10 Unbelievably Awkward Video Game Discoveries – Part II

10 Unbelievably Awkward Video Game Discoveries – Part II

Sometimes we find something so awkward
in video game we think, uh… I think I need to get away for a little while…
This is why today we’re diving into the Top 10 Most Incredibly Awkward Video
Game Discoveries… Part 2. But first, a very quick, less-than-a-minute word from this
video’s sponsor, whose support helps keep the video game mysteries and discoveries
keep coming. Now I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere and, yeah, they got me too. But – I
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50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start
your journey. Good luck and I’ll see you there… Now back to the show… Steam. Thanks to sitkinator for submitting this mystery to me through my
website oddheader.com. When I first opened sitkinator’s email, I sat there for a
minute thinking I was being trolled as Sitkinator shared with me this single
video, claiming he and his brother accidentally found that they were to
create a new profile on Steam and uploaded a black 16-bit BMP as your
profile, pic regardless of size… Steam immediately swaps the image out with a
picture of what appears to be a girl with a choker and a shirt that says
‘Send Nudes.’ Uhhh… what? Yet, sure enough when I went to try it for myself, it turned out sitkinator wasn’t trolling me at all… As I saw it for my own eyes… Send Nudes. Sooooo…
Does this mean something to anyone? Well hopefully somebody has the answers
because between this and the strange audio emitting from Steam that I
mentioned in the last video, I’m starting to become
convinced someone over there at Steam has completely lost their mind!
[creepy laughter] [continued laughter] Heavy Rain. Thanks to RedVGFox who
submitted this discovery in the comments of my last video. In the previous episode
of Most Awkward Video Game Discoveries we talked about David Cage’s
Beyond: Two Souls where hackers found an unexpected, normally-unseen, fully-detailed model of Ellen Page in the flesh something she briefly considered legal action over. Unbelievably, it turns out nearly the same exact sort of discovery was made on
David Cage’s previous game Heavy Rain except this time he didn’t have to hack
the game to find it. In fact, you barely had to do anything at all… as some
players were in for a show as soon as they loaded up the game! As they found
Madison in her incredibly-detailed birthday suit as soon as her story
started! Perhaps making things even more awkward, players even later found a way
to replicate Madison’s serious lack of clothing every time; by utilizing a
glitch when Madison goes to use the toilet! Can you even believe I’m saying
these words right now? While at this point, it’s certainly a safe bet to not expect
anything less from David Cage himself… I do have to admit this glitch makes these
fighting sequences way more badass seeing Madison fight in true commando style! Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing. Just by looking at Big Rigs you can probably
already tell this 2003 title is already a pretty awkward game! Consistently held
as the worst game to ever actually hit store shelves, and the only known racing
game where your opponent doesn’t MOVE… Big Rigs is the epitome of an unfinished
video game that somehow managed to still get released, which becomes all the more
unfortunate when we see what could have been… …as Flargy Filter on TCRF found
by digging in the files of the game, the notoriously misspelt ‘You’re Winner’ screen
was actually only the beginning… as the ultimate award was found in the files,
assumably intended for players who would have actually finished the game; which
isn’t even possible in the game’s released state – and to think that this
could have been a game with one redeeming quality!
Additionally, Flargy also found this file in the game which, come on, now! You RE spesial? How do you make an error like that!? Then again when it comes to this
game, that question’s probably been asked about a million
times. Fortnite. Late last year, Fortnite received its season six update, which
included the addition of pets, new items and changes to the overall map.
However, much more astute players discovered a character skin was endowed
with extra realism in her upper torso region that never appeared in the game
before! Some players voiced that the addition felt awkward and excessive so,
Epic Games decided to make things more awkward by quickly removing the
discovery and claiming the effect only appeared as an unintentional and
embarrassing error. Taking Epic Games at their word here, how thousands of lines
of physics code were somehow accidentally applied onto this character
the skin, has got to be the single greatest gaming mystery of all time!
‘Cause yeah, apparently that can happen… Truly an unsolved mystery! Spongebob Squarepants: SuperSponge Made for the original
PlayStation, SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge is one of the very first
Spongebob-licensed games, whose source code was leaked online when its
developer Climax Group, shut down in 2006. Among the files and resources that
made up the original game, dataminers were surprised to come across some
especially shocking images.. which well honestly, I’m probably not gonna be able
to show much of this but… I think there’s enough there for you to put together
what’s going on here. Though honestly, as surprising as this is, it’s not as though
this wasn’t already implied on the show. “This is the hardest part of every
parent’s life – I assume.” “Let’s have another.” Not hard to figure out why Nickelodeon
later censored that scene. The Sims 3. The Sims is a series that could probably
attribute its whole success to a single awkward discovery, as when the first game
was being demonstrated for the first time at E3 1999, two female Sims suddenly
began romancing in front of the press due to a programming error, which
instantly made the game the talk of the show and prompted developers to play the
accident off as a feature, not a bug. However, no discovery in The Sims series
to date has been more awkward and confusing than this glitch that occurred
for many Sims 3 players, as when their male Sims went to use the shower, they
would suddenly transform into this untextured centaur reportedly wearing
high heels! The [bleep]!? Things were even more awkward for MissDarlingVile, who found their sim not only transformed this time into a textured centaur during some
woohoo-ing, but also found once the sim left the bed… damn. I think I can say with
certainty this might just be the weirdest glitch I’ve ever seen. Devil May Cry 5. In March of this year when Devil May Cry 5 was released, PS4 owners were perturbed when they realized this sequence when Trish loses her clothes
inside of an enemy, a giant lens flare could be seen emitting from her ass that
didn’t appear in any other version of the game. PS owners assume this was the
responsibility of a purported new policy over at Sony America, as the censorship
didn’t appear in the Japanese version of the PS4 game. However, to make matters
even more confusing, as soon as the lens flare was noticed, Capcom immediately
patched the flare out of the US version… …leaving players with Trish’s ass in
all of its naked glory. Still, it’s a mystery what exactly happened here and
which scene was originally the intended one; as another scene the game that
remained in all versions from the very beginning, featured the same exact lens
flare effect over another very nude derriere.. leading many confused whether
or not the original lack of lens flare was actually a bug on the other versions,
and that perhaps Capcom only folded to player backlash! Damn, I guess between
this and the Sonic redesign, fan backlash has been on a roll this year!
Now how do we get the same result done for this scene? The Witcher 3. Thanks to youtuber Dirk1nator for submitting this discovery through my website oddheader.com. The Witcher 3 primarily journeys its
protagonist Geralt across the game’s massive open world setting,
however The Witcher 3 also lets you play as the series secondary protagonist, Ciri,
albeit only in limited sequences that don’t let you explore the game’s
open-world. Dirk managed to break out of these
sequences with Ciri, traveling out of bounds and playing through Geralt’s
missions while collecting some moolah which eventually led him to visiting one
of the game’s brothels and well… I don’t even have words for what you’re about to
see.. “Let’s discuss what might happen next!” Uh.. Alright, we’re already off to a weird
start… Uhhh… What?!? Wait… Oh God… OH!! Did he just do that?! Let’s just say results were interesting
is a bit of an understatement.. Oh God! What the… Damn! And I thought that centaur
in the Sims was weird as [bleep]. Borderlands 2 This has to be the most submitted piece
of content in oddheader history. Players found with the use of a few carefully
timed well-placed crouch jumps, they could get on top of the map in Sanctuary
and find a gap in the environment that allowed them to get underneath Mad Moxxi’s bar, Moxxi being Borderland’s most promiscuous mission provider, and they
did so just so they could catch this angle underneath Moxxi’s skirt. Wow.
Though honestly it is pretty weird the developers bothered adding so much
detail there, and the fact this concrete slab just so happens to extend directly
underneath Moxxi… well this is Gearbox we’re talking about here so I’m not
exactly surprised.. Now maybe you guys can ease up on submitting that one. Blair Witch Yes, Blair Witch the recently released psychological horror game
developed by Bloober Team based on the 1999 film of the same name. Except, nope,
we’re actually talking about the forgotten 2000 Blair Witch game Rustin Parr, a super bizarre adventure that instead of focusing on teens in 1994
from the movie, instead takes place in 1941 where the player assumes the role
of a monster-hunting agent from an organization called Spookhouse,
investigating a small town that’s been hunted by an evil spirit called the Hexcaitomix. What the hell does that have to do with the Blair Witch? Regardless, no moments are more bizarre in Blair Witch than what I’m about to show you, as if
you click on this bathtub enough times consecutively after agent Elspeth Doc
Holliday refuses… THIS happens… “I don’t have time for a bath right now.” “I don’t have time for a bath right now.” “I could stand to freshen up!” OH! You’re kidding me! Wow, they really went there. Well, at least
this time they added censor bars for me. Oh my god. THIS is awkward. Wow, okay then… “Ah, much better.”
Of course it doesn’t end there. As if you leave the motel, grab the
nickel off of this ice box, run down the street grab, the nickel off of this ice
box, go into to the diner, put one of the nickels in the jukebox and then while
it’s playing a tune you hand the other nickel off to the waitress and… Oh my god, is this really happening right now? Uhhuh… WWhhat is going on? Well there’s no question this is awkward! I don’t even know what to say! What the [bleep]? This is pretty bad. I-I don’t even have words. I guess I can almost give this the benefit of the doubt of being a
Coyote Ugly reference, though it’s probably more likely it’s just a game made in the year 2000.. Damn! Don’t see easter eggs like that anymore! If you enjoyed this video and want to see
more content like this, please subscribe! And if you know of any more awkward or rude
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