10 AMAZING Couch Co-op/Split Screen Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Switch

10 AMAZING Couch Co-op/Split Screen Multiplayer Games on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo switch is proven to be one of the best consoles for Multiplayer that have come out in years one of the best parts about the Nintendo switch though is it comes with enough controllers to play Multiplayer with the joy cons while in tablet mode you have the two joy cons connected to each other you can take one off and depending on the games taking both of them off and each person having one of those joy cons You can play multiplayer with the device right out of the box if you want to play split-screen? Or co-op whether it’s in your house sitting with your family, or you’re in the car And you’re bored you want to play with your siblings or your friends You just pop the joy cones off and play it together What are the best games to play in coop or split-screen on the Nintendo switch? Let’s find out so the first game, and I think one of the best games for co-op. It’s split screen on the Nintendo switch is Overcooked the reason for this is overcooked is one of those games where it seems really easy in the beginning But it gets so hectic and crazy Towards the farther levels and trying to get the high scores That this is one of those games that you guys rage at each other would have a blast go in like no no how could You do that, and you just get so excited and worked up as you play this game Ask anybody who’s played over cooked with people they know that game is crazy The basic idea of it is you are chefs trying to get whatever food needs to be out to the customers But the crazy thing about it is for instance I say you like it’s to cut the bread you have to cut an onion and they have to bring that chopped stuff over to someone else who’s gonna put it into a dish that dish is gonna cook and They have to take that and they have to put it with this and so there’s multiple chefs that do different jobs Anyone can technically do any of the jobs? But the way you have to work is you have to figure out who’s gonna. Do what jobs and stick to it? But in the later levels crazy stuff starts happening where you’re driving on a truck and the truck split apart and you have to jump from one truck to another while the trucks are driving to get to the other side of the kitchen or You’re on the big ship in the ocean and when the wave comes and it tilts the ship the entire thing moves down so you Might have been cutting and you’re fine then it moves and pushes you out of the way you have to figure out and get back up and around and get back to What you were doing, and it’s very dynamic. There’s a ton of fun in this game, and it’s it’s meant for multiplayer You can play this game on your own But really when you play with four people and each person has their own jobs It just gets so fun and so hectic could one person can throw it off it ever it’s like how could you do that to? Us and then someone else busts up like you’re ruining it too, and it’s just such a I mean everyone I’ve heard that’s got overcooked and played it has loved it Especially if you want a really fun couch call Gaming go back to all the time try to get those high scores It’s just a blast to play man That’s why I put this game first in the list because it is probably the most fun Family co-op xsplit screen experience of friends whatever party even you have a party and you have people trying to do it It’s it’s just so great so overcooked. It’d be one of my first recommendations to get if you want a split-screen game We’re gonna go in the opposite direction for game number two which is Minecraft the cool thing about Minecraft is the idea that you get to create together And if you don’t know what minecraft is I mean you’ve probably been under a rock for the last 15 years I know it’s not a been around for 15 years guys You don’t gotta freak out about it But the idea of the game is that? Everything is made of blocks You just run off you hit a block it becomes an item then they can go move that somewhere else and build stuff out of It so you can have all this open world. There’s just also if you can tear down trees rocks you get pickaxes You’ve mine into the ground you find if of materials you make weapons armor you can make anything you want you can make houses mansions dungeons whatever people have literally made unbelievable things working games like playing Pokemon and minecraft It’s there’s unlimited possibilities But the cool part about being able to play in co-op is that you have someone else to explore with for instance Let’s say hey We really want to build a mansion for both of us to live in while I’m building you can go out and gather Materials keep bringing them back putting them in the chests And I’ll keep building the mansion and I’ll both certain aspects that we can take turns doing that or you can go explore dungeons Together and fight monsters together go into the nether and fight crazy enemies together and try not to die and if one of you dies the other person recovers the Equipment so that they can keep going though the person can meet up with them and get back to the equipment There’s so much about Minecraft that just it’s just a fun exploration creative game to do together there’s so much to explore so much stuff to do you can create for so long and Anything you want to create you can do so you might have different ideas I’ve seen it where people one person says I want this whole side of the map and you can have this whole side of the Map will build up stuff together And we’ll compare and we’ll fight and we’ll lay traps for each other and we’ll blow up each other’s bases like you can do all That kind of stuff so minecraft is an amazing game to play with to inspire creativity and to just have fun building Exploring and creating the next one is lovers in a dangerous space-time This is a totally different split-screen and co-op experience the idea Here is you have a ship that you need to operate to get you through crazy deep space there So you can have up to four people and let’s say one person is Driving it another person is manning the shield’s another person shooting another person is doing the thrusters to get you through and maybe someone that Has an emergency they have to go fix something else, and they were the shield’s they run to another part of the ship But then an enemy comes start shooting, and there’s no way to block their bullets They have to frantically run back up or someone else is like okay. I’m gonna jump off the thrusters I’m gonna run up the shields and it gets really complicated, but it’s super fun again like overcook It can get really crazy wheres one person can make a mistake and mess it up everyone else when you’re all Scrambling to recover and it’s just a blast to play and I think this is a game that Doesn’t get it to do a lot of the time because it looks different It doesn’t look as interesting and fun it’s overcooked, but it is it’s awesome now There was a couple fighting games on the switch that I could have put in here But the one I wanted to put in was poking tournament because I was actually debating between Street Fighter and poker tournament But I decided on a poker tournament in the end because I feel like poking tournament is a little bit more Accessible than Street Fighter where Street biter is – Dean that’s all about combos and that kind of stuff well obviously Poke and Tournament still has that kind of stuff It’s still in like that more 3d arena environment, and you have helpers And you have more attacks and specials and all this kind of stuff So I feel like it’s a bit more accessible to maybe a younger audience or a less gaming audience Where people could still get really good and get really deep in the technicality of it? But casual people can also still access, and I think that’s really cool. It’s an amazing fighting game It’s all Pokemon and you can probably tell from the gameplay footage And if you don’t know what Pokemon is I don’t know who you are again like minecraft How could you possibly not know all the Pokemon have different stats They actually just came out with a new dlc battle pack thing where they’re adding new pokemon to the game and so they are continuing Updates for it, and I don’t know how long do you see some kind of stuff continue? We weren’t really expecting it, but it’s pretty awesome anyway But yeah great fighting game awesome to play against each other against other people to play online with people and it’s just one of the best fighting games on the switch in general if you like fighting games at all any like Pokemon I Definitely think this is the one to get one of the early games that came on the switch That’s really unique it adds a bit of a twist on the coop Split-screen experience is snipper clips cut it out together and the cool thing about snipper clips is that it takes a lot of? Cooperative experience to be able to really enjoy this game because there’s puzzles that are pretty complicated for instance a ball is gonna drop and you have to have a curve with water in it so the ball will fall on the Water it won’t bounce out Then you have to go figure out how you can dump that on to someone else who can get that into a hole So that the ball goes into the hole, but the water doesn’t wash away And that house will have someone into its own basin and sometimes It’s like hey the water needs to match what it actually look like in the sea So we have to cut ourselves into the correct shape and it’s really interesting There’s a bunch of different mechanics in this game that actually are pretty challenging sometimes But it’s also cool because you can have just like a father and son Doing this together with a young kid or you can have a bunch of your dorky friends that are just having a blast Playing a game and like laughing at each other and messing it up as if one person cuts. It’s all perfect Everybody’s got to do it then another person cuts away a little bit, then it messes everything up And it’s like why would do that? you know it’s one of those games lots of puzzles lots of the creative thinking that’s needed to be able to pass the levels but It could be a lot of fun on the way and working with other people to solve Problems is always a fun thing to do because sometimes like an overcoat you’re just having a lot of fun You’re just messing around people like no but in this game It actually takes thinking and cooperation and so there is that bit of a different dynamic Which I think is really cool and snipper clips is kind of the other side of that Mario Kart 8 What can I say about Mario Kart 8 that hasn’t been said the definitive Mario Kart? experience the best racing game on the switch one of the best family co-op friend co-op any kind of split-screen co-op Experience it’s just an incredible game. There’s almost 50 tracks There’s a ton of different characters ten different customization options a bunch of different difficulties battle modes online There’s so much stuff in this game that you can do and the split-screen co-op is Incredible having four people race each other on maps. It’s just a blast. I play it with my family I play it with my friends. I play it online everything that you can do in this game is just incredible I don’t know what else to say about Mario Kart This is a must-have for anyone that likes to play any kind of co-op online local Anything split-screen whatever if you’re a family if you have friends that want to play your switch, whatever it is Anywhere you go you should have Mario Cart This is just one of the games to have for anyone Who has a Nintendo switch even if you don’t have a bunch of friends to play with I I don’t have a bunch of people To play with me here. I still have Mario Kart because it’s just that good. Just just get Mario Kart I mean, I’m just gonna go on to the next one But just get Mario Kart to the sportsy world we go with NBA 2k 18 if you’re a sports fan Specifically a basketball fan. This is an incredible game to play for local co-op It is a port from other consoles and while the other consoles would have a bit of a superior version the switch version is Incredibly well done. I was really surprised when playing it, and it’s so cool that it still has things like local co-op I don’t know what else to say if you’ve seen the NBA 2k games You know what this is like you can look at it look at the gameplay footage. It’s a basketball game It’s the best basketball game franchise. There is so yeah. It’s just a lot of fun basketball game you guys like that This is for you another game That could be fun for adults, but it’s really good for families for split-screen co-op And if you’re like me and you’re adult but a kid at heart this game is good for you, too And that is lego city undercover This is literally Grand Theft Auto in the Lego world and more family-friendly its co-op You can just go around this huge world explore cause mayhem because you’re undercover you can do crazy things But you’re still on the good side on like Grand Theft Auto where you can just do whatever you want and be really bad it Takes all the bad stuff out of Grand Theft Auto puts it in a lego world and just let you explore and do whatever you Want and so I think this is a fun game especially for? Families or people that have younger children and you can see from the gameplay footage here It’s just about exploring just having fun in this world there are like quests kind of thing to do when there’s a story But it’s just a big place to explore and have fun And I think that’s the best part of it now to go kind of in the opposite vein for this next game Shovel knight treasure trove is an amazing co-op experience But because it’s a 2d platforming game it requires a lot more skill to be able to do really well It’s easy to pick up for sure anyone can pick up his game and just jump move attack But you get really good at it actually takes some time so Taking that time with someone else learning together one person learn something and they can help the other person Or maybe someone never gets as good as the other person and that other person kind of carries them along But you can still have an enjoyable experience together That’s one of the cool parts about this game because shovel knight alone 10 out of 10 It’s an amazing game and the fact that this game has so much extra content with the treasure trove part of it Everyone should have this game especially if you’d like that 2d platformer style This is a throwback to older games, but it plays amazing the story’s awesome the characters are awesome everything about it’s really good So I’d recommend shovel Knight especially if you want an experience that takes a little bit more time to master isn’t just an easy get In get out experience and this game has a lot of replayability as well finding secrets. Just like old games It has a kind of linearity to it But there’s a lot of secret paths where you might entirely miss a huge section of the game You didn’t even know you could get to so there’s all that kind of stuff to explore to find out to Experience so I’d really recommend shovel Knight Especially the people that want to play that co-op experience together where it takes some skill take some time has some fun getting through that Platforming and getting efficient at those things and like I said shuffle line is just an amazing game You should be playing this game whether or not you have local co-op because it’s that good Now before I say the last game I want to give a quick shout out to Super Mario Odyssey the reason I’m not putting in this on the list proper is because it’s not technically a co-op game even though It does have local co-op and split-screen really what it is is Mario is one care to another person’s capi Which means they can spin around they can go capture things they can get coins or whatever? But it’s not an equal experience by any means this is more of an experience for someone like let’s say I’m a hardcore gamer, and I want my wife to play along with me But she doesn’t want to play games this would be something for her where she can move around the cap and not have to really Do a ton of the hard platforming and stuff like that, but you can have enjoyment with them So if you’re a parent with a kid, that’s still kind of casual learning about games This is a great thing for them, or if you have friends or like I said a significant other That’s not really into gaming this awesome because Super Mario Odyssey 10 out of 10 amazing game It’s one of the best games of 2017 one of the best Mario games ever if not the best Mario game ever and so being able to bring someone along for that Experience so they can enjoy it as well, and see how awesome it is But also not have to work super hard and get frustrated and you can kind of carry them through those parts It’s a really great game for that so I want to put that on this list for those people that really want Super Mario Odyssey They want something they can play with a younger person or maybe someone that’s a bit more casual But also can have I still have a blast and play together And always be playing and one of the cool things about it is it doesn’t have to be split-screen because the cats all In a relative range of Mario so it’s you’re still playing on one big screen and they can only see what they’re doing as capi so while this is a Split-screen co-op list you get to play co-op without the split-screen which doesn’t happen too often It makes the experience that much more enjoyable Alright, so for the last game on this list I had to put it on here of course That’s rocket League Rocket league is the non sports person sports game what I mean by that is you’re just driving around cars Trying to hit a soccer ball into the goal post and that sounds dorky It’s one of the most fun games to play over and over and over again Because it takes a while to get good at you can just jump in and play it whenever you want And it’s really easy to play but to get really good at take some time and playing with others is just so crazy Because it doesn’t have all the complicated rules of soccer literally It’s just hey do whatever you can to get this ball in the goal post and you can do jumps crazy Spins you can do drifts you can hit boosts, and it’s all kinds of stuff that you can do but the real fun of the game is just that it’s really easy to pick up and get into but it’s so addicting and the Mat just go fast enough where you just want to keep going getting better and better and better and playing it with other people is so fun too because they Think they’re gonna get a go and they shoot it and you jump and you boost and you turn and you hit it and it Goes in the thing and it’s just amazing like I can’t believe we did that yeah Rocket league is that kind of game and like we’re over cook or something where people are always kind of raging and like it’s hard This game is kind of the other direction where it’s it’s it is hard but it’s a lot easier to Succeed in general and being able to just get goal after go off to go destroy the other teams It’s such a blast in a way that without playing it You can’t really experience it, but just watching and seeing you can kind of see how the gameplay works But this game is so much fun, and this game is one of the cheaper on the less. I think it’s not $20 It’s $40 physical and store cuz you got like a collector’s edition, but for $20 you get this game and it has hundreds of hours of content this game is a Phenomenon and by the way another cool thing about this game Is that it does have cross play between xbox PC and switch, so you get to play with all of those people? So you’ll never have to worry about not finding a match because someone on one of those Consoles will be able to play with you And that’s super awesome alright guys, so that is my top 10 list of coop and split-screen games on the Nintendo switch I hope this list helped you figure out What might be good for you and your use case? But also if I miss any games if there are other co-op games that you really love leave them down in the comment below maybe I’ll add them into the next video that I do are we going to have a discussion on why some of these games are better Than others what you really love if you’ve had amazing experiences with games that I missed let me know I’d love to hear about it and if you’re new to this community and enjoyed this video make sure to smash that subscribe button for new videos every single day and Don’t forget to give that like button some love Thank you guys so much for watching and that’s continue to create the greatest gaming community in the world see how guys the next video? You

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  1. Senran Kagura is hands down (probably in the pants) the best Switch Game ever! :p
    The HD rumble aspect is so well done!

  2. OverCook is Shared Screen, or does it has splitscreen too?

    Just like the Wii, we continued with the Switch for local splitscreen gaming: with the latter we started with Fast RMX. Mario Kart, ARMS, Rocket League, Gear Club Unlimited, Riptide GP: Renegade… all have 4-player splitscreen support, so I have my eye on those now.

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video! 👍

  3. Its not like split screen what i'm about to say, but a good choice for 4 players is bomberman R or Mario Kart.

  4. I love rocket league, but I won't get it on switch because I can't stand using the controller so I play on pc. Also does anyone relieve that whenever someone on the switch shows rocket league they play like a bronze or low silver and that people on the switch suck at it. I play with my friend sometimes and I can't do the things I want to do with the joystick but somehow I still do better then other people.

  5. 16 minutes for a top ten Is a bit too long imo. Just my 2 cents, you don't have to explain the whole game but that's just my 2 cents.

  6. Can You please assure me that all of that games can be played with LOCAL co-op on ONE switch console? And if possible – tell witch one needs more then one joycon? I bought splatoon2 and realized that I not only need internet to play but also another console :-/

  7. Let me know if there are any games you would add to the list!

    Also, WIN A FREE GAME by entering here and helping us get closer on the #roadto5k! :

  8. that’s the one thing I hate about buying consoles, it usually only comes with one controller which then you have to buy another controller which controllers these days are bloody expensive. So I commend the switch for having 2 controllers ready out of the box

  9. Great descriptions, thanks. For what it's worth, co-op means 'cooperative', meaning working together to achieve a common goal. Some of these games were described as co-op, but were just split-screen multiplayer — in effect adversarial or competitive. Not a big deal, but just wanted to clarify these distinct concepts. 😉

  10. Nice video man! I've never played Overcooked but like you said I've only heard good things about it. This was the first video that I watched on this channel and it was definitely a good start. Wish ya the best. 🙂

  11. so NEW AND STUPID here. My husband and I have played N64 for about 20 years pretty much maxing out abilities and interest in the games we love. Decided it was time for a jump into the future and everyone recommended Nintendo Switch. We pretty much only want to battle each other in house on same console just like we have for decades on N64… just with fresh games. Yesterday we spent a good 6 hours watching youtube tutorials and banging heads against walls figuring out 2 player games. We're reasonably intelligent folks… but this was getting ridic. After lots of research we figured out how to play 2 player… but cannot figure out how to activate our two user profiles at the same time so that progress unlocked earnings are tracked. When we start up a game it asks us to pick one user… and then whoever isn't selected is a generic "Player 2" and is starting new every time we play. Is this really how it is?? Pretty much a dealbreaker on if we're going to keep this system if one person is starting at beginning level every time.
    Games we tried:
    GRIP (which is AMAZING btw) (owned)
    FIFA18 (borrowed)
    Hyrule Warriors (borrowed)
    NBA2K18 (borrowed)

  12. Local multiplayer list
    – Party golf
    – Trickey Towers
    – Towerfall
    – Horizon Chase
    – Lovers in a dangarous spacetime
    – Lumines
    – Overcoocked
    – Skyforce
    – Martin Burns racing
    – Every fighting game Dragonball, Street fighter. Mortal combat
    – Rocket League
    – Rocket Rocket Rockets
    – Bomberman R
    – Diablo III
    – Puyo puyo Tetris
    – Donkey kong tropical freeze
    – Brawlhalla
    – Bro force
    – Enter the gundeun
    – Kirby star allies
    – Runbow
    – crawl
    – Guns, Gore & cannoli
    – Stardew Vally
    – Astro bears party
    – muddledash
    – duck game
    – snipper clips
    – Rayman legends
    – Worms
    – Minecraft

  13. HeyImPeter I just got nintendo switch yesterday and I got lego city undercover because the console it self did not come with a game so I desided to buy that and now I want to play it with my sister and I have been trying to do the split screen and I even tryed watching yt vids but they did not help me! Can you please please do it in a detail so I can do split screen on nintendo switch? Thank you

  14. Hi Peter, I would like you to advice me the switch games I can play with 4 year old son together. Thank you so much in advance. 🙂

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