2019 World Championship Finals Tease

2019 World Championship Finals Tease

After the Group Stage, a lot of people
were saying we were a lucky team. We almost didn’t get into the Quarterfinals. Making it through to this point has been very difficult but it proves that FPX is a team with a lot of strength. Something the LEC and LPL have in common is we fight a lot but I think the LPL’s individual abilities are stronger. If we’re able to win the Championship this time, then that would be two in a row for the LPL. It would mean that we’re the number one region!

100 thoughts on “2019 World Championship Finals Tease

  1. Good Luck with both of the team. Without SKT I'm out of here. 😂

    I didn't even bother to vote on my World Prediction.🙄

  2. The only problem with worlds this year is that there can only be one winner. Only one of this two lovable teams will complete their story arc this year

  3. I am so fed up with this Europe narrative, "we don't do that for our team but for Europe". I am like what are you trying to do to make me cry or trying to reveal my nonexistent patriotic feeling like if I were living during the mid 19th century LOL…

  4. i mean, i dont even care who wins right now. they both really deserve it. its like hashtag Worlds2019NewEmpire right here!

  5. I sadly think G2 will win. And I say sadly because they are so cocky and arrogant. I hate that.They have no respect for any team. I don't want them to represent the nature of competition.

  6. If g2 wins i think they'll be the first region to win on their home region venue or is there a team who've already done that?

  7. Doinb already have incredibly cute and beautiful wife whom he married this year, this is enough luck for one man… He simply cannot win this worlds xd

  8. -Soundtrack: "Empires"
    -Caps: "… now we want to make our own Empire"
    -Vedius: "This G2 esports team was not built to win, it was built to Conquer "

    SKT's dynasty has seen its end…
    By the hand of the G2 Empire!!

    Bring it home G2, BRING IT HOME!!

  9. It's not just about me winning worlds
    It's not just about G2 winning worlds
    But its about "US" winning worlds, it's Europe's time.


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