1990’s Sim Games. SO GOOD!

1990’s Sim Games. SO GOOD!

Good morning, John. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the majestic
and exotic Amsterdam so much. But here in Missoula, Montana we have something that I
don’t think that you have in your little apartment in Amsterdam, and that is video games. I know
that they…have… but I want to talk about video games today! I’ve been playing Portal
2 on my gaming channel, and it’s super fun. I’ve also been playing Lego Harry Potter and
Assassin’s Creed. I’m about to finish up Assassin’s Creed, so I’m trying to figure out what I’m
going to do next. I grew up in a different video game age, and while you, uh, sort of
had control over the Nintendo when it wasn’t filled with poop, I had to play a different
kind of video game because you were bogarting the grey box. So I was playing a different sort of game,
a two dimensional game, a DOS sort of game. Simulation games… that actually simulated
things. And so with the hope that I will educate people who were not around during this era
and provide a certain amount of nostalgia for those of us who are old enough to remember
it, I am going to talk today about the best simulation games of the 1990s. So Maxis was a company that pretty much created
the simulation game. They started with SimCity, and then they tried to do everything, and
they ended up doing the Sims which is, I think, the most popular simulation game of all time
where you get to pretend to be a person! Which is weird; you would think people would want
to pretend to be something else besides a person since they get to be a person every
day, but yeah. So Maxis made SimLife where you got to sort
of create evolutionary biology. And they created SimAnt where you simulated an ant colony and
got to take over somebody’s house. That was weird. And SimHealth which was a simulation
of America’s health care system which, unsurprisingly, was a nightmare and not at all fun. It wasn’t
like “SimSurgery”, it was like “SimHMOs.” And then there was one of my favorites which
was SimFarm which is like FarmVille except actually a simulation of a farm. Like, for
example, if you don’t feed your pigs, they die. You have to borrow money from the bank,
and you can sell your crops on the futures market. And the only way to get rich is to
plant a cash crop monoculture because you’re a farmer, and that’s how it is! And then there’s Sid Meier’s Civilization,
a game that has now had five incarnations, all of them REALLY good. And there’s different
ways to “win” the game. You can kill everyone which is, you know, enjoyable for some people.
Or you can find peace and a strength in a diverse planet with lots of different people.
Maybe the warlike people will be eradicated. People who love peace can live together in
harmony! SimEarth, another Maxis game, was a simulation
of the entire planet, like CO2 levels and ocean currents. The actual interaction that
you had with the game was pretty limited, but really, it was just a textbook in the
form of a game which was good for me because I was a little nerd! And now I’m going to end with SimCity because,
of course, SimCity and SimCity 2000: best simulation games of all time! I got SimCity
when I was nine years old, so at that ripe young age, I got to become the mayor of Heresville,
decide whether I wanted to be a destructive or benevolent leader. I was always benevolent.
I, I wish I could say I was destructive. I never… I never do the evil thing in video
games. People who have watched me play Assassin’s Creed are laughing right now. That’s because
I get bored with Assassin’s Creed and I just start stabbing people. I can hardly conceive of the amount of stuff
that I just implicitly know about the world because of simuliza–SIMULIZATION! That’s
the second time I’ve done that! That’s the second take in which I said “simulization!”
But more than the truth about the world and the facts that I learned from “simulization”
games– what I really love about them is that often there’s no winning; there’s no goal.
You can’t beat SimCity. Because that’s one of the weird things about
life; like, we don’t know why–what we’re doing here. We don’t know what we’re supposed
to do. Different parts of society and different cultures put different weights on different
things, whether it’s having a healthy family or fancy cars or comparing yourself to your
coworkers or making lots of money. But unless you’re Charlie Sheen, there’s no winning.
You never get to beat life. Knowing I get to decide for myself what success is, that’s
one of the most important lessons I ever learned. And I learned it from playing simulation games
so… fancy that! John, I know that you were busy playing Nintendo
games while all of this was going on, so I hope this wasn’t too boring for you. Uh, but
yes! That is how I became a nerd! I’ll see you on Friday.

100 thoughts on “1990’s Sim Games. SO GOOD!

  1. I'm a tad too young for the 90's simulation games, but in the early 2000's I played Sims City, and I do remember playing the Sims, as in the first one with people, I thought it was really good at the time, but in hindsight it's really shit, the people don't get any older!

  2. I also played my way through the first three Harry Potter computer games about a hundred times when I was 5-6 years old, I didn't like the later games so I just played through Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban so many times I now imagine Peeves to look how he does in the second game, even though that's inaccurate.

  3. Oh my gosh, I had Sim Life, Sim Ant, and Sim Farm growing up. I've never heard of anyone else having them though!

  4. I loved the Sims 2, it's so much better than the Sims 3, I sometimes just go on my old Sims 2 game, it's way more fun 🙂

  5. oh my god, simcity2000. I just remember entering one porntipsguzzardo after another and just making everything just so. Then saving my game, and releasing the hollywood monster. (I didn't really get the point of the game, but then I was six or so? Same goes for simtower. I liked the elevator dings, that's about it, the rest just confused me)

  6. Maxis also did a game called Marble Drop, which is one of my favorite computer games of my childhood. I LOVED that game. I also had SimAnt and then moved onto the Zoo Tycoon series, but ahhhh NOSTALGIA.

  7. Hank, you just blew my mind. I have no idea how I never realized that everyone is just as unsure as to why we are here as I am… I think I might actually be able to be extremely happy now.

  8. I was born in '95 and I actually played most of these games, I obviously didn't play them new but they were just the games we had when I was a kid… now going to download simcity 2000 from GOG…

  9. I saw Rollercoaster Tycoon, which was my favourite game when I was little, and I freaked out a bit. I wonder if we still have it……

  10. I liked SimFarm. Every time you clicked on a rock, it said "ancient petrified llama droppings," which sure did amuse me when I was 10.

  11. I just put rollercoaster tycoon 2 in my computer a few weeks ago…to bad 3 doesn't work on my computer.

  12. I could only play Sim City with the cheat code, and I've broken 2 CD's of Civilization out of frustration. Nerdfighter?

  13. I have been building and rebuilding my little city, attempting to achieve perfection for 7 years. (im only 14, so that's half my life)

  14. I remember my friend as a kid had roller coaster tycoon and I thought it was SO COOL. I never had enough money to have computer games as a kid, though, so I have to imagine my life would be different if I had.

  15. I played all these plus railroad tycoon. Though my biggest games were x-wing and TIE fighter, panzer generals 1 and 2, Carriers at War, us navy fighters. Ok so this has devolved into a list of all my games . But they were great games. I had and have many more games many of the classic Lucasarts games almost all the maxis games. The c&c games up until red alert, all such great games

  16. Originally I thought Hank made a grammatical error when he said "cuz I was a little nerd" and then I deduced that he was either saying that he is now a big nerd (which may not be so true depending on which way you look at it, but in relativity it may be so) or that he now says that he's a little nerd-fighter.

  17. I played and still have SimCity. The original. With the five-in-a-half inch floppy disk which was actually floppy. And still have my SimCity 2000 Special edition. Maybe I'll play a bit of it tomorrow. I just love the SC2k music

  18. I just build things in Sims. pretty people and pretty houses and then I burn everything down because it's not good enough. :3

  19. I think one of the reasons lots of people like the Sims games is because you don't just get to be one person, you get to be a kind of god. You get to choose if your sims get what they want, whether that means; getting to the top that their courier, finding love/family, or just surviving. In a world where you don't get to decide much is a very nice thing to have. 

  20. Sim Ant, Sim Tower, and Roller Coaster Tycoon! I loved those! Sometimes my brother and I will whip our Roller Coaster Tycoon on our dinosaur of a '95 computer just for fun and nostalgia.

  21. Ah my generation 🙂 When I was in HS I was in FFA and the agriculture sciences class had SIM Farm. pro tip: type CORN for free money, lol!!  meanwhile my now bf was in kindergarten and has no clue about anything before the Sims game it's self, lol!!

  22. Sim City 2000 destroyed my eyes.  Hours staring at that screen building my cities.  I wear glasses to this day.

  23. The 90's was my kid-hood, so I loved this video. I noticed the flash of SimTower in the beginning, and OMG that midi music brought back memories. But I'd actually never heard of SimLife or SimEarth, and now I really want to play them!! Thank you for this knowledge! I'm doing self-directed study of ecology and climate change, and I've been struggling some with finding joy in reading textbooks. Now I'm excited to start SimEarth!

  24. Oh my gosh! I LOVE simulation games! I grew up with all of the Sims, animal crossing, the tycoon games (zoo tycoon being my favourite), and tons of games where you own businesses etc. To this day I only play simulation games, with the exception of the Zelda franchise.

  25. OMG I remember Playing SIMCITY while I have my daughter on my lap when I was suppose to write my thesis. 
    Man I'm old.

  26. I have the same issue with just continuing a simulation with no end.  It's sort of a problem for me as I sometimes don't know where to stop.  It comes from when I was a kid and played with adventure figures in an ongoing story that ended only when my childhood did.

  27. Yeah, this is part of how I became a nerd. I think it gave me the kind of perspective on life and community building that probably other simulation gamers have in common.

  28. The PC games I grew up playing were essentially the same as Hank but from a later generation. The Main ones were Zoo Tycoon, Mall Tycoon, Sim City 3000, and especially Civilization 4.

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