10 Easy Easter Egg Game Ideas for Kids

10 Easy Easter Egg Game Ideas for Kids

So this is more fun if you actually use
a raw egg rather than a plastic or boiled egg. Here are my ten favorite
Easter egg games specifically using eggs so it can be raw eggs boiled eggs or
plastic eggs. My name is Shawn and if you are new I would love for you to
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every Tuesday and Wednesday so let’s get into this video. Here are my 10
favorite Easter egg games involving eggs. The first one I’m going to just
give you is an Easter egg hunt. duh! You can’t have an Easter party without an Easter egg
hun!t Here are some variations on the Easter egg hunt which are fun to play
rather than your just your traditional hunt of hiding all the eggs you can and go
and hunt. To help with smaller children, you can assign each child a different
color egg. You could also assign each child a different area to hunt in. You
could also, if you have kids in middle school or older elementary school who
don’t want to hide eggs– I mean who don’t want to hunt eggs, then
you could enlist them as your helper and have them hide the eggs for the younger
children. Then you can practice. My brother and sister and I, we used to do
this before Easter, like a month no joke the month before Easter, we would
practice for the Easter Bunny coming. I would hide eggs, all the plastic eggs,
around the house and then my brother and sister would go and hunt them and find
them. This would occupy us for I know at least an hour. My brother and sister are
six and eight years younger than I so we had a lot of fun doing that. Then my
last suggestion for a variety of an Easter egg hunt is using Resurrection
Eggs. I will post a link in the description box below as to what
resurrection eggs are and where you can purchase them. What are you
doing? hi. hi. You want to and sit down here with me? yes? hey guys, hopefully I’m in still in frame.
the baby wanted to come sit with me. Baby girl wanted to come sit with me and I
hit my head as she grabbed the tripod with her toes. Game number two is the
traditional egg and spoon relay race. You have a spoon and your plastic
egg or your hard-boiled egg. This is a great game to play with groups and with
different ages. so you have everybody line up with their egg and
then you race to a specific point. Whoever reaches there first without
dropping their egg wins the game. If you drop your egg then you have to go
back to the start line and start all over. Number three is the egg roll.
You may have been familiar with this. The White House has a tradition of doing an
egg roll. You can use boiled eggs or you can use plastic eggs. You’re
going to start by having a starting point. This is also good for groups and then
you’re going to roll the egg from a starting point to an ending point. And
that can be any way you want to roll them. You can use a spoon, you can
use your nose, you can use your feet, you can use your hands. Come up with a
creative, fun way for your next egg roll. Fourth game is egg toss. This is more
fun if you actually use a raw egg rather than a plastic or boiled egg.
Partner people up and it’s fun to do this with a younger person and an older
person, like a grandparent or a parent. Start together facing each other
with your raw egg then you just toss it. you toss it to the other person and they
toss it back. Then you move apart. You toss it again, you move it apart. You
start out about five feet in distance and then whoever wins this– is good for
groups– whoever is still tossing their egg without it breaking is the winner.
I will post, in the description box down below, all the supplies that I
have suggested for these games will be in the description box as well as some
brief instructions. So if I’m talking too fast, I know I’m going through these ten
really quickly, then you can find those instructions in the description box down
below. So check that out. Alright, moving on to the next game. Egg treasure hunt is
game number five. Play this just like you would a
regular clue treasure hunt game except hide your clues in plastic Easter eggs. You’re going to give the child or the group of children their first clue on a
sheet of paper to find where the next clue is and then they’ll have to find
that egg with the clue inside and that will lead them to the next Easter egg. Make sure to have a fun, awesome prize at the end of the egg treasure
hunt. Steal the egg is game number six. You need two teams and a
referee and an egg… a bunch of eggs. Two teams. Dach team has a number one, number
two, and so forth depending on how many people you have on each team. You
need an even number and then you need a referee. The referee will call out a
number. So that number, say number two, the number two from both teams will race
to reach the egg in the middle, grab the egg, take it back to their team, and then
another egg goes in the center. You call out numbers so you have to have a
set number of times or eggs that you have is how many you’ll call
out. But the team with the most eggs at the end wins the team game. Number seven is
hot egg. This is played like hot potato if you’re familiar with that game
except it’s with an egg. You’ll want to make sure that your plastic egg is
weighted or you could use a boiled egg for a little more messy fun. You’ll
have your players, your kids sit in the circle and you play some music and as
the music plays you toss this egg around in the room. Whoever is left
holding the egg when the music stops is out of there. You play until one
person’s left and that person is the winner. What was I saying? You’re distracting me.
What was I saying about hot egg? Oh to weight down your egg …
your plastic egg, you could put sand in the middle and then put some kind of
duct tape or electrical tape around or packing tape around. Game number eight
is egg target toss. Again you could use weighted plastic eggs for this.
You’re going to need eggs as well as some hula hoops.
I suggest either three or six hula hoops. You want to arrange your HuluHoops
in a triangle pattern with one at the top and then the others down and give
each hula-hoop a point value. Participants will stand at
a certain spot and toss their weighted egg into the hula hoop and that
determines how many points they get. Whoever has the most points in the
end wins or you could assign a special prize depending on which hula hoop
they get their egg in. Number nine is egg bowling. You’re going to need something
to be your bowling pins. You could use colored eggs or you could use, I like to
use the oatmeal, the big oatmeal containers and then decorate them really
nice and eastery. Set those out like bowling pins and then take a
plain white boiled egg or a weighted plastic egg, which I talked about a
little while ago. Each child will just roll and knock down pins. Assign point values. Egg bowling is the fun game. That was a weird way of
saying that. I don’t know why I said “egg bowling is the fun game” maybe because I
like egg bowling. Maybe that’s it. Moving on to number 10 of today’s ten games
with Easter eggs is egg charades. Get a basket with a bunch of
eggs like I have over here and put different charade things in. This could
go in so many different ways. You could put animals in depending on the age of
the group of children you are playing with. You could put characters.
You could put movies. You could put Bible stories. The possibilities are endless
for charades but put your action items into each egg and then participants will
draw an egg and act out that action. If you are hosting an Easter egg hunt at
your house this year or your church I would love to know about that. Leave a
comment, actually leave an emoji down in the comment section below. A fun Easter
emoji in the comment section if you are hosting an Easter egg hunt at your
church or at your home this year. and I will see you in my next video.
thanks for watching. Bye!

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