15 Worst Xbox 360 Games of All Time [Final]

15 Worst Xbox 360 Games of All Time [Final]

15: The History Channel: Battle For The Pacific A game that feels like an example of videogame
blunder instead of in-depth historical adaptation. Developers Magic Wand Productions gave everyone
a game that’s meant to showcase the doom and gloom of war, but instead it’s a technical
failure with so much clutter. It was heavily criticized for its repetitive
action, bad narrative for a History-based game and short game length. Aside from that,
the graphics were insanely outdated even for a 2007 game. What happened? Well, it’s a
good thing they’re talking about Aliens now. It has a PlayScore of 5.05 14: Star Trek: The Video Game Movie to videogame adaptations are always
at risk for being a cash-grab and it doesn’t really have to tie-in to their source material.
Star Trek The Videogame proves that it’s always gonna be like that. It fails in every
aspect of videogame design. It’s set in between the first and second Star Trek movies. Most players talk about how terrible the pacing
is. It’s good, but after a while it gets mind-numbingly generic. Its third-person mechanics
feel so wonky, and most of its lip-syncing feel like a mess. Even JJ Abrams told everyone
that this game was an utter disappointment. It has a PlayScore of 5.01 13. Quantum Theory Think of this game as low budget Gears of
War. Apparently, this third-person cover-based shooter doesn’t mind the gaps. It’s a
clunky experience that doesn’t capture the essence of a shooter, even with a forgettable
story. Developed by Tecmo-Koei, a developer that’s
been known for their insane amount of games with heavy action mechanics with a blend of
RPG, has undeniably failed to present their game with tons of bad elements. Most critics laid out the concerns on the
game’s graphics, which is downright ugly. The combat is typical and the enemy AI feels
brain-dead. It’s one of those games that doesn’t deserve to be played twice, nor
even once. The game sucks. It’s not a theory, it’s
a fact and it has a PlayScore of 5.00 12. Pimp My Ride If anyone wants to get their car pimped to
a favorable fashion, get to the TV Show instead of playing this mess of a game. Everything
feels like an uninspired piece of crap with little presentation to make the game better. The frequent framerate drops, gameplay mechanics,
and replay value are a nightmare for someone who looks for a game with content. Even the
PSP version was known to have embraced technical problems such as severe stuttering. It’s a game that doesn’t need to be played
on any platform, even the PSP’s. Just like its cars, the game is a pretty cheap refurbishing
of the TV show with a PlayScore of 4.99 11. Rogue Warrior One of Bethesda’s worst published games
to date. Rogue Warrior takes an autobiographical story of a Veteran US NAVY Seal with cold-blooded
political agenda. Voiced by the man, the myth, the legend: Mickey Rourke. He takes the killing
in the most predictable, easily-exploited and terrible voice acting a game has delivered. The execution was so terrible that this game
was known as one of the worst games during 2009. It was universally panned by critics
for its short game length, cringe-y dialogue and clear evidence of rushed development.
Even the multiplayer wasn’t enjoyable! It has a PlayScore of 4.95 10. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust The Leisure Suit Larry series has always been
full of crude inanities, but it seems as though they took the Box Office Bust subtitle too
seriously, taking a monumental crap on modern videogaming history. Sent on a sleuthing mission to his wealthy
uncle’s studio, Larry Lovage goes on to make lewd remarks, bestiality quips, and fart jokes–like
an embarrassingly unfunny 4chan tryhard. And, to top it all off, it has equally awful
platforming and controls that makes even their repetitive gameplay feel hard. It has a PlayScore of 4.94. 9: Fast and Furious: Showdown Of course, movies to videogames are killing
themselves with their obvious cash-grabs and underdeveloped game designs. We couldn’t
find a more demeaning approach to this wreck of an entry. The game is an insult to the Fast franchise
and it’s obvious Paul Walker didn’t die for this. It’s loaded with game-breaking
bugs, poor driving mechanics for a STUNT RACING GAME, terrible shooting and awful graphics. There’s no reason to buy this game, as it’s
a catastrophic ride to “Whatoplay’s Worst Games”. It has a PlayScore of 4.85 8: Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger This game had a wonderful idea of mixing together
two gameplay types: Real Time Strategy and First Person Shooting. It’s a very interesting
concept but why would it be on this list if it was so good? Raven Squad is an abysmal game that tries
to be ambitious. This hybrid of a game lets you think that “Strategizing” was the
key. In fact, it’s “Strategy” mechanics were so outplayed by the game’s focus on
First Person Shooting. There’s no technical level on how to play this game since it’s
so linear and unchallenging. It’s easy and it’s bad. Looks like their Operation has failed with
a PlayScore of 4.82 7: Amy Jeez, a terrible survival-horror game? Apparently,
VectorCell decided to remove all quality control and released a game that makes you question
every nature of its ‘horrifying’ story. Yes, it’s probably scary if you try to think
about it but the amount of flawed gameplay designs make you squeal in terror more. Guide Amy to her salvation and escape from
the terrifying creatures that befall her presence. But before everything is in place, you must
survive the game’s most scary concept: It’s controls. It’s awkward, and it doesn’t
usually hit where you smack it. It’s a very nauseating experience. This game has a PlayScore of 4.65 6: Rock Revolution How do you make a decent rhythm game? While
Harmonix and Activision are dominating the formula, this game fails to achieve even 5%
of its main purpose. Rock Revolution is a nightmare for music fans.
Although it has its redeeming qualities, it doesn’t succeed due to its bad song choices,
weird note timings and unresponsive instrument design. What poor soul could have done something
to make a game like this? Did we mention that ALL of the game’s soundtrack
are covers? Covers? You probably get the gist of how uninspired this game is. With Guitar
Hero and Rock Band already booming in the industry, you might as well pick between them
instead. It has a PlayScore of 4.47 5. Rekoil: Liberator Simple is usually good enough. This FPS by
Plastic Piranha rips out all the superfluous addons and features–as well as all the necessary
ones. Rekoil: Liberator actually looked promising
before its release with expectant gamers thinking the FPS genre is finally gonna have some fresh
players. What they got instead is a shallow skeleton of a shooter with no campaign, faulty
aiming mechanisms, and ugly ass models. It’s a miracle it got to 650mb. Sure, let’s call it the most straightforward
shooter. But it’s also the most boring and unrewarding. It has a PlayScore of 4.43 4: Way Of The Dogg Snoop Dogg has been through weird stuff in
the past, and yes, his rap career has slowly drained from the bottom of the sink. But he’s
one of the OG’s that took most people into rap, but this game? What happened, Snoop Lion? Way Of The Dogg is your boring rhythm-action
game that smells of wasted opportunity. There’s just so many things this game could’ve done
better including a good plot, and a fun music experience. Train with your master Snoop and
defeat enemies in your journey to become L I T like the man himself. Apart from its silly premise, everything is
muddled with flaws. They tried adding “420” related jokes along the way but it’s not
enough. Maybe Hip-Hop and Kung-Fu doesn’t really mix. It has a PlayScore of 4.23 3: Rambo: The Video Game Ahhh, this game. Just like your typical movie
to videogame adaptations, it still doesn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. How
awful could this game be, you ask? Let’s try to make it as quick as possible. Generic rail shooting, glossy textures make
Rambo shine like the sun, silly AI, recycled dialogue from the movies, limited amount of
movements, framerate drops, ugly graphics, pointless co-op… There’s just so many
things this game failed to accomplish. But we’re getting tired at pointing at its mistakes. If you want to play this game just for fun,
it’s all up to you. Rambo The Videogame is not something you’d keep in your “Gaming
Shelf”, it has a PlayScore of 3.57 2. Ride to Hell: Retribution Now this is a game I’d actually recommend–if
only to watch this game crash and burn with its insane amount of glitches. Even Evil Knievel
wouldn’t take that ride into videogame oblivion. The game centers around the testosterone pumping
lives of the plains bikers in the 1960s. But that…that doesn’t matter. The characters
are as disposable as they are unrelatable. But it’s not just the boring story you’re
gonna hate to love. It’s the broken gameplay, the poor controls, and the vast amount of
bugs. Also, the awkward fully clothed sex scenes. All in all, this literal Ride to Hell has
a few charms up its sleeve. And for people who love the worst of the worst, this might
be a helpful investment. It has a PlayScore of 3.56 Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the
number one: 16. Damnation. Codemasters take on steampunk
action goes down the drain with bad voice acting, gunplay, and graphics. Funny how the
game title checks out. It has a PlayScore of 5.08
17. MindJack. This third-person action game fills your brain with mind-numbing frustration
due to its graphics, awkward controls and a confusing narrative. It’s a game not worth
hacking with a PlayScore of 5.25 18. DARK. A stealth videogame that deserves
to be put in the DARK for its forgettable story, bad AI, repetitive gameplay and poor
voice acting. A vampire game that literally sucks and It has a PlayScore of 5.26
19. Scourge: Outbreak. An episodic game that stopped development due to being plagued with
bad reception, it has a PlayScore of 5.27 20. Shellshock 2: Blood Trails. Set in the
Vietnam War, experience the reason why our grandparents get PTSD but everytime they have
a flashback, glitches and bugs occur coupled with terrible gameplay design. It has a PlayScore
of 5.28 1: Double Dragon II: Wander Of The Dragons A truly degrading remake of the popular 80’s
arcade game. What could be worse than Rambo and Ride To Hell: Retribution? Take control of Jimmy and Billy as they take
revenge for the death of THEIR girlfriend by a nefarious street gang. But let’s not
talk about the game’s story, let’s talk about the game itself. Or how about just watch
most of its gameplay footage found online? It’s the laziest piece of videogame that
ever came out in videogame history. All the elements of bad game design are there.
Repetitive missions, terrible UI, abysmal dialogue, glitches and most of all, not entertaining.
It’s a direct insult to the original game and it doesn’t deserve the attention it’s
having. This is by far the worst videogame of this
generation. It has a PlayScore of 3.49

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  1. Rambo is so bad it’s actually good if you’re a fan. I enjoyed it. Customize and upgrade your Rambo for replay value. The rail shooting is actually unique to have in this day and age so calling it generic isn’t accurate. And regardless of the score averages, these are definitely out of order. I mean, wouldn’t you rather play Rambo or Double Dragon than dummass Pimp My Ride or Rock Revolution?

  2. I wanted to see where Vampire Rain fell in the list. I didnt' see it………. That has to be the worst 360 game I have ever played. I also own Pimp my ride and its worse than that.

  3. Vampire rain should of been here
    Edit: and Cs go and two worlds (when I say Cs go I mean the console port, i like Cs go but on pc)

  4. The guitar solo that plays at Ride to hell is awesome haha. It almost made the game seem cool lol.

  5. I think the guys that make these worst xbox 360 games videos watch each others videos. Ive seen the same games multiple times in multiple videos

  6. 7 was the sequel to Sonic 06 and the controls were purposely made bad because if you saved Amy, she would immediately track down and game end Elise.

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