Урок по Unity – Проста Игра – Кола и Терен | Unity – Simple Game – Car & Terrain 1/5 + English subs

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Hi, guys! We are UniTorial and this is our very first video in our series, in which we are making a simple game in Unity for begginers In these series will show you some tips and tricks, used while making games. This is the game It isn’t something complicated.. The car is moving forward, backward, turns left, and right When you move backward and turn right (press the right arrow) the car is rotating to the right, not to the left, as how it should be. And the same, but with left arrow. From F you can toggle headlights From X you can change to other camera, which will lock the car in the center of the screen There’s no use of making that option, but I just wanted to show you more things.. From Z you can reset the game and it starts over.. and this is a bug of Unity, which I’m getting sometimes. Here it shows how many tmes you have died, and how much of those cubes did you got And when you trigger the big cube and if you got all the little ones, it will tell you that you won, otherwise it will tell you to try again Also, here we have controls, which are disappearingwhen you get the first cube. Now I will finish the game, so you can see it and we will start making the game from the beggining. Now, let’s make a new project. We go to File ->New Project Here you have to write the name of the project. Mine will be… So, here you will choose where the project will be stored. I want it in this folder.. Of course, I had to create the folder.. And this should be on 3D, since our game is 3D. Left the other things like that and click on “Create Project”. And this is how an empty project in Unity looks like. Yours’ could look differently, so i suggest you go to Window ->Layouts ->2 by 3. Firstly, I want to show you what every of those windows do. This is the “Scene” tab, in which all of the changes on your game are made. This is the place, which you will use to rearange all of your 3D objects and so on. Here is your “Game” tab, which shows how the game looks like. This is the hierarchy, which contains all of your game objects Here are all of your folders, which contains all of your pictures, scripts, materials, etc. And finally this is the inspector tab. When you click of an object, the Inspector shows all of its components. And from here you can change everything about the object, turn on, off.. Let’s start with saving the scene. Click on File ->Save Scene and we will make a new folder, called scenes. Now let’s make the car. We will make it generally from cubes and cylinders Let’s make the first cube. Click here somewhere, 3D Object ->Cube. And now we have created this cube. It is recommended to reset the new-created objects axis everytime, because you will have problems later. There are two ways of doing that: By hand and by the position ->reset option, which is the easiest way. Now watch carefully and do everything like me. Now we’re duplicationg the two tires, we have And in that moment we have two exactly-the-same more tires over those. So, remember I told you to reset all newly created objects? Now, for example it comes pretty handy, because 0 crosses here, the center of the car, and 0,398 from the side of the tires. And when we delete the “-” from -0,398, guess what. One of the pair of tires are going to the other side of the car, on the exactly same spot! And this is our car. Now we lastly have to make the headdlights. Right-click ->light ->spotlight. And we’ll reset it. Since it point in other direction, not forward, now we have to spin it through the Y axis. And since there has to be 2 headlights, we’ll move that one a little to the left… … and forward …Dupli… duplicake it….. 😀 When we DUPLICATE the headlight, we will add a “-” to the Z axis of one of them.. and those are the headlights. Also if those icons are driving you crazy, like me.. do this: So this is the car. But if we want it to be like one object, not to stay disassembled-like, right-click ->Create Empty, Rename, reset and put all of the pieces of the car in that object. Now, let’s stop with the car and make the terrain. Firstly hide the car, just for convenience while making the terrain. Click on the object, then click here: From that checkbox you choose which objects to be visible, and which – not. We’ll create the terrain out of…… 😀 We’ll make the terrain out of Planes. Right-click ->3D Object ->Plane We are resetting it… Resize it.. And I will unhide the car, just for a moment.. Now I will make it a little bit longer.. That’s good. Now I’ll hide the car, and rename that to #1, because it is the first piece of the actual road. So, let’s put again all of the pieces of the map in one empty gameobject. Right-click ->Create Empty. And rename it Ground. And now i’m putting all of the pieces of the map in the empty object. Now unhide the car Will make a little bit in the air… And make some walls at the start out of cubes. And I think that this is actually very nice Put the walls into the Ground object And this is our map. But let’s add some color. Go to Projects ->Create ->Folder Here we’ll store our materials, which will be generally colors. And again, to make a new material, Right-click ->Create ->Material. When you click on it, here on the Inspector tab are all of the details of tha material. Click on here and choose a color. And we should put it on every object. Just drag and pull, simple stuff. So that pretty much wraps up the video. We’re hoping you liked the video and if you want more, please subscribe to show us your support. Also you can give us a thumbs up, share and comment in the comment section below if you have any questions or you want to generally tell me something. Man, I will hit you with that microphone and your head will crack! :D:D:DD:

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