  16. The great time it would be for the Next Official Mario Kart game with 16 or 20 NEW Nitro and Retro Tracks for the Switch to arrive, I’ll finally consider getting a Switch myself once it’s announced.

  17. The list of games that you can only play on a Switch is getting bigger and better, and it doesn't show any slow down any time soon.

  18. Witcher 3 impossible? Better hardware just makes lazier developers. Only decent programmers can run their games on switch

  19. I am hyped for Animal Crossing New Horizons. I was already addicted to Wild World and New Leaf. The games let you set your own pace, that's what I love the most. And the fact that you build up an island community… Can't wait for March 20!

  20. tbh i can’t wait for trials of mana for the switch that’s going to be released in 2020 i’m super excited about it anyways really nice video keep up the good work

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