10 INCREDIBLE Upcoming Indie Games May 2018 – New Indies for PS4, XB1, Switch & PC

10 INCREDIBLE Upcoming Indie Games May 2018 – New Indies for PS4, XB1, Switch & PC

welcome gamers to this look at the indie
games that are coming out in May 2018 I’ve got 10 incredible indie games that
you might want to check out that are coming out this month on the PlayStation
4 Xbox one PC and/or Nintendo switch and we’ve got some some really
interesting one guys coming out this one there’s some really
stuff in here so do check it out watch right through to the end for all 10 of
the games that are coming out this month and let me know what your favorite is in the comments.
now there’s two videos as ever when we do this on the my games lounge youtube
channel so do check out the other video looking
at the larger games coming out in May as well from the big publishers but this
one’s focused on those cool indie games that have got some really really clever
moments to them in the description of this video guys as well there’s a link
back to my games lounge calm where you can have a look at all these games in
more detail and check out some videos for them and so you can see if you like
them or not but get ready to pick the best game of May for you in the indie
games collection as we start our list In at number 10 it’s city of brass that’s
coming in first now this game is coming out on the PlayStation 4 Xbox one and PC
and it out on me the thought that it today as the video publishes it will be
released by the guys at offer cup games and it was looking pretty polished guys
I have to be honest we’re going to be going into like this kind of Arabian
Nights situation in this adventure in the curse city of brass a place of
legend legend filled with danger and reward but it’s infested with all these
kind of spirits and traps and and awfulness but I’ll tell you what the
first-person engine on this looks fantastic you’ll be taking on the role
of a thief battling to reach the fabled treasure at the cities hat wielding a
blade and a whip that can be used to disarm trip or stun enemies and it looks
pretty cool so feel free to check this one out guys I certainly will be it
looks great in at number 9 we’ve got a game that I will definitely be playing
as I’ve already on it and raging justice expect some more coverage from this from
you guys on my game sounds calm and on the YouTube
– it’s coming out for all farmers PlayStation 4 Xbox one Nintendo switch
and PC and it’s coming out on May 8 and it’s by making games and guy called Nick
who I’ve met a few times at some conferences now this is scratching that
Streets of Rage itch that you may have if you’re slightly amateur gamer like me
it’s the city is in chaos and crime and corruption everywhere it’s all down to a
team of hard-hitting justice-seeking Mavericks to clean up the streets with
some tough justice it’s a classic beat’em up you’re gonna
make kickin you’re gonna be taking out people with the combos moving from
sequence to sequence there’s bears the untracked is an general madness it looks
great I really cannot wait to bring Marv there he is very attractive now empty
net number eight and the recently announced Trail Blazers Blazers release
date is coming to May the 9th and it’ll be on the PlayStation 4 Xbox one in 10
door switch and PC as well as the Trailblazers who’s coming to every
format as well guys from super gong games now this is an interesting one as
I saw the trailer and I thought that looks really really cool it’s a fresh
new cooperative racing title it’s got an innovative on track game mechanic you’re
gonna paint the track and boost your color and work as a team to win it’s a
little bit kind of like a racer meets splatoon idea which is pretty cool I
quite like the idea of that you’re gonna take control of high-speed racers in
unique 3v3 teams across a series of colorful circuits and pipa track as you
race capturing key areas to dynamically
change the racing line and then boost your team’s color to dominate the race
looks cool could be good one for a kind of online play and maybe some nice parts
as well it seems an interesting one next one is another indie game coming to
Nintendo switch suicide guy is the name on May the 10th by chubby pixel games
now this runs out on other farmer formats already before you start
shouting at me that it’s out there yes but it is new to the Nintendo switch
this month and it’s about a guy who’s trapped in his own dreams he has to
skip from them and the only way to do this is by killing yourself in the
imagined world but it’s not a simple thing to do
the game is first-person puzzle adventure in which you have to interact
with all the elements in the environment in order to be able to pass into the
next dream level and you’re gonna explore the inner self of suicide kaiju
in this journey in order to wake up into reality we say it’s really cool it seems
like it could be a an interesting one having to kill yourself repeatedly you
have any dreams although it’s probably not a fun situation I don’t know could
be an interesting one anyway yeah this one is a little bit of a strange one to
add to the list and but certainly has a few fans this is 3/4 home it’s coming up
to the Nintendo switch this month it is already available on other formats again
but it’s coming out new to the Nintendo switch and it’ll be out on mere the 10th
by bracket games as you can see the kind of art style of this is a little bit
unusual it’s very story driven and it’s all
about Kelly who’s a girl in her mid-20s who’s moved back to her parents house
but it’s kind of endless sea of rustling contacts and weirdness it’s all a very
strange weird storm that’s going on and she needs to get home and you’re gonna
assume a while she’s driving home during the thunderstorm and it’s all about
narrative from there through these conversations with her parents and a
brother one for those people that really like a story Farlow in sales is the next
one on our list guys it’s coming to PC but they have promised that it’s coming
to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one at some point this one releases on May the
7th at 17th sorry on PC and it’s by the guys at automotive now file on sales is
an interest to are quite like the look of it the wait steampunky it’s a vehicle
adventure game it needs to kind of maintain this vehicle that you’ve got an
upgrade the vessel in order to get through this dried out sea
it’s all about the vehicle gameplay gonna upgrade it to overcome the
obstacles and all the natural hazards it’s in it’s a bit of a strange unique
world you’re gonna explore the dead the desolate and dried-out seabed and follow
the trails of your people it’s won a lot of awards this as well for being such a
good immersive experience looks an interesting one guys back to the
Nintendo switch now as we look at runner 3 this one’s coming out on May 22nd and
I’m really looking forward to having a go at this one it seems pretty
interesting and a little bit funny as well I like the kind of the rainbow
effect coming up the guy again it’s the third entry by a bit trip in
the series and they want to make the best one they’ve ever made it’s gonna be
open full of creation and they want to get your feedback and offer user polls
to to kind of give an idea about what levels outfits and unlockables you want
to include in this one it seems like again with a little bit of a sense of
humor which certainly suits the Nintendo switch and I for one will kind of it
keep it an eye on this one and wanting to get my hands on it as soon as
possible and try out some of these kind of level designs that look really really
cool as we move on we’re into number three now this is an outstanding game
ever space has been out on the Xbox already and on the PC too but it’s
making its way to the PlayStation 4 this month it’s out on May 29th by rockfish
games ever space guys is incredible one of the best indie games out there I
would say one of those certainly one of those kind of really cool space games
it’s all action focused single-player space shooter a bit bit roguelike
elements in there and as they describe it but really really captivating visuals
and story there as well nonlinear story too so you can kind of get on with it as
you want to it’s quite challenging it’s absolutely gorgeous though the fights in
there when you get going are really really intense lots of puzzles and
things defined as well I really really enjoyed playing this game I can’t wait
to pick it up some more and he got it but if you’ve only got a PlayStation 4
pick it up obviously if you’ve got my pick it on the format you prefer because
it is one exceptional game in at number two we got moonlighter and this one is
coming to the PlayStation 4 Xbox one Nintendo switch and PC on May 29th and
it’s by digital son this isn’t a PG game and it looks really
quite interesting guys it’s all about an archaeological excavation a set of gear
to discover them keep earth could be cool people quickly realize that the
ancient passages leads to different realms and dimensions so you’re going to
be checking those out it’s an action RPG with roguelike elements and it’s got two
sides of the coin revealing everyday routines I heard this guy who’s a
shopkeeper and the secret dreams of being the hero and getting out there
into an adventure I really quite like look at this one guys as an RPG fan want
to check out last but not least on the list we’ve got Yahoo’s Island Express
this is coming to the PlayStation 4 Xbox one Nintendo switch and PC on May 29th
as well as from the guys at Miller guerrilla which is quite their nice
twister to say you’re gonna say hello to a dung beetle yes yaku is a dung beetle
and he’s a new hero who’s arrived on this island to basically take on some
duties that you would expect a dung beetle to take up but you’re gonna find
out that it’s trapped and it’s kind of restless sleep and a host of colorful
quirky Islanders plagued by quick and storms Brock through by these deep
nightmares that going on so it’s down to you to divert the island and you
when the pinball mechanics and open world exploration in the quest to kind
of solve everything and and get to the end it looks like a game with a little
bit character guys quite like the look at that one and looks interesting but
what do you like the look of what do you think that stands out for you on this
list of indie games coming out in May I think it’s a pretty strong month to be
honest overall the big games are pretty good too
if you do find this useful please do like the video subscribe to the channel
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I will leave you with the link on the video to subscribe to the channel and
also the main game releases video for this month but for me bye bye guys you

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  1. Thanks for watching guys, hope it helps pick some cool Indie Games out for you. What did you like most? Let us know here!

  2. Trailblazers, Suicide Guy, Far: Lone Sails, Runner3, Everspace and Yoku's Island Express all look great in their own right, but Moonlighter is the one for me out of all of them. Love the look of it.

  3. On the consoles, they are "indie like". They get funding from Sony/Nintendo, and it's really a collaboration. There isn't anyone taking out a second mortgage and making a game with their best friend like in the PC true Indie market!.

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