10 Indie Game Trailers You Should Watch this November 2019

10 Indie Game Trailers You Should Watch this November 2019

hey there and welcome to get indie
gaming and to the first of my bimonthly top 10 indie game trailer run downs as
always you can find links to all of the games in this video down in the
description and with that let’s hand things over to the trains control come in this is wait is this
channel receiving me driver 14f see this is control we read
you is that you carmine no my name is Rania no you’re the new kid i’m the new
driver yeah I read your references you’re a good Drive
around the Valles isn’t driving your flat country roads back
home this city goes down a hundred miles at 1000 making it here is like trying to paint
on the surface of a river the current of people and ideas and the crowds they
didn’t wash everything away I’ll make it sure you will kid just try making it
through tonight first okay control on my way one more thing
14 FC welcome to club Punk hell basically runs itself nowadays yeah I have to assign tortas and clean
up please skeletons every once in a while but people typically know what to
expect except for these two morons I keep hearing about Milo and Lola their
friends their whole lives that then go and die like two minutes before
graduating college they go through processing get the first movie when the
whole thing but then they take a cab ride from San but she goes and blabs
about the loophole like I didn’t already have enough to do to get you know I told them to out retells monarchs
first you know my psycho relatives but to even reach those net jobs the
losers will have to deal with karaoke crowds the lava flops the fanatics from
the fourth circle I mean these idiots really have no idea
what they’re getting into I need a drink does he talk to us when I saw ah Wow with the falconeer at the top of this
countdown which games are you wanting to see more of be sure to let me know down
in the comments and if you’ve liked this vid click on the like button and
subscribe if you haven’t already done so as always many thanks for watching I’ll
see you all again here soon for more indie game videos

34 thoughts on “10 Indie Game Trailers You Should Watch this November 2019

  1. So here we go! Welcome to the first of my bi-monthly indie game trailer showcases. I love pulling this all together and if you see anything here you want to see more of, please let me know down below. Cheers!

  2. Eastward looked fantastic a while back, and is still looking great. Inkulinati is just too damn original for me to pass it.

    The other Side looks really pretty… whatever it might be. And I´m still undecided on After Party. Oxenfree was great. but I can´t shake that feeling off uncertainty.

  3. Lumote looks great, the main character needs updated sounds. The [little girl] sounds for that mind control creature just don't line up.

  4. I recently came across Rain Of Reflections. It's relatively unknown but seems to have a very interesting mix of gameplay. Conversations, stealth, tactical combat and the possibility to finish the game without killing anyone. Encouragement that inspires your friends and taunts that discourage your enemies in battle. It's sad that it's lost under a sea of more generic "indie" titles.

  5. Oh wow. The Falconeer and Eastward both look great. And Afterparty has been on my list since it was first announced; I absolutely loved Oxenfree's storytelling (and ending!) and I can't wait to get more of that. I'll get it soon.

  6. Just bough that haunting song from "The Falconer" trailer and I wonder if the game itself will turn out to be just as captivating. The little info I found about it, seems to be hinting towards "yes" (RPG set in a bleak, oceanic world with the emphasis on free-roaming and aerial dog-fights) so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. 4:20 "…making it here is like trying to paint on the surface of a river: the current of people and ideas and the crowds, they wash everything away…" i loved this one.

  8. Lumote looks interesting but that sound effect feels like it could get old pretty quickly. Hopefully it's not as repetitive in the game as in the trailer.

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