2019 Canada Winter Games Brand Story

2019 Canada Winter Games Brand Story

>>RON MACLEAN: Winter. 2019. Temperatures will plummet. Snow will fall. But it will be a little warmer in Red Deer,
Alberta – from the glow in our hearts – as we prepare
to stage the largest sporting event in our history. The 27th Canada Games will be hosted in Red
Deer – February 15th till March 3rd, 2019. Across the nation, tens of thousands of young
athletes are training for their chance to compete at the 2019 Canada Winter Games
– this country’s largest multi-sport competition for young athletes. Expectations are high. In 2019, 3,600 athletes, managers and coaches
will travel from 800 communities across the country to compete for gold in 19 sports. To help them achieve their best, over 5,000
volunteers and 500 officials will dedicate hundreds of thousands of hours. In the stands – over 100,000 spectators,
visitors and family will cheer them on. And over 5 million Canadians will tune in,
to catch the action. “THIS IS OUR MOMENT.” Not only true for the athletes competing,
but also for Central Alberta. Together, this is our moment to show what
we’ve got: a vibrant community, opening its arms wide
to welcome the nation. It’s our time and we are ready. And this is our story
that represents the 2019 Canada Winter Games. It begins with elements that make Red Deer,
Alberta our home. Our community was founded on the banks. of the Red Deer River that runs through our
city. Rich agriculture inspires and surrounds
us with golden fields, representing our roots and the promise of growth. Our community and spirit is bold and creative. Together, these elements will help tell the
stories of the 2019 Games. I’m Ron MacLean, my story started right
here in Red Deer, and now for thousands of athletes, volunteers, coaches, parents and officials, their story will begin here, too. The 2019 Canada Winter Games.. This Is Our Moment.

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  1. So does this mean you will be having all the Ringette games live for families and friends to watch across Canada 🇨🇦

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