10 Best NEW Xbox 360 Games of 2015 So Far – HD

10 Best NEW Xbox 360 Games of 2015 So Far – HD

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Xbox 360 Games
of 2015 since January to June 2015 This list is not a personal opinion. It�s
based on a 1 to 10 score that aggregates critic & gamer reviews into a unique score called
the playscore. For games that don�t have playscores, we
use critic or gamer reviews to rank them. Number 10 is NASCAR �15. Put your seatbelts on, and let that engine
roar – It�s NASCAR time! For hardcore fans.. Hurray! and for the casual
fans.. meh.. NASCAR 15 is good but not great� and sadly
it looks more like a re-skin of the previous game. But with a few tweaks, like:
updated drivers and racing schedules a smoother online play
and a cheaper price! 20 bucks for an updated game doesn�t sound so bad. Ranked 9th is Farming Simulator 15. When I bought this game it was only out of
curiosity� and thank god I did. The game�s actually quite good. Just be aware…. You need to spend a looooot
of time to fully enjoy everything that it offers. Plant seeds, till the land, harvest crops,
cut down trees, raise chickens, and more! Plus! there’s the online mode, where now you
can play with your friends! One less, lonely gamer – Check! 8th in the ranking is MotoGP 15. This is bike racing done right! Following last year’s ground-breaking game,
MotoGP 15 improves on: – overall, a better bike handling.
– realistic, organic-looking environment. – and the new Team Creation mode. Build your team, attract sponsors, win races,
and become… Champions! One thing, though. I would’ve loved playing
this game at 60 fps.. Imagine the smoothness. That would’ve been great! Number 7 is Goat Simulator. Probably the only game where “bugs” are the
main selling point.. well, I mean aside from the goat. This clearly isn’t much of a game, but maaaan,
it’s one hell of a good time! – exaggerated physics is a blast to experiment
on. – hilarious achievements.
– and the best part is? Multiplayer. up to four players can do all kinds of crazy mayhem�
to each other or to the game. aint� that the good life? Ranked number 6 is Dark Souls II: Scholar
of the First Sin. This is a better and tougher version of Dark
Souls 2. Who could resist a DS2 game, Specially with
all its past DLCs in it! – better graphics
– smarter monsters – a more polished story
– and an expanded multiplayer! More people, more fun! This game represents the “souls” series in
its final form. Veterans get ready for more agonizing hours
of frustration and cursing. And to newcomers.. Good luck! 5th is Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Ep.
1 It truly is the dawn of episodic games. More and more high quality games are being
released in this format. And by breaking the story in parts, the plot develops well and
doesn�t feel rush. This is true for Revelations 2. It has an Interesting co-op mode,
A fresh, compelling storyline. And an awesome “Raid” mode. However, co-op play does not support online
play, which was a bummer. A playscore of 8. Number 4 is Battlefield Hardline. The experimental break-away game of DICE. This game takes you out from the overdone
frontlines and into a GTA-like urban warfare. Featuring:
– Police cars, new guns. – a multiplayer mode that surprisingly works
well with the battlefield style. – a hilarious arrest system.
– and an easy to grasp gameplay. So if you’re new to the franchise, then this
is the perfect time to dive in. Hardline gets a playscore of 8.3 3rd is Life is Strange: Episode 1. One of the newest episodic games that stood-out. The game leans heavily on a choice-driven
format� Meaning every decision you make affects the direction of the story — be it
big or small. And that’s what makes it great! Not only does
it test your wits and morals, but it also gives you a ton of replayability. However, the “rewind” mechanic somewhat diminishes
the story’s impact, which is ironic. A playscore of 8.5 Second in the ranking is Resident Evil HD
Remaster. Who knew that having:
limited vision of the surroundings due to fixed camera angles.
restricted action choices. and scarce supplies, makes a game so intense,
it becomes awesome. Resident Evil did just that, although it�s
only a remaster, a lot of modern-day horror games
can�t compare to this game�s history and brilliance. Its high-tension, puzzle-rich exploration
and highly improved graphics, made it a �comeback� classic. A playscore of 8.7 And the highest-rated Xbox 360 of 2015 so
far is Dragon Ball Xenoverse. A massive universe consisting of everything
you love about Dragon Ball! By taking what�s good about the anime and
combining it with role-playing elements, It created one solid Dragon Ball game. Character creation and customization is so
fun that I spent more time with it than i can imagine.
and the new take on the story made it fresh, and accessible for people new to the franchise. Not being picky. But I hope NamcoBandai put
more effort into the combat. Just sayin�. A playscore of 8.8 To recap, here are the Top 10 Xbox 360 games
of 2015 so far.

100 thoughts on “10 Best NEW Xbox 360 Games of 2015 So Far – HD

  1. Whatoplay is more like which game scores highest… None of these game were amazing good! Cant understand why people overrating

  2. 10: Metal Gear Solid V

    9: GTA IV

    8: Cod: Waw

    7: Cod MW2

    6: Cod AW

    5: Cod Ghosts

    4: Cod: Black ops 2

    3: Cod: Black ops 3

    2: Battlefield 4

    1: Gta V

    Yes i love first person shooters and shooting and killing games lol

  3. Also ive just watched your vid first vid was this and i think its amazing so im gonna subscribe! Your one of the best youtubers ive seen and i love gtav! Whats your opinion of GTA V? You are amazing!

  4. Dark Souls II is the one game that can make you spend hours cussing out your T.Vand crying with frustration, while trying not to smash everything around you, but makes you still want to play due to the fun of creating clever strategies for every enemy or boss and trying to master every little detail.

  5. Umm….. How accurate is this gamer score? It puts Farming Simulator on the list but didn't bother with great games like Tomb Raider?

  6. the best five games in Xbox 360: assassin's creed iv: black flag,fallout 4,assassin's creed rogue, call of duty black Ops 3and the best Lara Croft :rise of the tomb raider.

  7. i have hardline on ps3 and ps4 also bf4 but hardline gunplay feels so familiar kind of like bf3 it still in 2016 holds well and whats to not like about those sexy better 60 fps and that chill time when i get bored of vehicle warfare

  8. Busco Far Cry 4, Assasins Creed IV, con licencia activa. Y doy Fifa 16, GTA V, Watch Dogs, Advance Warfare y con licencia activa. WhatsApp: +584124264575

  9. Resident evil games are, "The SHIT"!!! Goat simulator is, the only other game here I would bother with…

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