1994 AFC Championship: Junior Seau & Chargers take on Mighty Steelers | NFL Full Game

100 thoughts on “1994 AFC Championship: Junior Seau & Chargers take on Mighty Steelers | NFL Full Game

  1. 9:40 Steelers Covert 4th and two

    12:11 Neil O’Donnell 16-yard TD Pass to Williams

    26:56 Barry Foster Fumbles, Chargers Recover

    29:53 B. Buckner Sacks Stan Humphries on 3rd Down

    47:01 John Carney 20-yard Field Goal

    55:48 Gary Anderson 39-yard Field Goal

    59:17 Rod Woodson Interception

    1:01:07 O’Donnell 33-yard Pass to Green

    1:06:47 Gary Anderson 23-yard Field Goal

    1:10:41 Humphries 43-yard TD Pass to A. Pupunu

    1:34:51 Start of Chargers Big Drive

    1:39:37 Humphries to Martin for 43-yard TD on 3rd and 14

    1:42:23 Start of Steelers Final Drive

    1:47:07 Start of Chargers Goal-to-go Stand

    1:49:04 Chargers Stop Steelers on 4th Down

  2. One of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history; never saw this one coming; the only one that may have shocked me more was the dominant 13-2 49ers in 1987-88 losing at home to the 8-7 Vikings and Wade Wilson in the divisional round.

  3. This was a pretty solid Chargers teams, it's just so sad though that many players on this team ended up dying so young: Seau, linebackers Lew Bush, David Griggs & Doug miller, backup running back Rodney Culver, defensive end Chris Mims, defensive tackle Shawn lee, and backup center Curtis Whitley. That's a lot of individuals for one team.

  4. Chargers have never had a good Playoff Material Quarterback, nor a good playoff coach since Bobby Ross. Stan Humphries was an awful QB in the playoffs, Dan Fouts was a horrible QB in the playoffs, and Philip Rivers wasn't great in the playoffs either.

  5. Two sacrificial lambs battling it out to see who is worthy enough to be slaughtered in the Super Bowl by the 49ers

  6. Dom Capers blows it again. Look at the Alfred Pupunu TD. Reminds U of the 2015 Kearse game winner against Green Bay right?

  7. the pure luck chargers…then they got curb stomped in the SB, embarassing themselves and the afc with a pathetic showing….the steelers were the way better team, but the breaks didnt go their way…instead we got the frauds from san diego, humiliated…and most likely, nvr to see the sb again….

  8. Ironic that several years removed from the near-misses under the Air Coryell style, the Chargers finally made a Super Bowl playing much like their GM Bobby Beatherd's Redskin teams did when they made their SBs. That was with power running and sneaky-good play action passes. And of course a tough defense.

  9. I saw this game. It was a great effort and GP by the Chargers but the Steelers were way too conservative after getting a modest lead. The D shut the Chargers down but it was just two big pass plays that made the difference for San Diego.

  10. PIT choked big time in this one, a mark of Bill Cowher and Marty Schottenheimer coached teams. They were king of the 10-6/11-5 record, then get bounced in the first or second round.

  11. Did not see this as much of an upset as others did – this Steelers team could not score. A bunch of their wins that year were 10-6, 13-7 type games. When you don't score, a couple of big plays or fluke plays can beat you and that's what happened.

  12. "San Diego has the luxury of even giving up a safety in this situation."

    I don't understand Enberg's logic here. If the Chargers give up a safety, the score is 17-15, and Pittsburgh gets the ball back with over a minute left and the opportunity to move the ball down the field for a game-winning field goal.

  13. "Everyone into the pattern…Humphries back…going long…caught Tony Martin." Hacksaw Hamilton, Good Night Now Steeler Fan!

  14. Steelers had a great defense. But a below average offense, this entire era. 92-97. That’s why they couldn’t win a super bowl. You’re not winning Super Bowls with Neil O’Donnell, Mike Tomczak, or Kordell Stewart. You’re just not.👈🏽

  15. All Neil O'Donnell had to do was step into that last pass and fire it to B. Foster and its a T.D, instead he feels the rush punks out and lets it go off his back foot, batted down game over. For me personally the most heartbreaking Steeler loss in my life.

  16. My lord, this was a war. I felt uncomfortable watching this a couple of times with how brutal it was. Glad the NFL has implemented rules for player safety. Also.. Seau was a friggin BEAST! The dude was everywhere.

  17. The Chargers had their chances in 79, 80 and 81. With the best quarterback, Dan Fouts and 3 +1000 yrd. receivers, John Jefferson, Charlie Joiner and the best tight end in history, Kellen Winslow. They had home field advantage throughout the playoffs in 79/80. They lost to Houston in the first round without Earl Campbell and Dan Pastorini, 17/14. 1979 div.playoffs. Fouts threw 5 interceptions. They crushed both Superbowl contenders that year, the Steelers 35/7 and the Rams 40/14.They lost to the damned Raiders 80, in AFC playoffs 34/27. They had about 7 turnovers. Of course 81, they lost in the icebowl AFC championship to Cincinnati 27/7. That cheapskate Gene Klein realesed the best wide receiver in the league at that time. John Jefferson and the best Defensive End ever Fred Dean. What a cheap bastard. Now, the whatever Chargers are homeless.

  18. Watching this game again and I still do not understand how Pittsburgh didn't win it. In every facet of the game, Pittsburgh was better. The only issue was O'Donnell and he didn't play horribly. He just didn't get them into the end zone after the 1st quarter and that turned out to be the most damaging aspect of the offense. That and two 43 yard goofs by the Steelers defense.

  19. Am I crazy, or does Eli Manning look like Stan Humphries a little bit? In other words, does Humphries look like he could be a Manning?

  20. Probably the most difficult playoff loss as a Steelers fan. Steelers were extremely overconfident and let SD hang around too long. Chargers had three drives all day but scored on all three. Steelers moved the ball all day until they got into FG range then penalties hit.

  21. I always wonder "what if?" What if the Steelers would have drafted Dan Marino like they should have?The Steelers teams in the 80's and 90's were good but always had bad QB's.I truly believe they would have won a couple SBs in that time If they had Marino…..Shame

  22. The end of the last drive is typical Cowher in the 90's. You're destroying the Chargers through the air, so let's waste a first down with a run and put 4 straight formations with two RBs. The Steelers were 10 times better than the Chargers, absurd.

  23. GOD I wish the Chargers won Super Bowl XXIX. I feel so bad for SD fans. They go to one Super Bowl only to get thrashed by Steve Young. 🙁

  24. One of the 7 DEVASTATING playoff losses the Steelers suffered from 89-2004. Only Steeler fans know my pain.😢

  25. once I was watching The Flintstones then I turn the TV up as long as I can get my dad got mad and came downstairs and said turn it off turn it off and said you're not watching TV for the rest of the day

  26. I've always respected the Steelers. But they got what they deserved this game. They were making rap videos and pretty much guaranteeing they were gonna just roll over the Chargers without a contest. I listened to this entire game on my Walkman at work as a 21 year old and I was stunned and amazed at the Chargers performance. Humphries to Martin!

  27. Anybody got the Chargers radio call of this game?

    Only heard it one time, and would love to see it preserved….some pretty emotional commentary at the end.

  28. Confusion alert.

    91 – bills won AFC game
    92 – bills won AFC game
    93 – bills won AFC game
    94 – bills won AFC game
    95 – chargers won AFC game (versus the Dolphins)
    96 – Steelers won AFC game (versus the colts who got robbed)
    97 – patriots won AFC game

    If the this truly is the 94 AFC Championship game, where the hell are the buffalo bills?!

  29. I loved watching the Steelers get punked on their turf. A year earlier after the Oilers beat them in Houston, Gregg Lloyd said the real Steelers didn't show up. Then the Oilers came into 3 rivers a few weeks later and beat em even worse!!

  30. One of the biggest choke jobs in NFL history. I would never trust Cohwer AFC championship game as he lost 4 of them. To Bills defense he never had a stud starting quarterback with the likes of Neil O'Donnell and Kordell Stewart.


  32. not a steelers fan im a raiders fan an yes i knowwere awful but pittsburgh wouldve given the 49ers a better game cause the steelers matched up better against the 48ers,, the steelers def. with those lbs an DEs Lyod an Green plus there secondary..an people forget how great foster was. if hed stayed a steeler threw his whole career id loved to see how hed finished. by the way AWFUL CALL PLAY ACTION ROLL OUT

  33. The Steelers just plain choked in this game, which is unfortunate, because Super Bowl 29 would have far more competitive if they (instead of the Chargers) had played the 49ers.

  34. Never have I seen a more gutty and dominant performance on a field that I did watching Junior Seau with a pinched nerve in his shoulder taking a couple of vicodin and a cortisone shot then going out and making 16 Tackles and WILLING his team to an AFC Championship. Most people wouldn’t go to work pushing buttons let alone play in freezing rain if we felt like that.

    Dude was a pure WARRIOR. And he is missed..One of the most real dudes to ever play the game and one of the most humble.

    They don’t make them like him anymore…And THAT is a tragedy. Because he was as blue collar as they come. He put in the work and like my Grandfather who was an underground copper miner or my father who also worked in the mines and who served in the Korean and Viet Nam conflicts he was a “ham and egger” as they used to call them, a lunch pail carrying type who worked his ass off and broke his body to provide for his family. His work ethic and shear WILL made him great and my Father always loved him for that work ethic which you don’t find in many Gen Xers or millennials today. We were Seahawks fans from back in the ‘80s when we moved here but we always respected Junior because of that drive and will. He was one of the last of a dying breed that most kids in the suburbs couldn’t even dream of being because they are coddled from birth.

    Don’t usually mourn the passing of celebrities but admit when I heard Junior took his life I was cutting onions. Was one of those days you remember where you were when you heard about horrible news and it stopped you in your tracks. Made a point to call up Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton’s show down in SD that day during his tribute to Junior to express my condolences to Chargers Nation, the Seau Family, and to the City of San Diego. His loss is one that will be felt as long as there is an NFL because he was that BIG of a part of it’s history. Crazy to think that the 4 most dominant Defensive players of the 1990’s are gone. It started with Derrick Thomas passing away from complications due to his car wreck right as the ‘90s turned to Y2K, then we lost Reggie White (remember finding that out literally while driving to a Seahawks game in 2004 and it put a pall on the whole day where we clinched a Division Championship.), then Junior took his own life, then we lost Cortez Kennedy.

  35. Goes to show you how weak the AFC was back in the early to mid 90s. This was the year after Buffalo's dominance in the AFC and San Diego was one of the worst teams to get to a Super Bowl. Going into this game I didn't think that the Chargers had any chance of beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh. But after they won I knew that the Chargers had no chance of winning the Super Bowl.

  36. Whithout a doubt, as any Steeler fan old enough to know, and every one will tell you that this was the most crushing loss in Steeler history. The Chargers had no business winning, and the Steelers knew it. For the rest of us, we wanted a 49er vs Steelers Super Bowl and we were robbed. The Chargers were good, but Bobby Ross (former Terrapin coach) outcoached Bill Cower. But this loss was squarely on the defense. They let San Diego hang around, building confidence all game long, and it caught up to them.

  37. If any team had a shot at beating the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers. Kevin Greene, Greg Lloyd, and Rod Woodson all deserved to be all-pros that year while Joel Steed, Chad Brown, Carnell Lake, and Darren Perry all turned in great seasons. Unfortunately, the Steelers offense couldn't keep up with their defense that year with the only offensive player they deserved to have in the Pro Bowl that year being Dermontti Dawson.

    Seriously though, Super Bowl XXIX might have been an exciting game if the Steelers played the 49ers.

  38. One of the Chargers starting offensive linemen that year Joe Cocozzo is from my hometown of Mechanicville, NY. He was a rookie that year I believe

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