10 Top Valve Index Games To Get You Started!

10 Top Valve Index Games To Get You Started!

Good day fellow VR enthusiasts. The Valve Index has been out for a while now
and more and more VR developers are adding full support. What do I mean by full support? Well, a game that works with the headset and
has an implementation for the Index Controllers with at least finger tracking and the right
button for grabbing. So I went out… or actually in Virtual Reality
to test out several games to compile this list. So here are my 10 favorite VR titles that feel
really good with the Index Controllers so far! Subscribe if you haven’t yet to join see
more VR videos like this one! And now let’s dive in. Number 1. Vacation Simulator
Brought to you by Owlchemy Labs, the devs of Job Simulator and Rick and Morty VR comes
another whimsical VR game. Vacation Simulator is a funny adventure game
in a bright and colorful environment. The name says it already, you are on vacation
and there are multiple areas that you can go to like the forest, a beach or a mountain. Then over there, you can do a variety of random
tasks for other vacation-goers. This can be anything! From helping out a freezing friend to barbequing
to challenging puzzles. You’ll be rewarded with memories if you
do them successfully. And with those, you can unlock more places
to go. What makes this game fun with the Index Controllers
is that almost anything is interactive. It’s a lot of fun, especially with the natural
input of the Index Controllers. I mean.. sometimes you just want to flip the
bird at one of those annoying vacation-goers. I mean, come on… I know you want to 😉 Number 2. Disassembly VR
A game I found out about not long ago and not usually a game I would enjoy playing. BUT having tried it with the Valve Index Controllers,
I have to say; I was into it for quite a while. In Disassembly VR, you … disassemble! Yes… since when have these game titles become so
descriptive 😉 You can pick a wide variety of items to take
apart from a cabinet, to a desktop PC, to a helicopter or an airplane. When you make your choice, you are transported
to an environment with that item in there, and with several tools at your disposal, like
a crowbar or a screwdriver, you can disassemble everything. Take it all apart. Further in the game, you can even destroy
things with weapons that you unlock. It is oddly satisfying. The game has natural object handling with
realistic hand and finger physics, and the Valve Index Controllers work great with it. There’s even a plier that makes use of the
pressure sensitivity of the controllers — something many developers have not implemented yet. Be aware that Disassembly VR does feel more
like a big tech demo than a full game though. It is worth checking out if you are looking
for something in the therapeutic genre. If you are into action or a story, then it
might not be for you. Number 3. Blade And Sorcery
Blade and Sorcery is a sandbox game with one of the most impressive combat mechanics in
VR. It is set in a medieval fantasy world where
you are fighting archers, lightning mages and a variation of melee enemies. There are several medieval weapons at your
disposal from swords to spears and bows. You can also use magic like lightning from
the palm of your hands. There isn’t much of a story in this game;
however, what will awe you in this game are its realistic physics. Wield a two-handed sword, and you will feel
how heavy it is comparing it to a knife. Each enemy is dictated by fine hitboxes too,
making the game impressively realistic, but be aware, also violent. You can tell how much time went into the game’s
physics and using the Valve Index Controllers makes everything you do with your hands even
more immersive. We have reviewed this game before; I’ll
link it down below in case you are interested. Number 4. COMPOUND
COMPOUND is a fantastic retro looking VR game. Even with its retro look, it is a blast being
in this game; it just feels like you’ve entered a Super Nintendo game. COMPOUND is a randomized, rogue-lite shooter. This means that every time you enter the map,
it will be slightly different. It’s like a dungeon crawler with guns, and
it’s up to your skills see how long you can last. This game is fun; especially, if you are into
retro games, you’ll know that retro games are known for being challenging. This game stays true to that and can be very
tough. COMPOUND works with the Index Controllers,
and it feels great. We are so impressed that this game is a passion
project of just one developer. Before we move on, while you are watching
this video, please leave a like if you found this video helpful so far. Number 5. Space Junkies
Space Junkies is a competitive multiplayer space shooter. It’s like any other competitive shooter
out there, join a lobby, wait for people to join in, and then get ready for either a two
versus two or a one versus one battle. When you start your match, you have to find
a weapon which are spawned around the map. There is a variation of futuristic weapons
to find. You’ll also find armor and hearts, and it’s
up to you to use everything around you as a strategy to gain an advantage over others. Space Junkies is a fast-paced action game
in space, but done well to make it comfortable to play. The Valve Index Controllers is especially
fun in multiplayer since you can make more hand gestures to sign to a friend or enemy. Many people are surprised at some of the hand
gestures you can make. I really hope every multiplayer game will
add support for these controllers! Number 6. Vertigo 2
So Vertigo 2 has not been released yet. However, a free demo of the game has! And it is a promising one. Vertigo 2 is a Half-Life and Portal inspired
game, and when you play the demo, you’ll recognize it immediately. You are in a strange science fiction facility,
and there has been a breakout. Using an array of alien weaponry, you will
have to fight through it. In this demo, it feels like it will become
a full single-player campaign designed for VR. It also feels made for the Valve Index controllers. So far, I can’t wait for this game to come
out and I definitely recommend you to try the free demo on Steam if you haven’t yet. Number 7. Pavlov
Pavlov is a competitive first-person shooter with realistic weapon handling. There are a couple of competitive game modes
like Search and Destroy and some casual fast-paced game modes. You can play solo against bots too for practice. This game is a very polished shooter and loved
by many in the community. If you are into these kinds of games and just
recently got the Valve Index, I recommend checking it out since the game now has full
Index Controller support. It feels great holding a weapon by grabbing
the Index controller handle. It feels more realistic that way. Plus being able to make hand gestures to your
teammates now is especially fun, and it could allow you to secretly hand sign at your teammate
for a surprise attack. These controllers are a great addition for
multiplayer games like Pavlov. Number 8. Cosmic Trip
Something different in this list is Cosmic Trip. One of the first real-time strategy game Chary
and I tried in VR, and they added full Index Controller support too! This game isn’t a traditional top-down RTS
game. Instead you are right in the action and you
are standing in the map in first-person where you build useful items with your own hands. Ok, ok, ok… With the help of robots. Your goal is to conquer another’s alien
base while protecting yours. Most standard RTS elements are in this game,
resource gathering, weapons, upgrades… What’s different is that this game is built
for VR, so everything you build is done by fast menu switching using your hands and arms
and memorizing where everything is. It can get pretty frantic, but that adds to
the excitement too. This game could be challenging to learn at
first, but once mastered, it is a ton of fun. Number 9. A Township Tale
I’ve mentioned this game a couple of times before for the Index Controllers, and it stays
in my top list for now. A Township Tale is a free to play open-world
RPG. It has done so many interactions right. For example, you can grab an item from almost
any spot like you would in real life. Many VR games do not allow you to, and it’s
a detail I appreciate. In this game, you’ll find yourself gathering,
crafting, and exploring for many hours to come. Yes, you will be doing a lot of grabbing,
dropping, and throwing things around which is a great match for the Index Controllers
as these controllers make it feel more realistic and natural. I can’t believe that A Township Tale is
a free to play game since it seems like such a huge project. If you like role-playing games, then you should
definitely give this game a chance. Number 10. VR Chat
Many of you have asked if the Valve Index Controllers work with VR Chat. Well, it did not work until recently. I have just tested it out, and you will get
full individual finger tracking now and grabbing items by squeezing the handle. It’s fun! Check it out if you got the Index Controllers
and are looking to socialize with others around the world. Wait! We are not done yet. I have two more honorable mentions that are
free, and you should absolutely try out if you haven’t yet. They are Moondust: Knuckles Tech Demos and
Aperture Hand Labs These are two tech demos made for the Valve
Index Controllers that showcases what these controllers are capable of. If you are a VR veteran, you’ll probably
already know these though. All right! Which game in this list is your favorite and are you going to buy straight away to play? And is there a game missing that should be in this top list? Let us know in the comments below! As well as let us know if there is a game that you’d like us to test out with the Index Controllers. So special thanks goes to artArmin for being our Right Hand Patron and a special shout out goes to his Patreon page – Everyone, thank you all so much for watching and your support as always. And of course, VR on!

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  1. Which game are you going to try out in this list? And is there a game with full Valve Index Controller support that should be in this list or is there a game that you would like us to test out? Let us know in the comments here!

    Timestamps below:

    00:36 – Vacation Simulator

    01:30 – Disassembly VR

    02:37 – Blade And Sorcery

    03:33 – COMPOUND

    04:20 – Space Junkies

    05:11 – Vertigo 2

    05:51 – Pavlov

    06:38 – Cosmic Trip

    07:31 – A Township Tale

    08:19 – VRChat

    08:49 – Two honorable mentions

  2. I completely forgot about Vertigo 2, thanks for the reminder! I kinda like the look of Cosmic trip too. If you could pick two games tho, which ones would you pick?

  3. I don't have the index (or any headset), but I'm saving up for the quest. I hope to get vacation simulator on it! ⛱

  4. Thank you so much for this list 😄 I have some stuff to look forward to this weekend. I've not heard of A Township Tale!

  5. looks like a township tale isn't on Steam anymore. I hadn't heard about it so I looked it up as soon as you showed it but it's not in steam and I can't find a link for it anywhere….

  6. #11 Climbey: The index support for this game is amazing and climbing with actually grabbing walls feels natural.

  7. I'm not gonna tell you again how good this video-idea is, I grow tired of it and could go on… I saw Chary's twin-sister in a Coolblue movie! I bet she's trying to get as many VR-headsets as you have huh? (btw, do you really have enough of those or should I send you a couple more?)

  8. Thanks for all the kind words 😁 You are absolutely the best.

    If people would like to check out A Township Tale pre-alpha, please join our discord -> https://discord.gg/townshiptale

  9. I been trying hook oculus quest up to my phone threw obs studio to do it wireless with adb an it saying missing elements wireless how do I solve that problem

  10. Cosmic Trip is likely one of the most polished VR games I can name, and it was almost a launch title for the Vive years ago. It's also a good game to test out the higher hz modes.

    Also, didn't know about Township Tale, tyvm.

  11. 6:19 SPLAT! Wha? [turns around] Oh, someone's shooting me through the head. Take that, you bully! [shoot back] =-P


  13. Thank you for this video! This really helps out.
    Im ordering my valve index in 7 days and I'm so excited.
    The two games I will instantly purchase are Vacation Simulator, Vertigo 2 when jt releases and Pavlov
    Of course I have all the free ones on my steam library lol

  14. Compound is easily one of my favourite VR games. I don't see it mentioned much, but it's a really fun game to just pick up and play – and probably what gave me VR legs with smooth locomotion. I think the simple graphics work so well with the older headsets because everything was kinda 'clean' to look at, so looking around is less blurry and the SDE was less noticeable. Anyway I'm getting my Index today, so I'm super excited to try these out!

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