10S – PC Game Review – UT

10S – PC Game Review – UT

Content Warning: Flashing Visuals, Fast Moving Images and Patterns,
Violence. From the creator of Beat the Art Breaker comes
10s, that’s tennis spelled as one zero s, an arcadey tennis game where you use your
tennis skills to hit orbs at your enemies, all while dodging their barrage of orbs. You have your side of the court, and the enemies
have their side. There’s an orb storage meter which when
filled allows you to summon one orb to hit. Hit it at the right time to send it flying
with a high velocity for more damage, or go for a lunge to hit orbs just out of your reach. Enemies will be shooting tons of projectiles
at you. Some you can lunge through, some you can’t,
and some you can deflect back to make them your own orb. If things become too overwhelming, you can
always use your tech to clear projectiles around you at the expense of one of your stored
orbs. After finishing off a wave of enemies you’ll
get to choose from one of three randomized upgrades, ranging from extra health, extra
orbs, faster orbs, etc. Then after the waves of enemies you’ll face
the boss of the stage, bringing their own kinds of attack patterns to deal with. All these mechanics work to transform tennis
into a harsh but rewarding arcade experience, where the tension comes as much from the bullet
hell you must dodge as it is trying to hit your own orbs to damage enemies. Even when you’ve gotten the feel for an
enemy, each stage introduces new ones with varying attacks or ways to defeat them, keeping
the gameplay fresh throughout the experience. Due to the need to maneuver around enemy orbs,
maintaining the volley of a single orb becomes a challenge as you attempt to correctly position
yourself through the hail of them. When you’re able to keep up with multiple
orbs, it’s satisfying watching them as they bounce all over the court, though with the
options of waiting for another one to load in your storage, or deflecting an enemy’s
orb, the player is given a lot of flexibility no matter their situation. This flexibility extends into the difficulty
levels, ranging from easy to evil, as well as being able to choose the number of enemy waves you face in each stage. You can even change the colors of the game,
whether that be to make the action easier to read or just to look different. As for the plot, the mystery element that
was present in Beat the Art Breaker is here as well, but subdued compared to that game. 10s relegates explanations for why these tennis
matches are happening during boss fights and the ending, and even then it’s kept vague
to maintain that mystery. That doesn’t mean there aren’t revelations,
in fact there is a very big one at the end, one that makes it worth sticking with it until
that point, but I will not spoil that for it caught me completely by surprise and is
worth keeping a secret. All in all, 10s offers a challenging arcadey
tennis experience that is fun to play with some surprises along the way. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please consider
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  1. I've been curious to see how racquet games can work in non-Tennis places. One of my favorite "5 minute" game is Sanrio World Smash Ball, although it's closer to air hockey.
    Nice video.

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